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Freemax Starre RDTA

Freemax have had a dabble in the past with the rebuildable side of the market, with an RBA coil available to purchase separately for the Freemax Starre and also a more functional one was included with the Freemax Scylla, however the Freemax Starre RDTA and Starre Mini RDTA mark the first ‘proper’ rebuildable tank atomisers that Freemax have released. 

Featuring a 5ml capacity, top filling, Wide Bore Airflow Control, an Anti-Leaking design, large two post Velocity styled build deck and a stainless steel and Borosilicate glass construction which can be fully disassembled for cleaning, the Freemax Starre RDTA is looking to make inroads into a very busy and crowded market. They are renowned for their Starre and Scylla series of sub ohm tanks, and hopefully they have been able to transfer the outstanding performance those tanks provided into a rebuildable version.

I’ve always rated Freemax products very highly due to the excellent build quality of their tanks and the outstanding performance they provide, so when I heard that they were releasing an RDTA I knew I had to get my hands on it! Let's see how the Freemax Starre RDTA performs...


  • 25mm width
  • 54mm height
  • 5ml capacity
  • 316 Stainless Steel construction
  • Borosilicate glass tank section 
  • Removable wide bore drip tip with Teflon coated inner
  • Stainless Steel and black colours available
  • Wide Bore Airflow Control system
  • Anti-Leaking design
  • Top refilling
  • Adjustable 510 connector pin
  • Velocity styled two post build deck

What’s in the box?

Like with the Freemax Starre Pure, Freemax have gone with a redesign of their packaging, and the Freemax Starre RDTA is packaged in an attractive red presentation box, which is a class above the clamshell boxes previous Freemax products have been packaged in. Inside the box you’ll find the Freemax Starre RDTA itself, a spare Borosilicate glass tank section, spare o-rings, four spare post screws, an allen key, two pre made twisted coils, a pack of Japanese Organic Cotton and a detailed user manual.


Looks and Build Quality

Like previous Freemax tanks, the Freemax Starre RDTA is constructed of food grade 316 Stainless Steel with a thick Borosilicate glass tank section, and the tank itself feels rock solid. Threading is clean and smooth, and all parts of the tank fit together nicely with no rough edges. You can strip the Freemax Starre RDTA down fully, which comes in handy for cleaning and maintenance. It’s 25mm width, which means you are going to need a large mod for a flush fit, and the height is 54mm. It’s by no means a small low profile tank!

The capacity of the Freemax Starre RDTA is a generous 5ml, and it has top filling. To fill, unscrew the top cap which reveals two very large filling ports, and you can then fill your tank through either of these. There is no juice flow control present on the tank, however you will notice that you won’t get any leakage thanks to the anti-Leaking design. The drip tip that comes with the tank is a wide bore drip tip which has a teflon coated inner to guard against heat transference to your lips. You can also use your own drip tips with the Freemax Starre RDTA if the included one isn’t to your liking.

The Freemax Starre RDTA features an adjustable 510 connector pin, which is a first for a Freemax tank. This does come in handy if you need to adjust the height of the connector to get a flush fit with your mod and have no visible gap at the base of the tank.



If you are a cloudchaser, the Freemax Starre RDTA is a tank that will definitely appeal to you! Freemax tanks have always provided huge airflow and the RDTA is no exception, it sports two fully adjustable airflow slots at the base either side of the tank, that provide a wide open and airy draw, with plenty of vapour produced. 

The airflow control ring is as smooth as silk, a real dream to use, and helps you to really fine tune the airflow settings. This is a tank for the lung hitters, even with the airflow throttled right down it still provides a restricted lung hit, with the airflow wide open it boasts one of the airiest draws out there. This tank is designed for low ohm high power builds and the vast airflow really does come in handy here. 

Building the Freemax Starre RDTA

A two post velocity styled dual coil deck is present on the Freemax Starre RDTA, with large post holes to accommodate thick coils, a huge airflow hole at either side of the tank and wicking slots in each corner. With the large amount of space available here, building is a breeze and you shouldn't run into too much trouble. The screws trap your coil legs down nicely and hold them firm. I've found that it's quite forgiving when it comes to wicking too, the large channels make it easy, I've used thin and thick wicks here without running into any trouble. 

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You do get two pre made twisted coils included with the kit, that I found to have a very low final resistance of 0.15ohm. I also installed a dual 25awg flat kanthal build, with a resistance of 0.45ohm, my coils had a 3mm ID and with the large amount of deck space and wide chimney, these fitted in easily. If you like large, exotic coil builds then the Freemax Starre RDTA will be a great choice of tank for you. You can get flat Kanthal from StealthVape


First off, I used the supplied twisted coils, which showed me a final resistance of 0.15ohm when installed. Bear in mind this is extremely low resistance so if you do decide to use these coils, ensure your mod and batteries are up to handling the massive amp draw this build will have. I found that 70 watts had a nice warm vape, a hell of a lot of flavour and a massive amount of vapour. Pushing the wattage up warmed the vape (and the tank) quite considerably, and provided some phenomenal vapour production. This build handled 100W quite comfortably, albeit with a hot vape and a lot of vapour, and I managed to push it to 150W too. It's a tank certainly capable of handling high wattage vaping with ease, providing near dripper level performance. Also, thanks to the Teflon lined drip tip, my lips didn't get burned on the drip tip.

The 0.15ohm build combined with the power needed to run that build wasn't particularly great for battery life however, so I decided to try a higher resistance build and see how the Freemax Starre RDTA performed with that. In went a 25awg Flat Kanthal dual coil build with an internal diameter of 3mm, for a resistance of 0.45ohm. This was much easier on battery life, and still offered exceptional flavour and vapour performance, with a slightly cooler vape. In the 45-60W region, this tank performed fantastically well!

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Wicking is top notch with the Freemax Starre RDTA. As mentioned above, it's very forgiving when it comes to wicking, and it will wick anything you can throw at it with ease. Those high power builds will drink the 5ml capacity down quite quickly however, this tank definitely chugs through the juice. Overall, I was delighted with the performance of the Freemax Starre RDTA, this in my opinion is one of the best high power rebuildable tanks I’ve laid my hands on. 


The Freemax Starre RDTA is a high power focused rebuildable tank that ticks all of the boxes, and although not a ‘true’ RDTA it certainly offers near dripper level performance. It performs outstandingly well at a wide wattage range, and provides amazing performance with top notch flavour and absolutely huge cloud production too. 

It not only performs very well, but also is extremely well constructed, and I've not had a single leak either. This tank wicks incredibly well and if you like using max VG juice for huge clouds, you'll have no fear using it in this tank. The build deck is large and easy to build on, allowing all manner of builds to be installed and used. 

If you're looking for a new rebuildable tank that can be pushed to extremes, and used at more moderate wattages, that offers excellent flavour and some of the biggest clouds from a rebuildable tank to date, the Freemax Starre RDTA is an excellent choice I would highly recommend! 

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