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Skill RDA by VapersMD and Twisted Messes 

Designed by VapersMD and engineered by famed coil builder Twisted Messes, the Skill RDA is the latest atomizer to emerge from this highly talented bunch, following on from top selling atomizers such as the Twisted Messes RDA and the 13 Heavens 9 Hells RDA.

The Skill RDA is a 24mm RDA which is designed to be easy to build on, with a lot of build options present on its large build deck. A two post deck arrangement is present, each featuring a large vertical slot to fit even the largest of coil builds, and your choice of screw type is catered for with hex, crosshead and flathead screws all included. A 4.5mm juice well is also found on the deck, able to hold more than an ample amount of eliquid. There's also no compromise on build quality, with 24k gold plating present, and squonkers are catered for with the inclusion of a bottom feed pin.

There's been a lot of praise around the Skill RDA on social media since it's release, so let's have a look at how it performs..


  • 24mm width
  • Black anodized aluminium top cap
  • 24k gold plated 304 stainless steel deck
  • 2 post build deck with 3mm wide vertical slots
  • 4.5mm juice well
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Spare cross and flathead screws
  • 24k gold plated brass 510 pin
  • PEEK insulators 
  • Individually serialized 
  • Bottom feed pin for squonking use also included

What's in the Box?

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The Skill RDA comes boxed with a spares pack that contains a hex key for the posts, replacement o-rings, spare crosshead and flathead screws, and a bottom feed pin for squonking is also included in the kit.

Design and build quality

Featuring a 24mm width, the Skill RDA is a low profile RDA featuring a top cap that is made from aluminum with an anodized finish. The Skill logo is found engraved on the top cap along with the airflow control and the removable Ultem wide bore drip tip, that has ‘No Skill Needed’ printed around the base of it. 

The deck is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and features a 24k gold plated finish which pairs off with the black top cap beautifully. On the base of the deck the Twisted Messes and VapersMD logos are engraved, along with an individual serial number and an adjustable 510 connector. The 510 connector can be removed and swapped out for the included bottom feed pin, meaning that you can use the Skill RDA with squonking mods.

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Visually, the Skill RDA is a stunning looking atomizer, pairing perfectly with my Sub Zero Shorty mechanical mod. Apart from a relatively stiff airflow control, I can't have any complaints about the build quality, everything fits together perfectly and no sharp edges are present. It's a well designed and great looking RDA!


Airflow on the Skill RDA comprises three holes on either side of the top cap, for a total of six airflow holes. These are all fully adjustable too, by rotating the airflow control you can close these down or open them up as you see fit, and you can even close down one side entirely for a single coil build. My only issue is that the airflow control is a little on the stiff side, but there are a lot of different airflow options present here to experiment with.

Building the Skill RDA

The Skill RDA features a 24k gold plated 304 stainless steel deck, with a 4.5mm juice well able to hold an ample amount of eliquid. On this deck you'll find two large posts, which feature huge 3mm slots to hold your coil legs in place. The post screws clamp down your coil legs firmly giving you stable resistance for your build.

VapersMD and Twisted Messes have got the bases covered when it comes to catering to people's different preferences when it comes to screws, as standard the Skill RDA comes fitted with hex screws however if these aren't to your liking you can swap them out for some rather large crosshead or flathead screws! 

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You can build the Skill RDA with a single coil build and close off one side of the airflow to cater for this, or you can insert dual coils too. There's a large amount of deck space available for you to play with, and even huge coil builds can be accommodated without issues. The two post system makes it easy to build on the Skill RDA, catering to everyone regardless of their coil building experience.


I've tried out a varying range of different builds in the Skill RDA, both single and dual coil, and have used coil builds such as flatwire, stainless steel 316L, stainless steel clapton coils, alien coils and staggered fused claptons, at wattages from 30W up to 150W, and the Skill RDA has consistently delivered absolutely excellent flavour each and every time. It's a real smooth draw as well, with virtually no spitback issues whatsoever.

The Skill RDA is a bit of a monster when it comes to clouds as well, the airflow doesn't look exceptionally large and even the draw itself with the airflow wide open doesn't seem to feel overly airy, but it throws out phenomenal clouds of vapour that can fill a room in no time at all!

When it comes to squonking the Skill RDA is an outstanding option to have. A bottom feeding pin is included with the spares kit so that you can use the Skill RDA with a squonker, and benefit from its outstanding performance without having to constantly drip juice all of the time. I've had very few issues with over squonking either, which is a real big plus point. Overall, the Skill RDA is a top notch performer!

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The Skill RDA is an RDA that is so easy to get to grips with, and it seems like no matter what build you use or what wattage you vape it at the Skill RDA consistently delivers brilliant flavour and plentiful vapour. It just performs each and every time and it performs incredibly well in all aspects too.

I see the Skill RDA as a very worthy investment as not only do you get top class performance but you also get great build quality as well from a dripper that is built to last, and it just looks great no matter what mod it is sat atop. The inclusion of the bottom feed pin is a great touch, I've found this to be a really good atty for squonking with, meaning that I can take the Skill RDA out and about with me without having to constantly re drip all the time.

Along with the CSMNT RDA, the Skill RDA is one of my favourite atomizers of 2017, and it ticks all of the boxes as far as I am concerned. If you were considering picking one up I certainly wouldn't hesitate in doing so, as I'd happily hedge my bets that you wouldn't be disappointed with it at all!

The Skill RDA was purchased for review from Hyde Vapes, you can purchase the Skill RDA at

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