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Athea Mods are a manufacturer founded by Vincent Athea, a highly respected French modder, and are responsible for the design and manufacture of the In'Ax series of Genesis atomisers. The In'Ax series of atomisers are highly sought after and extremely prized by their owners, due to the exceptional build quality, ease of use and the incredible vape provided.

There are numerous versions of the In'Ax Genesis, from small form versions such as the 16mm In'Ax 16 and 18mm In'Ax 18, to the 22mm In'Ax MKIIr. The In'Ax MKIIr is a slightly revised version of the In'Ax MKII, the 'R' standing for revised. The In'Ax MKIIr features a revised airflow control over the MKII, with a second airflow hole, a tighter airflow control with reference for, tighter PTFE insulator preventing the positive post spinning during coiling, specially machined negative screw, laser engraving at the base and a new presentation box.

It's unique for a Genesis Atomiser as you wrap your coil around the positive post and trap it under the negative screw, this makes for an easier build and minimizes hot legs in your coil wraps and reduces the occurrence of hot spots, as well as giving you extra space to manoeuvre your coil.

I thought it was about time I delved back into the world of Genesis atomisers, and with the In'Ax MKIII on the horizon let's have a look at the In'Ax MKIIr.


In'Ax MKIIR Specs

  • Constructed of 316 surgical grade Stainless Steel
  • 22mm width
  • 47mm height (35mm excluding 510 connector and drip tip)
  • 510 threading
  • 2.5ml capacity
  • Heat fins and Teflon drip tip combine for a cooler vape
  • Fill from a standard bottle, no need for a needle tip
  • Adjustable airflow to a max of 1.8mm
  • PTFE insulator used to stop positive post from spinning when coiling
  • Reduced chamber for maximum flavour
  • Threaded top cap

In'Ax MKIIR Box Contents

Athea designed a whole new presentation box especially for the In'Ax MKIIr, and much like the In'Ax MKIIr itself it's a minimalist but premium looking package. Inside it is:

  • 1x In'Ax MKIIr
  • 1x Teflon drip tip
  • 1x Spare positive post
  • Pack of spare Grypstiks in assorted sizes
  • Spare silicon fill plug

In'Ax MKIIR Looks and Build Quality

Build quality of the In'Ax MKIIr is absolutely second to none, and 316 surgical grade stainless steel is used throughout, with the exception being the PTFE insulator, delrin drip tip and silicon fill plug. There are no sharp edges, the threading is as good as it gets, and everything just slots together perfectly. A clean and minimalist, understated look, accentuated by the lack of any visible engraving on the outside of the In'Ax MKIIr, however unlike the MKII, there is engraving present on the base, with In'Ax by Athea and the In'Ax logo present. Heat fins present at the top are not just there to complement the design, these work extremely well in combination with the removable Teflon drip tip to cool down your vape. The top cap has extremely smooth threading present, so you thread the top cap on and it stays in place. Overall, it looks particularly striking on my IPV D2 or GP Paps V4.

The deck is comprised of the positive post, which is thin and needle like and also removable through the 510 connector, a silicon fill plug and a negative screw. You'll find that the positive post also has a direct connection to your battery should you use this in conjunction with a hybrid mechanical mod, to provide maximum conductivity. The positive post also stays firm in place when inserted, so it doesn't spin as you coil. The threading on the negative screw is superb and faultless, and the silicone fill plug on the other side slots in and out without fuss allowing you to fill with ease.


Airflow is comprised of two airflow slots at opposing sides of the top cap, and airflow is controlled by rotating the airflow control on the base of the drip tip, with a maximum airflow setting of 1.8mm each side when fully open. There's a reference dot on the airflow control so you know what your airflow has been set to.

Capacity of the In'Ax MKIIr is 2.5ml, and refilling is done via removing the silicon fill plug, filling from any type of bottle (no need for a needle tip) and replacing the fill plug. It's as easy as that.

You are able to fully strip down the In'Ax MKIIr to clean, a coin or flat head screwdriver even gives you access to the tank at the base to give it a full clean.

