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SQuape X [dream]

The SQuape X Dream is the newest atomiser from Swiss manufacturers Stattqualm, following on from the highly successful SQuape R and SQuape R[eloaded], which were two extremely popular rebuildable tank atomisers. The SQuape X Dream features a totally new design this time around, and it has a whole host of new features.

One of the biggest changes to the design of the SQuape is a new locking system that allows for leak free top filling and also means you have the ability to access the deck even with a full tank of juice. You can safely transport the SQuape X Dream around when not using it by locking the tank to prevent any leaks. The deck is again manufactured from ematal coated aluminum, to guard against short circuits, and features gold plated posts and 510 connector pin for maximum conductivity and more stability when using the SQuape X Dream with temperature control coil builds. Airflow has also been changed too, allowing for single and dual coil builds - and mouth to lung as well as lung hits. 

The SQuape X Dream has proven to be a very popular tank since its release on the 23rd of April, let's have a look at how it performs!



  • Top-filling
  • 22mm width
  • 54.4mm height (excluding drip tip and 510 connector)
  • 4ml capacity
  • Stepless airflow control (replaceable)
  • Single or dual coil
  • Adjustable 510 connection
  • Replaceable borosilicate glass
  • Deck is accessible even with full tank
  • Non-conductive components inside the chamber (deck and closing ring)
  • Gold plated contact and posts
  • Holes through deck posts pins are 2.2mm
  • The tank can be completely closed and removed (even when full)
  • Easy switching of the three positions "vape", "remove" and "closed" with the 3-mode-lock

What's in the box?

Top marks for presentation go to the Stattqualm team. The SQuape X Dream comes in one of the most nicely presented and professional packages you'll come across, with a SQuape X Dream sleeve covering a black Stattqualm presentation box. Inside the box is the SQuape X Dream itself, a replacement glass tank section, the top half of the chamber (or closing ring), easy to read instructions written in plain English and German, an instruction manual and a spares kit featuring spare O-rings, grub screws and an Allen key. 

Looks and build quality

You won't find many atomisers that are better machined and feature better build quality than the SQuape X Dream. Stattqualm have gone all out to provide an atomiser with premium build quality, manufactured from the best materials available. The SQuape X Dream is manufactured from high quality stainless steel, with a replaceable borosilicate glass tank section and removable stainless steel drip tip, and it retains that unique glass ‘windowed’ look SQuapes are well known for. Gold plating is used on the posts and the 510 connector for maximum conductivity, and this also now helps to provide stable performance with Temperature Control builds which was lacking on the SQuape R[s} and SQuape R[eloaded]. Finally, the deck is made from ematal coated aluminum. Ematal is a non-conductive material which means that this will help protect against short circuits, and the closing ring which sits on top of the deck is also made from this material. You'll notice the airflow control ring has been re-designed (I will go into more detail about this in the airflow section below), and it is engraved with the trademark ‘SQ’ logo.

The width of the SQuape X Dream is 22mm, along with the adjustable 510 pin you should get a flush fit on your mod, and it's a fairly tall atomiser at 54.4mm not taking into account the 510 connector and drip tip, but this actually makes it a touch smaller than the SQuape R[eloaded] for example. Lines are very clean, and the threading is extremely smooth especially with the top refill system. Some people may not get on with the size or the looks, but I've heard rumours a nano kit is on the cards and you can bet your bottom dollar a bell cap will be available at some point. Personally I don't mind how it looks and I've not come across many atomisers that are better built than this one.

Pure Eliquids

You'll want to have a good read through the instructions before beginning to use the SQuape X Dream, as before you use it there are a couple of steps you must follow. First up, you will need to coat the bottom O-ring with VG (or a max VG juice if you don’t have any pure VG to hand), and just underneath the chimney will need a liberal coating of VG as well. You will see the closing ring is loose inside the box, you will need to insert this inside the SQuape X Dream underneath the chimney. After that, it may be good practice to familiarise yourself with the new locking system feature before you build and subsequently use the SQuape X Dream. 

At first, it took me a little while to get used to the new locking feature on the SQuape X Dream, but it did become second nature after a short break in period. One of the key things is to remember to lock the SQuape X Dream when filling, rather than just covering up the airflow holes using the airflow control ring, to avoid leaking after you have refilled your tank. Also, the locking feature may feel stiff at first, but this does ease off over time and with repeated usage. 

We Vape

Filling is now done via a new top filling system introduced for the SQuape X Dream, and it’s a vastly improved experience over filling previous SQuapes. You rotate the tank to the right until it clicks and the airflow is closed off, grip the two notches on the top cap and twist it off, revealing six massive circular holes, which can accommodate any size of bottle nozzle, syringe or glass dripper. It’s much quicker, taking a matter of seconds to fill the tank fully, mess free and requires much less fuss than previous SQuapes did to refill. The tank capacity is now 4ml, which I have found is enough to keep you going for short trips out and about, but the SQuape X Dream does definitely get through a fair bit of juice!

Building the SQuape X Dream

The SQuape R and SQuape R[eloaded] were known for their interchangeable decks, previously many users had to purchase a separate deck to suit different wicks and builds, however with the SQuape X Dream there is just the single deck this time, which offers you the freedom of single or dual coil builds, and there are gold plated posts with 2.2mm post holes and grub screws, allowing for plenty of room to fit large wires in. The deck itself isn’t particularly large however, as the chamber is small when the closing ring meets the deck for maximum flavour performance, you will struggle to get a coil with a thicker diameter than 3mm in. 

