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Introduction to the Rose V2-S

Eden Mods are a British manufacturer founded by Andy and Lee, responsible for the very well known Rose series of rebuildable tank atomisers that have really made a name for Eden Mods, the latest version of the Rose is the Rose V2-S and the Eden Mods team have also been busy with the recent release of the Snapdragon RDA, which has received great acclaim!

Eden Mods are a company priding themselves on design quality and performance, whilst listening to feedback from their customer base and acting on it accordingly. They also pride themselves on sourcing and manufacturing as many parts of their items as they possibly can within the UK.

The Rose V2-S is the shortened (‘Stumpy’) version of the Rose V2, featuring a shortened height over the V2, 316 Grade Stainless Steel Construction, 3.5ml tank capacity, refillable from the top or bottom, a ceramic coil cup to protect against shorting your coil on the deck, juice flow control and the ability to access the deck without needing to empty your tank of juice. The Rose series of RTA’s are widely regarded as offering the most flavourful vape out of any rebuildable tank atomiser available.

Let’s see why the Rose V2-S is so special.

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  • 316 grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • Polycarbonate and stainless steel tank sections included
  • 22mm width
  • Length (inclusive of drip tip and 510 connector) - 63.5mm
  • Length (exclusive of drip tip and 510 connector) - 44mm
  • 510 connector
  • 3.5ml capacity
  • Single or dual coil configuration
  • Adjustable airflow control ring with a max 2mm hole for airflow
  • Adjustable juice flow control adjustable by rotating the drip tip
  • Ceramic coil cup- optional, can be used without the ceramic coil cup if you wish
  • Build deck is accessible without needing to drain your tank of juice
  • Ease of build on the deck
  • Lead free brass adjustable 510 pin

What's in the box?

My Rose V2-S came packaged in tube shaped cardboard packaging, inside it was:

1x Rose V2-S Atomiser with Stainless Steel tank section fitted
1x Polycarbonate tank section/ juice viewing window
1x Stainless Steel Stand
1x Hex key
1x Lever bar
1x Spares pack containing spare screws and o-rings

Now the Stainless Steel stand is a great addition, not only have you got a really nice looking atty stand included, but it's functional too as you can stand your Rose V2-S unit on there whilst recoiling, use it to hold the base of the atomiser whilst refilling and also in conjunction with the supplied lever bar completely disassemble the Rose V2-S for thorough cleaning.

Looks, capacity and refilling the Rose V2-S

The Rose V2-S is one of the most gorgeous looking atomisers I have ever laid eyes on, manufactured from 316 grade Stainless Steel that is finished and manufactured to perfection, with no sharp edges present and a real premium feel to the tank. It’s quite weighty, and feels pretty heavy in your hand, but you can tell just by looking at the Rose V2-S that it’s an absolutely solid bit of kit. The sections come apart with ease and it can be totally disassembled for cleaning, the threads are as smooth as it gets and I’ve not encountered any issues with stiff or stuck threading, the Rose V2-S is also built to eliminate juice leaking and I’ve not experienced a single drop of juice leak out of the Rose V2-S thanks to the design.

Drip tip is fitted to the chimney section, as it is used to operate the juice flow control, and is therefore unable to be swapped out for one of your own. Essentially, the drip tip is attached to the chimney section, and by rotating the drip tip you can raise or lower the chimney to allow for more or less juice to flow to your build. It really allows you to tailor the vape to your own preferred style and also helps wicking thicker juices such as higher VG juice, as if you feel it struggling you can raise the chimney slightly and allow more juice to flow to your build.

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You won't encounter any fill screws with the Rose, the Rose V2-S can be filled from either the top or the bottom. Top fill can be done by unscrewing the top cap and filling to the side of the chimney, however you won’t be able to fill to the maximum capacity, well not from what I have found anyway! Bottom filling is my personal preference, this is done by inverting the tank, unscrewing the chimney by rotating it via the drip tip, gripping the base of the tank and unscrewing the bottom section, then filling to one side of the chimney. I have also found that a thin needle nosed bottle isn’t necessary to fill, though it does make it quicker and easier, I have been able to fill using any type of bottle I have tried and any size of liquid dropper. The Rose V2-S has a 3.5ml capacity which some may find a little small for their liking, but it doesn’t cause me any bother due to the ease of refilling.

Underneath you will find the ubiquitous Rose logo and the version of the model you have, along with an adjustable lead free brass 510 pin, which is idea if you have a mod with a fixed 510 connector as you simply adjust the pin to ensure there is a suitable connection with your mod. The Rose V2-S is 510 threaded and 22mm width so will be compatible and look absolutely great on anything you put it on!

The Rose V2-S comes assembled with the stainless steel tank section fitted as standard however there is a polycarbonate tank section included, with the stainless steel tank section installed you won’t be able to see how much juice you have left in the tank, and if you would prefer to see how much you have left then the polycarbonate tank section is for you! Just make sure you don’t use any tank cracking juices, such as those with citrus or a high percentage of cinnamon flavouring for example, as this can crack and frost the polycarbonate section. Personally, I prefer to use the stainless steel tank section as it gives the Rose the perfect uniform look with my stainless steel mechanical mods.


