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Introduction to the Liberty RBA

"Liberty is freedom from smoking".

The Liberty RBA is a 22mm Genesis style atomizer available from Titanium Mods who are a Ukrainian manufacturer. It is constructed entirely from titanium which makes it incredibly light and durable as well as being highly resistant to wear and scratches.

I had seen Titanium Mods mentioned before on several forums mainly for their Prometey and Ataman tanks as well as the Achilles RDA. I did a wide search for reviews on the Liberty RBA but I couldn’t find any. Now normally I wouldn’t blindly order a high end atomizer without researching it first but considering how positive the feedback had been on Titanium Mods other products I had a very good feeling that I would be happy with it. Besides I really wanted something very different and I thought what could be more unique than a titanium atomizer!

It is important that you know that this item was not sent free for review and it was purchased with my own money but we felt it was well worth featuring in a review.


Liberty RBA features 

  • 22mm diameter.
  • Titanium construction.
  • 3.3-3.5ml capacity.
  • Height (without connector and drip tip): 32 mm.
  • Air holes diameter: 2mm.
  • Wicking holes diameter: 3.5mm.
  • Fill hole diameter: 3.5mm.
  • Weight: 21g.
  • Works with any wick type: cotton, ceramic, mesh.
  • Convenient and fast refilling.
  • Compact device.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Liberty RBA.
  • 1x short titanium drip tip.

The clear replacement window and the spares pack are available as separate purchases priced at €5 each and it is certainly worth picking them up if you order this atomizer. The atomizer arrived well protected in a foam tube. There was some slight machine oil on the outside which is understandable if it has been stored in a workshop but all the internal components were completely clean. I gave the atomizer a thorough wash in warm soapy water and I lubricated all the o-rings with Vaseline.

Liberty RBA looks

In my opinion this atomizer looks absolutely beautiful and the titanium is stunning with a heavily polished finish. The engraving looks quite heavy in photographs but when you actually see it in your hand you will notice that it is very subtle.

The main section engraving has two Greek Key patterns running horizontally with “Liberty” written on it with two stars on either side. The top cap features a circular Greek Key pattern. Now depending how the light hits it the engraving can look either dark or light which I think is pretty cool!

The top cap is a one piece design and it can be screwed and unscrewed easily. At one side of the cap there is a small air hole and at the top of the cap where the drip tip fits there are five large half holes arranged in a half circle pattern. I assume these holes are designed to create both increased flavour and vapour.

The deck section features two posts that have large Philips head screws. The deck features two 3.5mm diameter wicking holes to hold your cotton, silica or mesh U wick in position. In addition there is a 3.5mm fill hole that a Delrin fill hole plug fits into.

The main tank section is held on by an O-ring at the top and also at the base. The O-rings feel very durable and they are quite thick. To remove the main tank section you do have to take off the top O-ring first. If you have purchased the clear or coloured tank section you can easily replace the titanium one.

The base features a non-adjustable 510 pin and it is engraved with “Made in Ukraine” and the serial number is at the bottom with a star engraved on either side. My serial number was “079”which made me realise that these unique products have very small production runs.

The included drip tip is of the short and reasonably wide bore variety. It fits extremely well and is held on by double O-rings. The majority of my other drip tips do fit this atomizer but what you do have to be mindful of is the fact that some of them if not sufficient in diameter will block the upper air holes. It’s not a big deal because it is due to the design but it is something you need to be aware of.

Everything fits together perfectly and the threading is excellent. The top cap air hole would typically have to be lined up with your cotton when using a Genesis atomizer but with the Liberty RBA top cap it only screws on one way so it is always lined up properly.


My build 

The last time I tried a Genesis style atomizer was when I picked up a Kraken (clone) a while ago. I had a devil of a time with it and ended up selling it to someone else due to sheer frustration.

I purchased the Liberty because I loved the look of it and I figured it was about time I got to grips with this kind of atomizer. Fitting the coil is very easy since the screws are excellent and hold the wire securely. At no point did the screws ever cut the wire.

My build was a 26AWG (0.4mm) Kanthal coil with a 3mm internal diameter which had a final resistance of 1.0 ohm. The coil needs to be positioned centrally in between the two wicking holes. I wasn’t exactly sure of the correct position and coil height since this was all new to me. I emailed Aleksandr at Titanium Mods and he very kindly sent me some pictures of the right build. I think it is the sign of a good company when a manufacturer is willing to help you out with your purchases so I was very grateful to get some useful pointers.