Essentially the edge of the deck itself is raised, with four holes around the outside. You'll want to keep these uncovered as these are your juice feed holes, and these will feed juice to your wick in the lower part of the deck, which almost acts like a dripper style juice well, and is similar to the B deck available for previous versions of the SQuape. A good way to take advantage of this juice feed system is to make sure that the deck is fully padded out with cotton, ensuring the juice feed holes are kept free, and even the centre of the deck in between the posts has a cotton covering. 


There are many different ways the SQuape X Dream can be built. It can be built with a dual coil build, which is my preferred build with the SQuape X Dream, or you can build with a single coil, with the coil to one side of the deck or placed centrally. If using a single coil, it is imperative that the whole deck is definitely fully padded out with cotton to prevent any possible leaks. I’ve tried a few different builds in the SQuape X Dream, as it’s a pretty easy, versatile and forgiving deck to build on even for newcomers, and my preferred build so far has been a dual coil build with 10 wraps of 0.4mm Nichrome 80 with a 2.5mm internal diameter, wicked generously with Kendo Vape Cotton. The increased airflow and ematal plated deck are able to cope with the heat generated by this type of build without causing me any problems at all. 


Airflow on the SQuape X Dream has been given a redesign compared to previous versions, to cater for dual and single coil builds, as well as mouth to lung and direct lung hitters. It's definitely less restricted than it was on previous versions of the SQuape, and wide open it offers a nice lung hit, albeit a little restricted. Rather than airflow being drawn through the base and up to the coils, the airflow now sits higher up the tank and hits the coils directly from behind. 

Around the airflow control ring, you'll notice three slots, two can be open for dual coils, and a single can be left open for single coils. These will also line up with your coils allowing for maximum airflow hitting the coil. You can adjust these, to close the airflow down for a mouth to lung draw depending on your build or open it right up for a restricted direct lung hit, and the SQuape X Dream is capable of putting out a lot of vapour when wide open, especially when compared to previous versions of the SQuape! As I am primarily a restricted lung hitter these days this catered to me perfectly, especially as I found the SQuape R[s] to be a little on the tight side for my style of vaping.


The airflow control ring is removable, I did find it to be a little loose at first. I did get used to this as time went on, I now have a habit of checking the airflow setting when taking the SQuape X Dream out of my pocket for instance, however if you do find this uncomfortable you can switch the O-Ring out for one supplied in the box to make it a little tighter. 


I’ve based my thoughts on the performance of the SQuape X Dream around how it has been performing with my favoured dual coil Nichrome 80 0.45ohm build as detailed in the ‘Building the SQuape X Dream’ section, as this has personally brought me the best results in performance from the SQuape X Dream when I have used this in the 30-40w region, with a warm vape and a slightly restricted lung hit with the airflow set as open as it goes, which suits my own style perfectly.

The flavour really is incredible with the SQuape X Dream, and it’s a step up from previous SQuapes in my opinion, offering a flavourful, intense and warm vape that in my opinion is nearly on par with the vape from not only some of the best flavour RTA’s, but some of the best flavour RDA’s I have tried, and it suits my vaping style superbly well too with the additional airflow available. Surprisingly, the SQuape X Dream also produces quite a lot of vapour as well, and it can now handle sub ohm builds with ease and much more power too, although I have noticed that at 35w and above, not only do I get a warmer vape but I also get a warmer tank as well! 


Wicking keeps up exceptionally well with the SQuape X Dream, with dry hits a complete rarity for me, apart from a few initial wicking troubles I had with my first ever build that were quickly rectified. I’ve tested up to max VG with this tank, and it even kept up perfectly during heavy chain vaping sessions as well, delivering a consistent vape packed with excellent flavour. It is pretty thirsty however, I found myself able to drain a tank of juice in no time at all!   


The more time I've spent with the SQuape X Dream, the more I am falling in love with its outstanding performance. I'll be honest and say at first, it took me some time to get used to it, however now it's the first atomiser I reach for when going out the door alongside my UTA2. It may not win any beauty awards for its looks and size, but for it’s performance it is world class, and delivers some of the best flavour you will experience from a rebuildable tank atomiser, that in my opinion is virtually on par with a rebuildable dripping atomiser. 

Improvements Stattqualm have made to the SQuape experience for the SQuape X Dream have made for a far more user friendly tank, that is easy to build without the need to purchase additional decks, easy to fill without the need to purchase an additional filling tool and have an endless amount of patience, and the SQuape now also appeals to dedicated lung hitters alongside mouth to lung vapers, with the completely revised airflow. 

The Electronic Cigarette Company

The SQuape X Dream is without a doubt in my opinion the best Squape to date, and one of the best high end rebuildable tanks available full stop. If you are looking for a rebuildable tank that has some of the very best build quality seen to date, and a rebuildable tank that offers a multitude of different rebuilding options as well as a dripper level quality vape when it comes to flavour, then the Squape X Dream should form a vital part of your vaping arsenal!

The SQuape X Dream was purchased from www.stattqualm.ch, with fast shipping options available for the UK!  It is more expensive to order from Switzerland due to customs and VAT so if you are in the UK and would like to purchase one of these tanks then check out Creme de Vape.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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