Airflow is controlled via the airflow ring at the base of the Rose V2-S, which has a single 2mm airflow hole present, and it’s smooth as anything and easy to adjust. There is a single diagonal slot cut into the airflow ring and you can adjust how open the airflow hole is by moving this over the airflow hole itself. The Rose V2-S is primarily a mouth to lung tank for flavour, but it can be lung hit as well with the airflow hole unobstructed. 

Personally, I find it perfect fully open, having the airflow completely open does not seem to impact on the flavour either way.

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Build Deck and Performance

First thing you may notice is the lack of posts, as with all models of the Rose there are no posts present! There is a removable ceramic cup present, it can be removed if you find it easier to build without it being present, with it in the deck it will protect against your coil shorting against the deck if there is an error in your build. The deck itself has a postless design, with an airflow hole in the middle, and there are two holes in the deck that you coil legs will need to slot into. Either side of the deck are grub screws which you will use to clamp down your coil legs once installed with the supplied hex key. The Rose V2-S can be used in single or dual coil configuration. Many people will look at the deck and think it’s a real challenge, but once you get your head around it building on the Rose V2-S most will find it easy, my first build took me less than ten minutes to coil, install, wick and get going.  

The trick with building on the Rose V2-S is getting the length of your coil legs right, it’s better to start off with them long if you are unsure and gradually adjust the size downwards, until your coil is in line with the juice channels, then ensure the screws are done in tight. You can use either a single or dual coil but I have found single coiling it to be easier and far more satisfactory. You want to make sure your coil is also positioned over the airflow hole on the centre of the deck too. Measure the resistance after this to ensure there are no shorts and the reading from the resistance meter is stable. Next up, you want to wick the coil with your chosen wicking material. My preference is Cotton Bacon. You will want to roll a generous strip of Cotton Bacon up and feed it through the coil, but you don’t want it too tight in the coil (as it will expand when it absorbs juice), you should still be able to move the wick with a slight tug at either end. There are four juice channels present, and these all need to be blocked with the wick, as otherwise the deck will flood. I found snipping each wick tail in half then stuffing it into each channel is the easiest method, the wick tails shouldn’t extend out of the juice channel so I cut any excess off at this point. This is the method that has worked successfully for me each and every time, and I have to note I haven’t experienced a dry hit unless I have run the tank dry without realising it! You should now be ready to juice up the build, fill the Rose V2-S and enjoy one of the most flavourful vapes you are going to experience! 

Juice flow control makes building on the Rose V2-S very forgiving as if you encounter any flooding, leaking or dry hit issues simply tighten up (in the event of leaks/flooding) or raise (in the event of dry hits) the chimney to rectify the issue.

PEEK insulators are used underneath the build deck to withstand high temperatures, I have found that the tank can get fairly warm at over 22w but never uncomfortably hot. It’s not ideal for builds below 0.8ohm really, as with the 2mm airflow the tank can get very hot and make the vape pretty unpleasant. The Rose V2-S is all about the flavour, not the clouds!

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My first build on the Rose V2-S was a single coil with 8 wraps of 0.4mm Kanthal with a 2.5mm internal diameter, which came out at 1.05ohm, wicked with Cotton Bacon ensuring, and it gave me some great flavour using it on my SX Mini M Class but it did feel like it could be better when I used it on a mechanical mod. My second build I decided to go for more of a microcoil and used 0.3mm Kanthal and again went for a single coil with 6 wraps and a 2mm internal diameter, for 1.2ohm, again wicked with Cotton Bacon, the ramp up time was decreased due to the smaller coil and for me the flavour was just absolutely intense and superb. I was really loving this!

Up to 70VG wicked fine with the Rose V-2S, I found I had to adjust and raise the chimney slightly to aid with the wicking of 70VG juice, but by doing so that allowed juice to flow freely to the coil and no dry hits or leaking/gurgling from the tank.

Overall, the flavour performance from the Rose V2-S was like nothing I had encountered with a rebuildable tank atomiser before, the flavour was far and away better than anything else I had experienced before. It was especially good with tobacco and custard vapes, I was unlocking flavour I hadn’t come across before, and vaping Manabush in there was an experience in itself.  It really is something special and the best tank I have used for pure flavour, I can safely say the quality of the vape was on par with a dripper.


In my opinion, there is no other tank out there that can touch the Rose V2-S when it comes to pure flavour production, for me the Rose V2-S is the very pinnacle of flavour focused RTA’s by a very long stretch. In terms of flavour, it’s pretty much on par with a dripper when setup correctly, setting it up may put a few people off but once you have mastered building and wicking the Rose you are rewarded with the best flavour vape you have experienced from a tank. Don’t just take my word for it, there are many others out there who regard the Rose V2 and the V2-S as the cream of the crop when it comes to flavour. Personally, I won’t vape my tobaccos or custards in any other tank, as I have found the Rose V2-S to be the absolute perfect tank for getting the very best flavour from these particular type of juice.

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The build quality is absolutely top notch, the vape is absolutely incredible and the design of the tank is superb- if you are in the market for a high end flavour RTA then the Rose V2-S is the one for you!

I purchased the Rose V2-S directly through Eden Mods themselves, at, where was available on special offer for £100. 

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.