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Blu 2.0

We go right back to basics and check out one of the most popular and accessible starter kits, the Blu 2.0!

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£10 for device and £7 for pods (2 pack)

I'm Blu da ba dee da ba die...

If you haven’t been living on another planet, then you will have noticed the original Blu ecig devices on sale in most supermarkets, garages, and shops around this Blu and pleasant land, now there a new Blu 2 too (that’s my little rhyme out of the way) so we get to see what all the fuss is about.

Blu 2.0 Pod first look

Blu Moon

Unfortunately I can’t compare to the original Blu as I never tried one, what’s new on the two I haven’t a clue (oops, another little rhyme!), but it appears that the device has had an overhaul and has brand new pods to fit it.

But here’s the official speel which gives some indication:
Introducing our next generation blu 2.0 vaping device. A sleek and lightweight device that doesn't sacrifice on power, featuring a battery that lasts all day (based on average consumer data) with rapid re-charging. With magnetic lock to securely hold the pod into place you can switch flavours in seconds.

  • Longer-lasting battery
  • Rapid re-charging
  • Power tap technology to check battery level
  • Ultimate satisfaction, vapour delivery and convenience
  • Designed for comfort with a premium satin and gloss finish
  • Universal USB-C charging

I’ve no idea what ‘Power tap technology’ is, but I will try and find out later.

Blu Lagoon - Unboxing

The Blu 2.0 device comes in a simple slide out box, you get the device itself held in a blown plastic tray and underneath that is the charging cable and manual.

Blu 2.0 Pod unboxing

There’s no actual pod included so you will need to purchase those separately. The included USB-C charging cable is high quality, braided, and a decent length.

Blu 2.0 Pod contents

Blu Peter - First Impressions and Overview

You really need to pop a pod into it to get a proper feel for it, the pods are a magnetic fit and they slide into the top. They fit really well and deep so they are unlikely to fall out in your pocket or bag.

Blu 2.0 Pod fitting

I’m Blu da ba dee…. Oh wait, no I’m actually black. The Blu 2.0 looks and feels quite elegant and sleek, the satin finish on the battery feels smooth to the touch and comfortable in the hand. It weighs just 26g with a full pod which is quite impressive and makes it ideal for a top pocket.

Blu 2.0 Pod satin finish

Blu Origin

The glossy finish pod contrasts well to finish off the looks, although the design is quite simplistic, I really like it for this and ease of use. There’s an LED light on the front which displays the battery level during vaping and charging.

Blu 2.0 Pod charging

Blu Monday

The recharging port is on the base and is USB-C, charging time is around 40 minutes from low. The LED is three colour; blue/amber/red to reflect the battery status, blue is high, amber is medium, and red is low. It flashes red when it’s time to recharge and stops working.

Blu 2.0 Pod flavours

There are six flavours to choose from, and each flavour is available in two strengths; 9mg and 18mg. 9mg will suit light ‘smokers’ and 18mg will give you a stronger nicotine fix. The throat hit of the 18mg is stronger but not too harsh, new vapers might find 9mg easier to start with and move onto 18mg as you get used to vaping.

Blu 2.0 Pod strengths

Blu Tack

The pricing is quite reasonable, especially after the initial purchase of the battery, the Blu 2.0 is only £10 and the prefilled pods are £7 for two pods, so after the initial purchase you’re quids in compared to smoking cigarettes. One pod is roughly equivalent to twenty cigarettes so it works out around £3.50 compared to whatever the current price of a pack of smokes.

Blu 2.0 Pod packs

Blu Tooth

The pods come in their own box and contain two pods ready to vape instantly, they are sealed in blister-packs for freshness and hygiene. Each pod displays the flavour and strength which is handy if you are swapping and changing on the go.

Blu 2.0 Pod fresh

The flavours are varied but you should find at least one you prefer from tobacco, fruit flavours and menthol, but all have that familiar tobacco base and are similar to flavoured tobaccos.

Blu 2.0 Pod fruity (and tobacco)

Blu Loo

The Golden Tobacco is a good start if you are quitting smoking as it will feel more familiar to you as you transition, but part of the pleasure of vaping is trying out the different flavours along the way, either way the choice is yours. I have a blu house with a blu window.

Blu 2.0 Pod smoke free

Power Tap Technology

I promised earlier to find out what this was and I did; it’s actually quite groovy as you tap the device three times and the LED will light up to the colour of the battery status. It got strangely addictive as I’m a natural fiddler, but if I’m honest it’s not all that useful as the LED displays the status as you vape anyway. I have a girlfriend and she is so Blu.

Blu Movie

The device itself performs really well, the draw activated vape is instant and feels like a filtered cigarette draw. The vape is quite cool and the amount of vapour produced is also similar to a ciggie. The mouthpiece is comfortable and easy to get a mouth-seal, the whole thing feels intuitive and easy.

The pod flavours are a bit of a mixed bag and an acquired taste, I’m used to nic salts and heavily flavoured e-liquids whereas the Blu 2.0 pods appear to be tobacco based and use harsher nicotine. Also the heating style offers a totally different vape, traditional vapes use heated wire and cotton to produce the vapour, the Blu 2.0 uses a ceramic heating method which in principal sounds better as it heats rather than burns the e-liquid, but for me ceramic produces a bit of a strange aftertaste and in my head I think ‘ceramic’ and very much like licking e-liquid off the girlfriends hair-straighteners. How do I know this? I’m not going to divulge. Blu are the feelings that live inside me.

Blu 2.0 Pod life

In the spirit of fairness I stopped vaping my usual tanks and pods to properly test all six flavours, and I used one pod of each 18mg flavour. I did get used to these and I thought back to the days of when I tried to quit smoking, I would have been well happy with these. The Golden Tobacco did give me a bit of a sore throat though, fortunately the menthol ones were ideal for that occasion. As for the actual flavours, I didn’t really find them very flavourful, the Mango for example had more of a cigarette with a Mango side-note similar to flavoured pipe tobacco.

I tend to avoid Menthol flavours, but the Fresh Mint and the Polar Menthol weren’t too bad, the icy element toned down the hair-straightener aftertaste a touch, and I didn’t find these as much of a chore as the others. Blu are the streets and all the trees are too.

Feeling Blu

Though the Blu 2.0 pods aren’t my kind of vape, I can appreciate their appeal for those looking for a more cigarette-like experience or something close to make the transition to vaping. They are also good value compared to tailor-made cigarettes, you get a similar throat hit and nicotine strength to fags. The device itself is superb and was a pleasure to use, it lasted well and generally the battery lasted a pod but top-up charging will ensure you are not caught without.

I also found it handy to carry a spare pod for a quick change of flavour or when the old one had run out. The pod is semi-transparent so you can see how much e-liquid is left as you hold it up to the light, but you will certainly notice if you run it dry as you get a nasty burnt taste, but you should start to notice before then and its best to swap well before the burn.

The thing is, for £17, which includes 2 pods, then it might be worth a punt. I can’t vouch for it personally as it really isn’t my style of vape, but that doesn’t mean it’s not yours, but I can say this for it; it sure beats cigarettes!

Blu 2.0 Pod, not orange


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