Overall, this has to be one of the most well designed atomisers to date, with plenty of care and thought put into it to make setting it up and using it as easy as possible, with no compromise on build quality. Outstanding stuff.


Building the In'Ax MKIIR

The In'Ax MKIIr can be built with a cotton wick however everyone knows that the correct way to set up a Genesis tank is with a Stainless Steel mesh wick, especially if you wish to get the true Genesis tank experience. With that in mind, I purchased some marine grade #200 super fine (sf) and #300 stainless steel mesh from Stealthvape, in order to chase that true Genesis experience...

Granted, a stainless steel mesh build seems incredibly daunting at first, and don't get me wrong as it is, but my oh my will your persistence pay off with the results so I'd highly recommend persevering. Take your time with it and bear in mind that as a mesh wick beds in over the course of time, the flavour just gets better and better. The In'Ax MKIIr is quite a unique build for a Genesis atomiser, you wrap your build around the positive post and negative screw, and this makes for a really easy build using mesh.

For my own build, I went with a #200 sf with a #300 topper, which essentially means that the #200sf makes up the main body of the wick, and the #300 sits on top. This was actually a build recommended to me by South Coast Vaper that was used on another Genesis atomiser, but it works perfectly fine here. I started off by cutting a piece of #200sf 18mm in height by 55mm wide, which will make up my inner wick, and for the topper I cut a piece of #300 7mm in height and 13mm wide. Next, you need to oxidize your SS mesh.

Oxidizing SS mesh can be fairly off putting for a beginner, yet it's actually quite a quick and simple task. You'll want ceramic tweezers for this part, to hold your mesh in place whilst you torch it, and avoid burning your fingers whilst you do so. Oxidizing mesh not only removes the impurities but it also makes it a hell of a lot easier to form it into a wick. You'll need to oxidize each piece of mesh individually, by holding it with the tweezers and torching it until it's blackened. If you don't have a blow torch to hand then coating the mesh in juice, holding it away from you and burning it with a lighter will do the job in the interim.

After oxidization you need to roll your mesh by using the supplied form. The form is a long and thin piece of metal included with the In'Ax MKIIr spares, slightly thicker than the included removable centre post. First off, roll the #200sf tightly around the supplied form, remove it and give it another torching, then place it back on the form. Next roll the #300 around the #200sf, in the same direction you rolled the #200sf, remove the whole wick and give it another good torching. You now need to place the wick on the removable centre post of your In'Ax MKIIr.

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Next step is to coil your In'Ax MKIIr. The In'Ax MKIIr has different sized top nuts included, called Grypstiks, these are to ensure your wire sits snugly against the post without moving around, and the different sizes correspond to different thicknesses of kanthal. I went with 0.3mm kanthal and cut a generous length off, fed it through the largest Grypstik then screwed the Grypstik down onto the centre post tightly. You want to lift the wick up slightly to ensure it isn't shorting against the bottom of the tank, then wrap your wire tightly around the centre post, spaced as evenly as you can. I went with 5 wraps of 0.3mm that came out at 1.05ohm. After that, trap the excess wire underneath the negative screw. Trim off any excess wire coming out from the top nut and negative screw.

After this, you will need to get rid of the hotspots in your build, by pulsing them out at around 7/8w and gently moving your coil wraps around with tweezers, until you have a nice, even glow from your build. Once that is done, fill by removing the silicone fill plug and replacing it once done. Priming your wick by taking a few dry pulls will help it wick too.

The great thing about building the In'Ax MKIIr is experimenting with different wicking styles. It can be built using a cotton wick and will wick any type of juice ratio, yet also using different grades of SS mesh have their own qualities and wicking abilities. I've found that #300 mesh on its own gives off an excellent flavourful vape, but struggles with wicking high VG, and #400 wicks 80VG juice superbly well and also gives off a great, yet wholly different vape itself.

In'Ax MKIIR Performance

I'm not going to even compare it to other traditional rebuildable tanks or drippers, because the way the In'Ax MKIIr performs with an SS mesh wick is quite unlike anything I've experienced before. It's flavour like no other, and for me it's now the only Atomiser I'll vape tobacco or tobacco based juice in. The flavour from the In'Ax MKIIr with a mesh build is just amazingly clean and smooth, even more so than with a traditional cotton wick in other atomisers. The reduced chamber size just makes for an absolutely incredible, flavourful vape.

