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Vapefly Kriemhild 2Vapefly Kriemhild 2

Today for review we have the Vapefly Kriemhild 2 Sub-ohm tank which was sent to me by Vapefly themselves.

Kriemhild is a major figure in Germanic legend and has a dream foretelling the death of her great love for which she seeks revenge. So will this tank go down in legend or is it doomed to be a tragic tale of woe? I shall tell you a story….

Vapefly Kriemhild 2 specs

Chapter 1 – The great reveal

The box is in keeping with the old legend theme and branded as if it was found on a lost parchment detailing some forgotten poem from long ago, and the writing is as if written by a skilled medieval calligrapher which I think it’s a really nice touch. Within the box you have:

Kriemhild 2 tank, FreeCore Duplex K-1 0.2ohm KA1 mesh coil, FreeCore K-2 0.3ohm KA1 mesh coil, Spare 5ml Bubble Glass, Spare o-rings, Spare 810 drip tip, 510 drip tip adapter, User Manual, Warranty Card.


The tank itself is 25mm x 51.2mm and holds 4ml of liquid (2ml TPD) and 5ml with the bubble glass installed.

It’s a nice little package you get and with the option to install a 510 drip-tip and a spare 810 drip-tip along with the spare bubble glass, you have everything you need to tailor this to how you want it though personally I think bubble glass is ugly and I didn’t want to ruin the aesthetics of this tank. The tank itself comes in a variety of colours and in two different versions, for the colours you have stainless steel, black, gold, blue and, the one I was sent, gunmetal in the Peace variant. As for the versions, there is the choice of Peace or War, the War version has a metal part covering part of the glass window whereas the Peace is mainly glass. Hild means conflict and in some cultures is the physical embodiment of this concept so the War version makes sense and you can’t have War without Peace.

Vapefly Kriemhild 2 box and contents

Aesthetically I think this tank is a beauty, there’s a strange brutal elegance to it, and I imagine it gives a similar ethereal feeling as if I saw Beowulf fighting a penguin. The knurling for the airflow ring and for the top cap are somehow striking yet unobtrusive. There’s the gorgeous calligraphy just subtly stating “Kriemhild 2” and on the inside there’s a depiction of what I presume is Kriemhild herself which just adds to the overall quality of the design, and the obvious thought that has gone into it.

Vapefly Kriemhild 2 exploded view

The airflow is nothing new, it’s a good sized cyclops opening, the airflow ring has a decent weight to it and turns smoothly giving a good range of airflow options. To fill the tank, turn the cap a quarter turn anti-clockwise and the top comes off to reveal two generous ports covered by a silicon film. Poke the bottle nozzle through to fill and this design does an excellent job of making sure there’s no spill and no leaks. Add to that, the top cap itself has an extra silicon ring to make sure that when secured the top cap isn’t going anywhere and that the tank is locked in place. It looks like it should work well and it does, I’ve not had a single drop of liquid leak from this tank.

Vapefly Kriemhild 2 montage

The coils are fitted with a simple push to fit, unscrew the base and pop one in. It couldn’t be easier. If you are changing coils then, because of the doming in the tank itself, you can turn the tank upside down, and as long as the liquid doesn’t go over the dome then you can replace with liquid inside the tank rather than have to empty it.

The build quality of this tank is nothing short of legendary, it’s absolutely superb. Everything is just brilliantly constructed, well thought out, beautifully made, and the whole thing is an outstanding piece of design and engineering.

Now that the story is underway, we’ve setup the heroic protagonist, will they prevail, will love and beauty win the day? Let’s see how it performs...


Vapefly Kriemhild 2 on a mod

Chapter 2 – the story of the vape

The 0.2ohm Duplex Mesh Coil - The new duplex mesh coil was first with its patented technology which Vapefly say means the coil fires up instantly, heats evenly and creates a soft and delicate taste. It’s a 0.2ohm coil rated 45W–60W and has four large wicking ports. Primed and ready to go with Unicorn Shake, I started with low wattage and built up from there. At 35W you really start to notice the flavour coming through and just how much vapour this coil produces. There’s a slight restriction to the coil but it’s only very slight and it actually suited me really well. I found my sweet spot at 55W with the airflow closed off just a touch and all I can say is wow, this coil really kicks in instantly and the flavour is absolutely sublime. I could taste every element in the liquid. I’d take a vape and every time just be taken with how flavoursome this coil is. I’d say this is one of the best stock coils I have ever tried, it’s that good. The vapour production seems in advance of the wattage so you have serious clouds, but for me it’s all the about the taste. I think they got Merlin to weave his magic on this coil. One thing to note is that I like a relatively cool vape and this is what it produces. You can get a warmer vape by pushing the wattage up as high as 65W and by closing the airflow, but if you are used to a really warm vape then this may seem quite cool, but it suited me perfectly. At 55W I had no wicking issues at all and after two weeks of use, it was still going.

The 0.3ohm Mesh Coil – This is the new standard mesh coil for the tank and is rated 45W– 55W. This one again is quite a cool vape and there’s a little bit more restriction to it. You can push it up to 55W but beyond that it starts to struggle to keep up with wicking and can taste a little dry. The flavour is good but it’s not at the same level as the duplex coil. I found my sweet spot for this one at 52W with the airflow about half closed for quite a bit of restriction and it’s a nice vape with good flavour, but I found myself going back to the duplex mesh coil.

Vapefly Kriemhild 2 handcheck

Chapter 3 – The conclusion

No myths, no legends, no tales here, I’m just going straight to the point. I love this tank. It’s a beautiful tank which has been made to the highest possible standards and has little touches which aren’t essential but make you appreciate it a little more, like the gorgeous lettering or the picture of Kriemhild. The build quality is incredible and this tank just a joy to use. The duplex mesh coil is one of the best I’ve come across and produces a lot of vapour along with amazing flavour. The 0.3ohm standard mesh coil is a good coil, but for me the duplex takes it and I can’t see myself going back to the standard coil at all and I will continue to use the duplex every day.


The only real niggle I have with the tank is that the airflow can be a little noisy and sometimes has a whistling sound especially when fully open, but closing it just a touch seems to solve this most of the time. I will point out again that this is quite a cool vape and if you are expecting a warm 60W vape, then you’re not going to find it here. For comparison I normally vape at roughly 40W and with this I was up at 55W.

Maybe one day bards will tell tales about me and my adventures or sing songs round a campfire, an ode to Tim or the ballad of FM, but until then just go get yourself a Kriemhild 2. Although its namesake was doomed to tragedy, there is no melodrama here, just success with a tank that has captured my heart and is one I would not hesitate to recommend. 

FM out

Vapefly Kriemhild 2 with the muses

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