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BO One Kit by BO Vaping

Recently, as legislation takes hold worldwide throughout the industry throttling many forms of innovation with manufacturers, closed system devices have become ever popular with both newcomers to vaping and experienced users alike. These devices offer a very simple vaping experience, and are designed to be compliant with strict laws introduced in the UK and EU.

Essentially, a closed system device is pretty much as simple as it gets, and many of the latest closed system devices put the old eGo/CE4 combos many of us started off on to shame when it comes to quality. You have a pre filled pod styled cartridge, filled with e-liquid, that is simply inserted into the device, then you simply puff away. The pods are disposed once you are done with, although with some closed system devices there are ways of refilling these to cut down on costs. Newcomers will love the ease of use and cigarette style draw, and even experienced vapers have been buying these devices up in droves due to their ability to provide an effective nicotine hit when on the move, plus the quality has got better and better recently.

Products such as the Juul and My Von Erl have become widely recognized names, and one of the latest devices to hit the market and generate a fair amount of buzz is the BO One kit from Paris based BO Vaping. I have owned and tried a few closed system devices now, such as the Juul and My Von Erl, and I recently purchased the BO One kit to see how it fared...


‚óŹ      Leak proof ‘Closed System Device’ design

  • Easy to use
  • 100mm x 15mm x 8mm dimensions
  • BO One Ecig weighs only 22 grams
  • BO One kit is supplied with two BO Caps
  • BO Caps contain 1.5ml of French made e-liquid
  • BO Caps available in 8mg and 16mg nicotine strengths
  • 12 different flavours available at present
  • Certified Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl free
  • 380 mAh battery
  • LED Battery Indicator display
  • Ceramic coating on the body of the BO One
  • Wireless charging
  • Certified by ANFOR for safety
  • Range of different accessories available for purchase separately
  • BO One TC version available with dry hit protection built in
  • BO Power 1500 mAh portable charging case available separately, will recharge the BO One up to four times when on the move, and also holds a spare BO Cap


    BO One Kit

    The BO One Kit comes packaged in an attractive presentation box, inside this you get the BO One device, a magnetic micro USB charger and a user manual. In a separate box, two BO Caps are included, with Mint Arctical flavour in 8mg nicotine strength, and Tobacco Gold RX in 16mg nicotine strength.

    You’ll notice that the BO One device is extremely small and lightweight, and it’s carried around easily in your pocket or bag. The dimensions of it are 100mm x 15mm x 8mm, and it weighs a tiny 22g. It’s an attractive looking device, with a ceramic coating and an LED light to indicate current battery level on the front. One thing I did notice, is that this ceramic coating does wear away in your pocket, and it picks up scratches too. At the bottom of the BO One you’ll see the magnetic contact points for the charger.

    A couple of different accessories are also available to purchase for your BO One device, with more planned for the future. One of the most eagerly anticipated accessories amongst BO One users in the UK is the BO Power, which is a 1500 mAh powerbank able to charge up your BO One device up to four times whilst out and about, and also has the capacity to hold a single spare BO Cap. Different skins will also be available to purchase for the BO Power. You can also pick up a BO Cable, which allows you to charge via USB, and it has passthrough capability too. 

    Using the BO One Kit

    Being a closed system device, using the BO One kit is as easy as it gets. You remove the rubber protection caps from the top and bottom of the BO Cap, then simply insert your chosen BO Cap into the top of the BO One, until it clicks down. If it has been inserted correctly, the LED on the front of the device will light up and blink to indicate that it is ready to use. Be careful not to reposition the contact tabs on the bottom of the BO Cap, as this can cause issues with connectivity.

    There are no buttons to press in order to fire, or wattage adjustments to be made. You simply take a draw on the BO One, the draw is geared towards a mouth to lung hit, without being overly restrictive for more experienced vapers. The LED indicator on the front of the device will show you how much battery is left, blue indicates that you have a full battery, white means you have 50-26% charge left, red means you have under 25% left and from experience, when it flashes Red you will want to get to your charger quickly! Incidentally, blue, white and red also make up the three colours in the French Tricolour, a nod to the manufacturer's heritage.

    Battery life is fairly good from such a small device. The BO One features an inbuilt 380 mAh battery, which does last me the whole day at least as I tend to use the BO One in rotation with another device. When you recharge the BO One, you pop it into the magnetic USB charger vertically, until the LED light goes out indicating that it has fully charged.

    BO Caps

    At present, there are 12 different flavours available with the BO Caps, produced by J Well. The BO Caps are colour coded depending on what flavour profile they fit into. Tobacco has a yellow colour coding, fruit has a purple colour coding, gourmet has a blue colour coding and mint has a green colour coding. The BO Caps have a 1.5ml capacity, and are available in the UK in 8mg and 16mg nicotine strengths at present. The 1.5ml capacity may seem small, but these caps should last you at least a day each. Available flavours are as follows-


    • Mi5- Classic Tobacco
    • Gold RX- Complex Tobacco
    • USA Mixx- US Tobacco


    • Red Light- Red Fruits
    • Purple Light- Fresh Watermelon
    • Orange Light- Peach Smoothie


    • Dr. Vintage- Custard
    • Dragon Blood- Strawberry Cream
    • Hoodoo- Lemon Cream
    • Notre Dame- Caramel


    • Icy Mint- Fresh Mint
    • Arctical- Polar Mint

    So far, I’ve tried the Mint Arctical, Tobacco Gold RX, USA Mixx, Hoodoo and Red Light BO Caps. USA Mixx and Hoodoo have been particular highlights for me so far, USA Mixx has an RY4 vibe around it and has become one of my favourite tobacco flavours, and Hoodoo is a lovely lemon custard with a biscuit edge to it. There are three BO Caps present in each pack, and the packs cost in the region of £6.50.

    Even though I normally vape 3-6mg, I’ve been more than comfortable using the 16mg nicotine variants, they provide a great nicotine hit and are also pretty smooth to boot. I’ve been very impressed with each of the flavours I have tried in the BO range, with a satisfying experience provided all round.

    You can refill the BO Caps, and there are two methods to do this that I have discovered so far. The first is to grab a pair of pliers and grip the black mouthpiece, gradually pulling it off. You may want to place a thin rag over the black mouthpiece to avoid marking it with your pliers. The second method is to use a very small flathead screwdriver to lever off the mouthpiece part. After the mouthpiece has been removed, you’ll see that there is a small white silicon plug present on the cap. Remove this, and fill up the BO Cap with your chosen e-liquid, then replace the plug and the mouthpiece. It will extend the longevity of your BO Caps, and save you a bit of money in the process!


    Out of all the closed system devices I have used to date, the BO One has become my favoured device out of the lot. The flavour from the BO Caps is excellent for a device such as this, and the draw is geared perfectly towards getting the most flavour out of these pods. There’s a really satisfying nicotine hit present as well, and it’s a small kit that can be used by just about anyone.

    If you are quitting smoking, the BO One Kit is a superb option to look at, and I really feel you would have more success starting off on a device like this due to its effective performance, and for experienced vapers the BO One kit is a great device to pick up if you need a decent nicotine hit when out and about.

    I purchased the BO One Kit from, where it is available for £34.99