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In'Ax MKIIr by Athea Mods

Athea Mods are a manufacturer founded by Vincent Athea, a highly respected French modder, and are responsible for the design and manufacture of the In'Ax series of Genesis atomisers. The In'Ax series of atomisers are highly sought after and extremely prized by their owners, due to the exceptional build quality, ease of use and the incredible vape they provide.

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Let me get this straight, I hate genesis tanks. Well I hated Genesis tanks until I picked up the In'Ax MKIIr, nailed a successful stainless steel mesh build pretty quickly thanks to just how easy and forgiving this little beauty is to build on, and revelled in the crisp, clean flavourful vape a genesis tank provides when set up with a 'true' genesis build in the form of a stainless steel mesh wick. Previous attempts last year at getting a mesh build in a couple of (unnamed) Genesis tanks failed miserably and I gave up on the idea, until I decided to give the In'Ax MKIIr a go...

It's incredibly easy for a Genesis tank to set up and get going, and can be built with a cotton wick should you not like the idea of building with stainless steel mesh. However, you'd really be missing out should you not use an SS Mesh wick due to the immensely clean and flavourful vape you will get from this tank. Not to mention it's very easy to maintain once done, and a good SS mesh wick will last you months on end with a quick dry burn now and again. And the flavour, oh the flavour! If you are looking for flavour, then look no further. You'll be rediscovering your favourite juices, and possibly even ones you previously didn't like, for months on end once you have run them through a mesh build, picking up subtle nuances and flavour notes you never realized were even there...

Machining of the In'Ax MKIIr is just absolutely top notch. From the little details such as the screw on top cap, to the smooth as silk threading, excellent airflow control system through the top cap and the centre post sliding in and out rather than needing to be screwed in, which gives you the ability to remove and replace it easily. The In'Ax MKIIr is all about the little details too, such as the easy access fill port, heat fins and Teflon drip tip to keep your lips protected. Strip this beauty right down and just admire the care and attention that has gone into crafting this work of art...

Thanks to the In'Ax MKIIr I'm now a dyed in the wool Genesis fanboy and for that, and to South Coast Vaper for pestering me for weeks on end into getting into the murky world of gennies and mesh builds, I thank you for this wonderful, unparalleled flavour experience I'm now getting. I had to single this particular Genesis tank out for a review, as it's a completely incredible tank, easy to build, and with some of the absolute best design and machining you'll ever find in an atomizer.

If you have a chance to get your hands on one of these exceptional flavour monsters I would grab it with both hands as the flavour is quite unlike any other out there, and it's totally changed my perception on Genesis tanks. And for that reason, I love Genesis tanks and the In'Ax MKIIR in particular...

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Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world!  From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.

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