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Airflow with the In'Ax MKIIr is determined via the airflow control found at the base of the drip tip, which is a real joy to use, especially with the thoughtful reference marker dot included on the airflow control so you know what it is set to. The In'Ax MKIIr is one of the few Genesis atomisers that truly does cater for mouth to lung and lung inhalers too, with a restricted and intensely flavourful mouth to lung draw with the airflow closed down, a lighter and airier yet still very flavourful lung inhale with airflow wide open. And it's cloudier than you would expect for a Genesis atomiser, it certainly produces some more than respectable vapour.

The design is leak proof too. Try as I might, it wouldn't leak. Even leaving it upside down still didn't give me any leaks, which is incredible! There's a lot of thought that has gone into designing the In'Ax MKIIr to not only ensure you get the best possible vaping experience, but also a leak free one too.

If you are using an SS mesh build then the ability of the In'Ax MKIIr to wick high VG juices will be determined by your build and also what grade of mesh you are using. I've found that my #200sf with a #300 mesh topper build wicks up to 80VG, if you don't fancy using a topper and use high VG juice then I've found #400 mesh will do the job happily on its own. One thing I'll say is that the flavour just gets better and better over time as the mesh fully beds in.

I've rediscovered my favourite juices with the In'Ax MKIIr, many of them taking on a whole new form, vaping tobacco juices such as House of Liquid, Manabush and Black Note is just an absolutely ethereal experience. I've also been running fruit based juices through it with the El Diablo line being a particular highlight. I certainly won't vape tobacco juice in anything other than my In'Ax MKIIr from here on out!

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Let me get this straight, I hate genesis tanks. Well I hated Genesis tanks until I picked up the In'Ax MKIIr, nailed a successful stainless steel mesh build pretty quickly thanks to just how easy and forgiving this little beauty is to build on, and revelled in the crisp, clean flavourful vape a genesis tank provides when set up with a 'true' genesis build in the form of a stainless steel mesh wick. Previous attempts last year at getting a mesh build in a couple of (unnamed) Genesis tanks failed miserably and I gave up on the idea, until I decided to give the In'Ax MKIIr a go...

It's incredibly easy for a Genesis tank to set up and get going, and can be built with a cotton wick should you not like the idea of building with stainless steel mesh. However, you'd really be missing out should you not use an SS Mesh wick due to the immensely clean and flavourful vape you will get from this tank. Not to mention it's very easy to maintain once done, and a good SS mesh wick will last you months on end with a quick dry burn now and again. And the flavour, oh the flavour! If you are looking for flavour, then look no further. You'll be rediscovering your favourite juices, and possibly even ones you previously didn't like, for months on end once you have run them through a mesh build, picking up subtle nuances and flavour notes you never realized were even there...

Machining of the In'Ax MKIIr is just absolutely top notch. From the little details such as the screw on top cap, to the smooth as silk threading, excellent airflow control system through the top cap and the centre post sliding in and out rather than needing to be screwed in, which gives you the ability to remove and replace it easily. The In'Ax MKIIr is all about the little details too, such as the easy access fill port, heat fins and Teflon drip tip to keep your lips protected. Strip this beauty right down and just admire the care and attention that has gone into crafting this work of art...

Thanks to the In'Ax MKIIr I'm now a dyed in the wool Genesis fanboy and for that, and to South Coast Vaper for pestering me for weeks on end into getting into the murky world of gennies and mesh builds, I thank you for this wonderful, unparalleled flavour experience I'm now getting. I had to single this particular Genesis tank out for a review, as it's a completely incredible tank, easy to build, and with some of the absolute best design and machining you'll ever find in an atomizer.


If you have a chance to get your hands on one of these exceptional flavour monsters I would grab it with both hands as the flavour is quite unlike any other out there, and it's totally changed my perception on Genesis tanks. And for that reason, I love Genesis tanks and the In'Ax MKIIR in particular...

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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