iCloudCig Orcish RDTA/RDA Review by Dan Willis

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An exciting RDTA/RDA hybrid from iCloudCig is the Orcish, offering the ability to switch between a Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser and Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser on the move, the iCloudCig Orcish also has an interesting modular tank system that allows you to swap in a fresh tank filled with e-liquid on the go, meaning you don’t need to drain your tank if you want to swap to a fresh flavour when in use. 

Alongside the hybrid RDTA/RDA system and the modular tank system, the Orcish also has a two post Velocity styled build deck, a 5ml tank capacity which can be filled from the side, adjustable side airflow, a wide bore delrin drip tip, and the colour of the logo on the top cap actually changes colour as you vape…


  • 25mm width
  • 55mm height
  • Can be used as an RDTA or RDA
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Glass tank section
  • Two post Velocity styled build deck
  • 5ml capacity
  • Modular tank system
  • Wide bore delrin drip tip
  • Adjustable side airflow
  • Colour changing logo
  • 510 threaded 

What’s in the box?

Inside the iCigCloud Orcish package you get the Orcish RDTA/RDA, RDA base, 510 drip tip adaptor, spare glass tank section, spare tank base, two pre made coils, spare o-rings, spare post screws and a screwdriver.

Design and build quality

Constructed of 304 grade stainless steel and sporting a glass tank section for use in RDTA mode, the Orcish RDTA/RDA measures in with a 25mm width and height of 55mm in RDTA mode, excluding the drip tip and 510 threading. It isn’t terribly tall when in RDTA mode, and obviously becomes shorter when you remove the tank section and use it as a dedicated RDA, and it's pretty easy to swap between the two.
A 5ml tank capacity is available when using the Orcish in RDTA configuration, and this is refilled via the side filling port. Also, you can construct a spare tank using the spares included in the box, fill this up, and swap it in if you fancy changing your flavour up. A widebore Delrin drip tip is present, along with a 510 drip tip adaptor if you wish to use your own drip tips. 
A cool feature is that the Orcish logo will change colour as you vape, it serves no functional purpose but it's a nice little touch aesthetically. Overall it's not a bad looking atomizer, whether you have it set up as an RDA or RDTA!


Airflow on the iCloudCig Orcish is comprised of ten honeycomb airflow slots on either side of the top cap, which can be positioned anywhere around the deck, however positioning these behind your coils will draw the best results. Airflow is adjusted by rotating the heat fins on the top cap, which in turn will adjust the internal airflow control ring, meaning you can open up or close down the airflow.

Building the iCloudCig Orcish

Building on the Orcish is a pretty straight forward affair, you have a two post Velocity styled build deck, that sports large post holes and plenty of space to build, making it a very user friendly affair. There’s a lot of freedom to build here, and the Orcish will accept a wide range of different builds. You don’t really need to adjust your building style when using it in RDA or RDTA mode, however you will need to adjust your wicking- your wicks need to trail through the wicking holes at the base of the deck when using the Orcish as an RDTA, if using it as an RDA then you just need to rest your wick tails on the deck.


The iCloudCig Orcish offers a reasonable vape on the flavour front, but I found it did struggle with individual flavour notes when vaping relatively complex juices. It’s by no means bad, it just isn’t anything special, it will offer a satisfactory vape. To get even more out of it, I used the 510 drip tip adaptor and swapped in a smaller bore drip tip, which gave me a more condensed vape and improved the flavour somewhat. 
Airflow on the other hand is very generous, and you get a lot of vapour out of this tank, with dense clouds produced with ease when using the tank with the airflow fully open! It does perform very well indeed when vaping north of 70W, and I didn’t find the tank or the vape itself to get uncomfortably hot.  
Overall, in RDTA mode, you get RDA level performance with the convenient 5ml capacity of the tank section. There doesn’t seem to be any loss of quality in your vape that I can discern when using the RDTA, and I found that I got the best of both worlds when I used the iCloudCig Orcish in this configuration. If you are running a low resistance build the 5ml capacity will drain fast, so it’s handy to have a spare pre-filled tank to hand to swap in quickly.


Overall, the iCloudCig Orcish is a decent little performer that offers the option of an RDA and the convenience of an RDTA, however personally I have preferred just running it in RDTA mode due to the convenience of having the 5ml tank capacity, and it performs just as well in RDTA mode as it does in RDA mode. I do believe the differences are only cosmetic, with the smaller height of the Orcish in RDA mode being more visually appealing than the taller RDTA configuration. For the price it is absolutely worth considering, with it being widely available under £20!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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