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Indulgence Mutation X V6

Indulgence’s Mutation X series of Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers is one of the longest running series of cloud chasing RDAs in the industry, and I personally have been a big fan of them myself, having owned every single one since the release of the original Mutation X.

Following on from the Mutation X V5 XL, the Mutation X V6 is the latest version from Indulgence, a 24mm RDA having a similar appearance to the Mutation X V4 with the unique 9 slot airflow on the side and bottom airflow also included, a revised build deck is found with the V6 that has a two post design, with clamp styled posts. Given the massive amount of airflow to be found here, the V6 is shaping up to be quite the cloud machine!

Popularity of the Mutation X series has taken a bit of a dip in the U.K recently, you don't see Mutation X atties come up much on social media discussions or in handchecks too often these days, but could the V6 change all of that? Let's have a look...


  • 24mm width
  • 25mm height (excluding drip tip and 510 connector)
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction 
  • Clamp styled two post configuration
  • Large build deck space
  • Multiple coil build possibilities 
  • Dynamic airflow control system
  • 9 airflow hole design 
  • Bottom airflow 
  • PEEK insulator
  • 510 silver plated copper contact
  • Deep juice well

What's in the box?

The Mutation X V6 comes in a black presentation box, inside this you get the Mutation X V6 itself, a screwdriver, spare o-rings, authenticity card and a user manual too.

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Design and build quality 

Due to the Mutation X series of RDAs being one of the most rampantly cloned on the market, a clone Mutation X V6 was available before the genuine version even came to market. This featured an outdated cube shaped design, and is not to be confused with the genuine Mutation X V6 which features a traditional cylindrical shaped design.

Manufactured from 304 food grade stainless steel, the Mutation X V6 is very similar appearance wise to the Mutation X V4, with the same side and bottom airflow configuration. The width is 24mm, over the 22mm found on the V4, and a larger bore Delrin drip tip is included. The drip tip can be swapped out and replaced with your own choice of drip tip, however there isn't a 510 drip tip fitting and no 510 adaptor is included. 

When I first took the Mutation X V6 out of the box, I had to give it a good clean first as there was a fair amount of machine oil present. The top cap was fitted pretty snugly to the deck, and once I had got it off I found that one of the o-rings on the deck had split, requiring replacement. Luckily plenty of spare o-rings were included, after fitting the replacement o-ring and applying juice to it the top cap became easier to remove.


At the base of the deck ‘Indulgence’ and ‘Designed in the USA’ engraving is found either side of the 510 connector, the 510 connector features an adjustable silver plated copper contact, and a PEEK insulator is used to help with heat dissipation. Aside from the split o-ring and machine oil, I've got no other qualms about the build quality of the Mutation X V6, it's pretty well made for the price.


Airflow on the Mutation X V6 consists of 9 airflow slots on each side of the top cap helping to maximize vapour production, along with bottom airflow slots which feed airflow up and out of angled slots at the base of the deck, which hit your coils for a great flavour experience.

The airflow control ring is adjusted by rotating the top cap, which turns internal fins that open up and close down the side airflow slots. You can adjust these as finely as you like, and even shut off one side of the airflow entirely in order to use single coil builds. As with other Mutation X atomizers, this is one seriously airy atty and even at the most restricted airflow setting you still get an airy direct lung hit!

Building the Mutation X V6

Indulgence have revised the build deck for the Mutation X V6, a two post arrangement is found here with clamps on each post to hold your coil legs down securely. A deep juice well is present, and at either side of the deck bottom airflow holes are present, and you'll get the best results from this RDA by placing your coils directly over these.

Deck space definitely isn't at a premium here, this is an RDA that massive coil builds will feel at home in. I fitted a dual Stainless Steel 316L coil, with 0.5mm wire thickness and a 4mm ID for 0.2ohm, and I still had a ton of space to spare. The Mutation X V6 also caters for single and quad coil builds, with the amount of space giving you a lot of freedom with your builds. The post clamps tighten your coil legs nicely, giving a solid connection, however it can be a little fiddly trying to fit a dual coil as you can’t individually secure the coil legs.


The Mutation X V4 was the first Mutation X RDA that really started to deliver great flavour in my opinion, mainly thanks to the inclusion of bottom airflow which provided concentrated air delivery direct to your coils. The Mutation X V6 uses the same airflow style, and I'm pleased to report that it offers very good flavour as well. 

Clouds are what a Mutation X RDA does best and the Mutation X V6 produces some phenomenal levels of vapour. It's an atty built for big coils, low resistance builds and high power. Performance is excellent north of 100W, I've gone as high as 250W on the Mutation X V6, and it is an absolute cloud machine. It stays relatively cool under high wattage use, certainly much cooler than a lot of other RDAs I've used. 

A really frustrating aspect of the Mutation X V6 is that it does leak e-liquid out of the bottom airflow hole, even when closing the airflow off whilst dripping e-liquid onto the deck as per the manufacturers instructions. No rubber bungs are included to close off the bottom airflow, like they were with the Mutation X V4, so unfortunately you are stuck with it unless you can plug up the bottom airflow, which will in turn reduce the flavour performance of the Mutation X V6. This kind of soured the experience for me, which was a real shame as I've got no qualms with the performance whatsoever. 



The same excellent flavour results I got from the Mutation X V4 and V5 XL are present and correct here, and the V6 is arguably the cloudiest Mutation X RDA to date, with it able to produce a quite astonishing level of vapour- to be fair I didn't expect any less really! The Mutation X V6 suits thick coil builds and high power settings perfectly, making it a great choice for cloud chasers. 

Unfortunately, the Mutation X V6 feels like a bit of a step back from the excellent Mutation X V5 XL. Personally, I would have preferred a revised version of that rather than a revised version of the Mutation X V4, which is what the V6 feels like to me. As it stands, I wouldn't recommend the Mutation X V6 over the Mutation X V5 XL, which is still currently my favourite Mutation X atomizer to date. 

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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