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Vpark Box TC150

The Vpark Box TC150 is a dual 18650 device that allows you to go from 1-150W. In addition it features temperature control functionality and a rather unique mode adjustment method.

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Vpark Box TC150

The Vpark Box TC150 is a dual 18650 device that allows you to go from 1-150W. In addition it features temperature control functionality and a rather unique mode adjustment method.

Vpark Box TC150 features

  • Wattage Range: 1-150W.
  • Temperature Range: 200-600°F/ 95-315°C.
  • Resistance Range Wattage: 0.16-2.00ohm.
  • Resistance Range Ni200: 0.1-1.00ohm.
  • Dimensions 22mm x 60mm x 91mm.
  • Requires 2x 18650 batteries (not included).
  • Weight: 153.8g.
  • Maximum Output Current: 35A.
  • Aluminium alloy body.
  • Spring loaded brass 510 connector.
  • 4 modes in one wheel: TC/Wattage/On/Off.
  • Under voltage protection.
  • Low resistance protection.
  • Reverse battery protection.
  • Output short circuit protection.
  • High temperature protection.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Vpark Box TC150.
  • User Manual

Styling and build quality

In terms of its looks the Vpark Box TC150 is an attractive enough device. It has a nice black finish and while it does feature a couple of logos they are small and quite smart. The finish is smooth but not overly slippery when the device is held in your hand and the black coating has not scratched or discoloured in the short time that I have used it.

The top and bottom of the device have a polished finish and I must point out that they are fingerprint magnets. However the top is quite narrow so I doubt very much whether you would especially notice it.

For a dual 18650 device the TC150 is quite small and is a good 2cm shorter than my iPV4s and about 5mm shorter than my Lavabox DNA 200. In terms of depth it is slightly less than the iPV4s. However the TC150 is noticeably wider being at least 1cm more than the iPV4s and about 2.5cm wider than the Lavabox.

This increased width makes the TC150 a little uncomfortable when held in the hand and you really feel like you are having to stretch your fingers to get a good firm grip on it. The combination of the increased width and the weight of two 18650 batteries also make the device seem a little off balance to me. Now you can of course live with it but I think it is important that you are made aware that it does not feel as ergonomic as others.

This device differs from usual design tradition and instead of featuring the typical three buttons it has a thumb wheel that looks like the one you might find on an Mp3 player. It even has a logo that looks exactly like a volume control marked above it. The main fire button is at the centre of an adjustable dial that can be rotated to switch between different modes which makes the device quite unique to look at and in practice it works well enough.

The TC150 features a brass 510 pin that is spring loaded and quite sturdy, I had no problems getting my atomizers to sit flush with the device. The battery compartment is very nice and features a sliding button to lock and unlock which is very reminiscent of the one on my camera. Once unlocked the lid easily flips open. The interior of the lid is clearly engraved showing you the correct way to orientate your batteries. The batteries are easily installed and fit well. The battery compartment has reasonable enough venting and while there appear to be fifteen holes on the lid the reverse side only has six actual holes which is a little odd and I am not 100% sure if that is sufficient enough for high wattage vaping but clearly the manufacturer thinks it is acceptable so it probably isn’t an issue.

The display itself is bright, clear and suitably large but on this model there is a problem. For some reason most of the display is very slanted and it comes across as extremely slapdash. Most of the typical information is shown such as resistance, temperature and wattage. Battery life is also displayed but voltage is strangely absent.

Despite the above issues that I have pointed out the overall build quality is very good and it feels nice and durable. You might have also noticed the fact that there is no Micro USB port at all on this device for either charging or firmware upgrades.

Operating procedure

I think it’s safe to say that we are probably spoilt for choice when it comes to features these days so when certain things are absent it tends to be very noticeable. This device does not have a locking feature and while it is simple enough to quickly switch it off this may be a deal breaker for some. Another feature that many expect these days is resistance lock for temperature control and that is also absent as is the displayed voltage which is seriously odd.

In terms of operation this device is very different to others you may be familiar with. To switch the device on you have to rotate the main dial surrounding the fire button to the “On” position. All of the functions are marked so you shouldn’t have any problems.

There are four settings in total on the dial: On, Off, Fahrenheit (Temperature Control) and Wattage. When using temperature control make sure to first set you desired wattage in that mode before swapping to Fahrenheit mode. I must point out that while the function is labelled as Fahrenheit you can cycle through the settings and have it display in Celsius if you prefer.

Please note that when fitting a new atomizer the device will ask you if you are using a new coil. To confirm this you have to use the volume style thumbwheel and move it to the right for a new coil or to the left for the same coil.

Depending on the individual and your experience with these devices you will either find this method of operation innovative and helpful or completely alien. While it isn’t difficult to get used to at all I can see many dyed in the wool vapers who are happy to use menus finding it rather annoying.


The Vpark Box TC150 does everything it claims and works just like a typical dual 18650 device. Having the ability to go to 150W means it easily covers the requirements of most typical users and if you only require low wattage vaping the batteries will last you days.

Having a lack of displayed voltage is something of an oddity and while you can manage without it I would honestly prefer it to be shown. For regular wattage vaping I encountered no problems at all and got a consistently decent vape when using my GP Heron V2 on this device.

I used my Achilles II RDA with a Ni200 build to test the temperature control functionality. With this device you have to first set the dial to wattage and then swap to temperature control (Fahrenheit setting on the dial) since you have to be in the correct mode to fine tune wattage adjustment. I initially set the device to 35W and then swapped to Fahrenheit mode with the temperature set to 240°C. In terms of vaping this device performed very much like my others and I certainly didn’t notice any issues. One let down is that the device doesn’t have a resistance lock and in my opinion that is something it should have.

While the dial system to swap between modes isn’t really my cup of tea I can see how it might appeal to someone entirely new to vaping who hasn’t formed any habits or got used to other standard three button mods. In many ways it is quite convenient to swap between modes and if you don’t enjoy navigating menus then you might really like it!

Battery life is very typical of a dual 18650 device and it will of course depend on how high a wattage you vape at and how often you use it. I don’t especially like the volume style thumb wheel because it feels very imprecise compared to typical plus and minus buttons and it does adjust a little too quickly at times.


The Vpark Box TC150 is an average dual 18650 device. It certainly works well enough and you will not have any problems when it comes to vaping but it does have some noticeable issues which limit its appeal.

The crooked display is in my opinion rather unforgiveable and while you could live with it I feel it is rather unprofessional.

The lack of displayed voltage is also somewhat silly since every other popular device currently available has this feature and while you can certainly do without it you shouldn’t have to. Another factor is the size of the device and while it is a shorter than others it is also much wider which makes it slightly uncomfortable to use and as a result it also feels somewhat off balance.

Of course there are some features that could be useful namely the dial which can be rotated to easily swap between wattage and temperature control without the user having to navigate cumbersome menus and that will certainly appeal a lot to new vapers! Unfortunately I am not 100% certain that I care for the volume control style adjustment wheel because it feels less precise than using typical plus and minus buttons and it also adjusts a little too quickly.

The device is rather sturdy and on the whole the build quality is very good! The finish is nice but sadly the above negative points kind of spoil the entire ensemble.

In concluding this is a reasonable enough device and you will probably enjoy it if you happen to receive one as a present. This device isn’t actually bad but it isn’t especially great either and I think considering the choices available on the market you could do better.  To be completely fair this is one of Vpark’s first devices and as a new manufacturer I am sure they will improve their designs over time. If they fixed the slanted display, added the displayed voltage and reduced the width a little and featured a resistance lock for temperature control then this would be a very good device instead of a very average one.


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