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Wismec RX75

The RX75 is the latest device from Wismec and is designed in collaboration with Jaybo. It features Variable Wattage and Temperature Control and supports all major wire types.

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The RX75 certainly performs well enough but it features some rather odd design decisions that I wasn’t a huge fan of. As someone who owns an extensive amount of mods I like the functions of a mod to be quickly accessible and the RX75 screen cover just felt like constant faff to me.

The included tank was also disappointing although it might be okay if you are lucky enough to get one that doesn’t have the top cap stuck in place. Size is another issue where the RX75 falls down because it has the weight and bulk of a small dual 18650 device but only has a single 18650 battery capacity.

If you received this as a gift then rest assured it will vape just as well as other Wismec devices but for anyone who owns a Reuleaux or an RX200 already then quite frankly I would skip this one because while it bears the Wismec name it is very different to their other devices and you might not actually like the changes. Perhaps if you are a new vaper you might find this device very appealing but it does depend a great deal on personal taste and preference because at the end of the day while I might not especially like it (seriously buy an RX200 instead) there will always be someone out there who will love it.


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