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Times are hard so it is great to see Eleaf come up budget friendly kit that hits the spot. Si gets hands on with the new Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit

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Supplied by TECC for review
A pocket friendly £9.99

There aren’t too many vapes you can buy for under a tenner these days and every little helps in these trying times, but a tenner’s a tenner. Is the IORE Lite 2 worth it?

  • Pod capacity: 2ml
  • Coil resistance: 1.0ohm
  • Battery capacity: 490mAh
  • Dimensions: 103mm x 25mm x 14mm
  • Weight: 32g

Don’t expect anything ground-breaking or innovative as Eleaf have clearly designed this to be an entry level affordable pod kit which makes it an ideal starter pod and a great solution to ween disposable users away from their wasteful devices.

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit first look


I very nearly skipped this section as there’s bugger all to it really; open the box, tear open the packet and that’s it. Since it is a budget pod, it has no extras or charging cable, just the battery section and a single 1.0ohm pod.

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit unboxing

If you are new to refillable/rechargeable pods, there’s a couple of things you will need to be aware of. They aren’t like disposables as in there is no e-liquid in the pod, you need to buy your own separately, and you will need to fill up the pod and leave it for around six minutes to prime (allow the wick to soak in the e-liquid).

TECC has you covered for e-liquids, they sell the superb ELFLIQ range which are also pocket friendly, and if you order a few at the same time, it brings you into the free P&P zone. I reviewed the ELFLIQ a few weeks ago, 4 for £10 gives you the equivalent of 20 disposables:

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit ready to vape


The IORE LITE 2 pod is quite compact, the dimensions are 103mm x 25mm x 14mm and the weight is 32g making it one of the lightest pods out there.

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit lightweight

Style wise, it doesn’t really have a lot going on. The basic shape is well sculpted to feel natural in your hand and has no hard edges so it is also comfortable in your pocket.

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit all angles

The branding is LOUD though, it has ELEAF on one side and IORE LITE 2 on the other, but it is well contrasted in a colour matching font. I’m not quite sure what they could have done here as an alternative, I think I would have preferred a printed pattern or something.

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit logo

The plastic used is actually quite nice, it feels solid and high quality with a satin finish which feels quite grippy and is easy to keep clean. There are two air inlets on each edge which are well placed, the shape somehow prevents your grip from blocking these even in a full fist grip.

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit charging

The charging port is at the bottom and is USB-C. It doesn’t come with a charging cable but it is the most common out there, I’m sure you have a draw full of the little buggers and you’ve not had to spend extra for the kit to include yet another. Apart from saving a bit of dosh, it is also helping the planet in a small way.

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod

The pod slips into the body and is a magnetic fit. The fit is near perfect, it pulls out and slips in easily but stays in place really well so it won’t fall out in your pocket or bag. Most of the pod is hidden within the battery section once fitted.

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod filling

Filling the pod is achieved by pulling the little silicone tab over to reveal the filling port, it is roomy enough to fit standard 10ml bottles with enough of a gap around it to prevent any airlocks. Once filled, you need to press the tab back in fully, you will need to allow around six minutes when new but refilling requires no waiting after.

The pod is 1.0ohm which is ideal for a kit like this as it requires low power and doesn’t hit too hard, disposable users will feel at home with the power output provided by this. It also makes buying replacements easier as a choice of ohms can be confusing when beginning.
It is a good idea to buy a pack of pods when ordering, they come in packs of two for £5.99:

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit ready to vape

There’s no knowledge required to use this kit, it is a simple draw activated device with no control buttons and is always in an ‘ON’ state, just draw as you would a ciggie and it fires instantly. There a single white LED light at the base which illuminates as you draw, it has no battery status other than a flashing warning once the battery is too low.

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit rinky-dink pink


Anyone familiar with the Eleaf IORE pod will find this a very similar vape. I found it marginally better for some reason, it seems tighter and the 1.0ohm pod delivers a smooth, flavourful, warm but not too warm, tightish MTL draw.

I simply found it gave me the best MTL vape I have experienced from Eleaf, this surprised me a little as this device is as basic as it comes. I usually prefer an adjustable airflow but Eleaf have just nailed it here, the fit of the pod into the battery provides a perfect air seal and those two little holes are the exact right size. If you wanted a super-tight draw you can always put your thumb over one of the holes on the side, but I didn’t feel the need to.

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit airflow

Using the device was a simple pleasure, the weight and comfortable shape often led me to leave it in my hand without noticing, if that makes sense? I didn’t feel the need to put it down that much, the duck-bill mouthpiece very comfortable and is one of the best I have tried.

The battery life was better than I expected, the ickle 480mAh lasted around 2ml of e-liquid which is pretty standard for pods with 600>mAh cells. The 1.0ohm is a factor as a lot of pods these days use 0.8ohm pods which require more power. Recharging took around 30-40 minutes on average.


I cast my mind back to when pods like this first appeared and costed at least double the price of the IORE Lite 2 but had tons of issues such as leaking, crap coils that didn’t last, pretty average or crap flavour, rubbish loose airflow, and worse of all it was a minefield to figure out which was best for MTL. Fast forward to 2023 and the choice is mind-blowingly vast, the good news is that the IORE Lite 2 really is a no-brainer for a no frills perfect beginner vape.

Eleaf have come a long way with their coil tech, they used to be below average in my opinion, and the likes of Vaporesso, VooPoo etc. left them in the dust, but now I feel they have caught up to be among the best available.

I’m still using the IORE Lite 2 well beyond the review period, I don’t exactly ‘love’ it due to its basic looks but I love using it due to the vape quality. I often have to remind myself ‘it’s just a tenner!’, which reminds me, going back to the vs disposables……

  • IORE Lite 2 = £9.99 (includes 1 pod)
  • 2 x 1.0ohm Pod = £5.99
  • 4 x ELFLIQ 10ml e-liquid = £10
  • Postage free for orders over £15
  • Total = £25.98

The three pods should last you long enough for the whole 40ml of e-liquid which works out at £1.30 per 2ml so is the same as a disposable. That includes the battery. Beyond that, you only need to buy pods and e-liquid and it works out at £1.09 per 2ml if you use 1 x pod per 10ml bottle. You could potentially save more if you skimped on pods or cheaper e-liquid.

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit featherweight


  • Big vape quality for little dosh
  • Flavour
  • Proper MTL draw
  • Very light
  • Disposable killer
  • Eleaf’s best MTL performance (IMO)


  • Single LED battery status

I almost feel mean giving it a con considering the price, more tech would mean a higher cost after all and I soon got used to battery life = 2ml.

Final Thoughts and Score

The IORE Lite 2 is just a no brainer for that perfect MTL pod vape, it’s a great budget busting option for those struggling with money and is a much cheaper (and better) option for disposables. Then there’s experienced vapers like me, and I still enjoyed it a lot as I could always rely on it. I just wish it looked a bit better.

But for me, it brought Eleaf right into the mix with the very best of the competition when it comes to vape quality.

Score: 8.5/10 – Cheap is Cheerful

Eleaf IORE Lite 2 Pod Kit pink perfection

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