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Ammit RTA by Geek Vape

One of the latest atomizers from Geek Vape is the Ammit RTA. The tank is intended for single coil builds only and features a top filling design, dual adjustable airflow and juice flow control. What’s more the deck features a unique three way air system that Geek Vape call 3D airflow and this is intended to maximise flavour as well as increase vapour production.

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Ammit RTA by Geek Vape

One of the latest atomizers from Geek Vape is the Ammit RTA which we purchased for the purposes of review from Evolution Vaping. The tank is intended for single coil builds only and features a top filling design, dual adjustable airflow and juice flow control.

What’s more the deck features a unique three way air system that Geek Vape call 3D airflow and this is intended to maximise flavour as well as increase vapour production. The Ammit feature a Velocity style deck with a slightly different post arrangement and fully caters to ease of use so it might be the ideal first choice for someone completely new to rebuildable atomizers.

Single Coil RTA’s often get overlooked by a lot of manufacturer’s in favour of dual coils so it’s nice to see something which caters to the rest of the user base but is it any good? Let’s take a look and find out!

Ammit RTA features

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 3.5ml Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • High-Temp Resistant Silica Glass Reinforcement
  • Enlarged Build Deck
  • Innovative Two-Post Design - Single Coil Configuration. Single Terminal Per Post Vertically Secured via Phillips Head Screws
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Efficient Wicking System
  • Unique 3-Dimensional Airflow System
  • Adjustable Dual Airflow Slots
  • Dual Internal Central Air Tubes
  • Slanted Triple Internal Air Slots
  • Convenient Top-Fill Design
  • 10mm Delrin Straight Bore Drip Tip
  • Adjustable Gold-Plated 510 Contact Pin

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x GeekVape Ammit RTA
  • 1x Multi-tool
  • 2x Pre-made Coils
  • 1x Spare Tank Glass
  • Spare O-Rings and Screws
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Ammit RTA styling and build quality

One things for sure no one can accuse Geek Vape of not being prolific since they have already released several versions of the Griffin, Tsunami and Avocado and their sister company Digiflavor is equally as busy. I read a funny comment on Reddit lately where someone said that Geek Vape put out a brand new model or three every week but let’s look at it this way at least they offer customers plenty of choice!

The Ammit meaning “devourer” or “soul-eater" is a female demon in Ancient Egyptian religion with a body that was part lion, crocodile and hippopotamus. This delightful beastie lived in the Underworld and had several colourful titles such as the “Devourer of the Dead”, “Eater of Hearts” and “Great of Death”. All gruesomeness aside it’s a great name for an RTA!

The tank is 22mm in diameter so it will look good on most mods. In terms of height it is ever so slightly taller than the Griffin 22mm if you factor in the drip tip. The Ammit is made from Stainless Steel and Glass although you can also get a Stainless Steel Black Anodized version. The machining is good and everything fits together well and the tank can be fully broken down for cleaning. As far as styling goes the tank is nice looking and features two logos, the Ammit lettering on one side of the chimney and the stylized Ammit creature on the opposite side.  The drip tip is made from Delrin reasonably wide bore and uses a standard 510 connection so you can easily one of your own if you don’t like it. The 510 pin is gold-plated to ensure good conductivity and fully adjustable.

The top of the Ammit unscrews easily to allow for top filling. The threading on the top cap is actually quite good but it would be wise to lubricate the upper O-ring a little since it can be a little stiff when you first use it. As mentioned earlier, the tank does have juice flow control, dual adjustable airflow and holds 3.5ml of E-Liquid. For those TPD pen pushers out there this tank is not actually compliant by a whopping 1.5ml but does anyone who vapes actually care? Silly EU!

When it comes to the deck Geek Vape have certainly made things a bit interesting. There are two Velocity style posts that are both positioned to the edge of the back of the deck. The posts have generous sized holes which will cater well to thicker wire types. Two Philips head grub screws help to secure the wire and they work well.

The decks airflow arrangement is unique because while we still have the typical large bottom air hole there are also three holes angled at 45 degrees positioned directly in front of the coil. The first hole allows air to hit the centre of the coil and the other two holes allow air to hit both ends. Geek Vape call this "3D airflow" and it’s really nice to see something new like this implemented in an RTA.

Unlike the Griffin there are no channels to fit the top of your wicking into but instead the deck features two small basins and in the centre of each is a small hole that opens when the juice flow control is turned. This means you won’t have any bother when it comes to wicking because as long as the wicks rest (don’t stuff them down) in those two sections of the deck and cover the holes everything will be fine.


With dual adjustable airflow you can definitely lung hit off this RTA but there is still an ever so slight amount of restriction so those of you out here who love huge airflow might not get on with it as well. Closing the airflow down leads to a more restrictive lung inhaling draw and closing it down to ever so slightly open actually offers a mouth to lung draw. Sadly the airflow on the deck is pretty hefty so mouth to lung users may still find it far too loose and airy in my opinion but it will depend greatly on personal preference.

The airflow adjustment ring works well and each setting clicks into place. There is some knurling on the ring so in most cases you can adjust it while the tank is fitted to your device.

Ease of use

Not everyone wants to be messing around constantly making dual coil builds since dual coil setups literally drink juice and tend to require more power so a single coil RTA like this is really going to appeal to quite a few folks.

Now I personally don’t usually bother with dual coils unless I am building my RDA’s and in a lot of cases I tend to lean towards single coil RTA’s even though I have to build plenty of dual coil ones for reviews.