I did have a period of trial and error with the Liberty but that was mainly down to the way I wicked it and it is entirely due to my inexperience with Genesis atomizers. The product was not at fault, only the user. Having said that I have got far better at it since I have been constantly using it and I feel very comfortable building it now.

The best way I have found to wick the Liberty is to remove the upper O-ring and main sleeve. Then I roll a piece of Cotton Bacon and pull it through the centre of the coil. I leave a large clump of fluffed up cotton at either side of the coil and then I cut the longer wick tails in half before snipping one half off before finally poking the tails through the wicking holes with a small screwdriver. Ideally you want thin tails of cotton going into the tank where your juice will be and they need to be just short of the base.


What I do next is to refit the sleeve and O-ring and remove the fill hole plug. I then apply e-liquid to the coil wicking at the top and allow it a little time to saturate before finally filling the tank via the fill hole and replacing the plug.

It is far easier to do when using the clear tank section so I have been sticking to that for the time being. When you get the wicking right the cotton tails should look almost transparent.

How does the Liberty RBA vape?

The first juice I tried was Element Tangerine and it gave an extremely pleasurable vape. The flavour was very crisp and clean and it tasted very much like it would in a dripper. Vapour production was excellent and this certainly puts out more clouds than some of my other RTA’s.

What is really great about this atomizer is the fact that the airflow is so well designed and it can cater for both a mouth to lung or direct lung experience. The airflow itself isn’t adjustable but is open enough that you can take either short quick draws on it or long hard inhales.

We Vape

It is one of the smoothest vapes I have had in a long time and it compares very well to the type of draw I get when using the Origen V3 and Raptor RDA’s.

One thing you really do need to keep in mind is that the Liberty really maximises throat hit and nicotine strength. The following is written on Titanium Mods website:

This atomizer produces strong throat hit! Most people who already own and use it have reported lowering their nicotine level due to stronger throat hit compared to other atomizers.

Now we often see that kind of statement from a lot of manufactures when trying to hype up their products and often it isn’t always true but in the case of Titanium Mods atomizers trust me it is definitely very accurate.

If you take a few long draws on the Liberty you will really notice the nicotine hit. In my case my typical 6mg juice certainly felt like at least 8-10mg and it also gives a very good throat hit which I happen to like a lot.

Pure Eliquids

The Liberty has some real kick so be aware of that if you plan to purchase it. I guess the design reasoning is probably due to Ukrainians being used to smoking Russian cigarettes so I assume it is manufactured to hit harder.

I moved on to trying out my El Toro juices and flavours such as Cigarillos and Eden really do taste exceptional in the Liberty. I have not yet tried Guevara in it since that juice has a very strong throat hit so in the Liberty it will likely knock me sideways but it has to be done at least once!

I have not had any leaking problems with this tank and providing it has been wicked properly you will not run into dry hits. Typically some Genesis tanks often need to be tilted to keep the wicking saturated but I have not found that to be the case with the Liberty. If you have it wicked the correct way it works exceptionally well. I plan to experiment with a Mesh U wick in the future just to find out if it gives me an even better vape.


In my opinion the Liberty RBA is a superb Genesis style atomizer that is very well constructed and highly appealing aesthetically. Being constructed from titanium means this atomizer is wonderfully unique and in addition it has excellent durability. The lighter weight is also highly desirable when using it with heavy dual battery box mods or 18650 mechanical mods.

The vape itself is brilliant and suits me perfectly providing a very good throat hit! I feel that the Liberty would be very useful for anyone trying to cut down on their nicotine level because it hits harder and due to the stronger nicotine rush you don’t need to vape it as often.

The Electronic Cigarette Company

It is certainly a little tricky to get to grips with if you haven’t built a Genesis style tank before but if you are willing to persevere you will be rewarded with a fantastic vape experience!

The Liberty is priced at €115 and at the current rate of exchange that works out at about £82.73. I think that for a high end atomizer the price compares extremely well with others on the market but when you factor in the superb vape and the titanium construction it makes for a very worthwhile purchase. Keep in mind postage is free for any order over €100.

The Liberty RBA can be purchased from Titanium Mods:

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