Fitting the coil is easy and you will not have a problem. Wicking as mentioned earlier is also very straightforward. To use the juice flow control you simply rotate the main part of the tank which opens up the two juice slots and allows the E-Liquid to rise through the two small holes in the deck. Make sure the juice flow control is closed when filling and if it is a little loose like the tank I received hold the main part of it at the same time you unscrew the top cap.

When using the juice flow control have it fully open for 80VG juice, about two thirds open for 70VG/30PG and one third to half way open for 50/50 liquids. It will of course depend on your wicking so this is only a rough guide and to be honest I have accidentally had the juice flow fully open when using 50/50 E-Liquid and I never had any leaks or flooding but I did have plenty of cotton covering those juice holes in the deck. Filling is simple since there is tons of space for your juice bottle nozzles and droppers.

The Ammit RTA ideal is anyone who prefers a single coil setup and also for people who enjoy using large coils such as a Clapton (fused, staggered etc.). In my opinion this RTA is also suited to someone who is new to rebuildable atomizers considering how incredibly easy it is to build!

How does it vape?

You might assume that given that this tank is only a single coil build the flavour might not be that impressive especially if you were to compare it to something like the Griffin with a dual coil set up but I think you will be very surprised because the flavour from this RTA is excellent!

It does of course depend a great deal on what build you put in there and the Ammit is really at its best when using large 3mm diameter coils such as Claptons, fused Claptons, twisted etc. The reason is that due to the three way airflow arrangement on the deck you do need the coil to be reasonably large and long enough so as to make sure the air from those three air holes is hitting it.

The first E-Liquid I used in this tank was Manabush’s Coyote Coconut and vaping at 30 Watts using my twisted 26 gauge 0.6ohm coil I got a superb vape that offered a good amount of heat, very rich flavour (I could taste all the notes in the juice) and very good and quite dense vapour production.

The next E-Liquid I tried out in this tank was Manabush’s Powwow Sauce and once more I got an excellent and very flavoursome vape! I then moved on to some Yorkshire Vaper Butterscotch Custard to see how well the tank coped with some 80% VG juice and once more the flavour was terrific and providing the juice flow was completely opened up there were no issues at all. It was also a lovely vape when using Bunkr Apple Strudel and later when using some of Grey Haze’s Custard E-Liquid

The last juice I vaped in the Ammit was some of Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg and it tasted exactly like it should and was a highly enjoyable vape. To be honest I haven’t come across any flavours so far that the Ammit doesn’t do well with, tobaccos are very good as are custards, desserts and fruits.

Since the Ammit of Ancient Egypt was a “devourer” you do have wonder if this tank is really going to gorge itself on your E-Liquid and to be fair it is no worse than most single coil RTA’s that have a lot of airflow. It certainly doesn’t drain the juice anywhere nearly as quickly as some that are out there but it will also depend on what build you set up and the amount of Wattage you apply.

The 3.5ml capacity is adequate and not a major deal breaker since it is conveniently easy to refill. TPD regulation nonsense aside I would really like Geek Vape to make a 5-6ml capacity version of this tank because I’d buy it in an instant. Ammit 25 Plus please Geek Vape!


The vape that the Ammit offers was a real surprise to me since it has great flavour and very good cloud production and in some ways it even rivals some RTA’s at double its price which I know sounds completely crazy! I think this is really due to the deck’s excellent 3D airflow which really does help to maximise flavour since the air is effectively hitting the entire coil. The overall machining of the tank is very well done and it is simple to break down and clean.

Given how little this RTA costs (typically about £22-24) it has very few negatives. The main one is that the juice flow control is a little too easy to adjust (it won’t move of its own accord) and you might need to hold the tank to keep it in place when unscrewing the top cap for refilling. The other is the fact that even though the adjustable airflow caters to a mouth to lung vape it doesn’t really suit it (might actually be okay for some as long as you don’t mind somewhat loose and airy mouth to lung vapes) due to the decks three way airflow configuration.

The real advantage of the Ammit RTA is that being a single coil tank it is extremely easy to build and would be absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to get into rebuildable atomizers. In fact I would say it’s an absolute joy to build because it involves zero hassle! The deck has plenty of space so larger coils work exceptionally well and you don’t even need to make your own coils if you’re pushed for time or still learning to coil and you could happily just stick a pre-made fused Clapton coil in there (providing you know about pulsing it to get rid of hot spots) and get a great vape!

Wicking some RTA’s can be a real pain for newcomers and sometimes even for me too when dealing with a new tank because it is always something of a learning experience depending on the design but with the Ammit wicking is almost exactly the same process as an RDA and providing you have enough cotton covering the juice flow holes you won’t run into leaking issues.

I really do like the products Geek Vape are putting out lately because they offer very good vapes and they don’t cost a great deal of money. I really enjoyed their Avocado and the Fuji GTA sold by their sister company Digiflavor. I absolutely love the Ammit RTA for both its flavour and convenience so I ended up getting one for myself and another one to give to a friend as a birthday gift since I know he wants to get into rebuilding but doesn’t want to feel overwhelmed. 

In my opinion if you want a good quality single coil RTA that is cheap (yet not cheaply made), offers great flavour and vapour production and is an absolute breeze to build then the Ammit is something you should definitely pick up!

We purchased the Ammit RTA from Evolution Vaping and if you would like one you can get it directly from them.

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