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VOOPOO Drag 3 Kit

Antony has got his hands on the new Voopoo Drag 3, an updated version of the classic Drag. It certainly looks good but do the changes go deeper than that?

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Voopoo Drag 3 KitVoopoo Drag 3 Kit 

Our friends over at Healthcabin have sent out the new Voopoo Drag 3 kit for us to take a look at. The drag series of mods has been quite popular over the last couple of years, so let’s take a look at what’s on offer with this refreshed model.


  • 86 x 50.9 x 24.9mm
  • Dual 18650 
  • Output 5~177W/8.4V
  • Resistance range 0.1~3.0ohms
  • Kit includes TPP tank and 2 coils

This comes in simple packaging with the Drag 3 mod itself, the new TPP tank, two TPP Coils, a user manual and a USB-C cable.

Voopoo Drag 3 Kit box and contents

The Drag 3 mod is quite a departure from its predecessors design wise, my initial impression was that it looked more like a lost Vape therion (another classic design), and I was surprised by just how lightweight it felt when I removed it from the box at just 118.4 grams. The resin panels and bold “Drag” logo on the sides in previous models have been replaced by a “leather” wrap around the sides, and in this Prussian blue variant this has a slightly strange almost papery texture. Whilst it still retains a large Drag 3 logo embossed on one side of the leather, this is certainly a lot more subtle than before.

Voopoo Drag 3 Kit all angles

The battery compartment is now accessed from the bottom and is clearly marked for polarity with a plastic inner battery sleeves. This closes very well and I’ve had no issues with the door popping open in pockets and the like.

The 510 plate is offset to the back of the mod. It’s raised up 0.2mm above the top of the chassis which means you might experience some minor gaps with larger atomizers, and there’s a slight lip along the upper edge of the chassis which means that anything over 23.9mm will overhang slightly as well which is a slightly odd choice.

Voopoo Drag 3 Kit battery bay and 510 connection

All the buttons are well placed with a nice positive click and zero button rattle. This combined with the “leather” grip has made for a very pleasant user experience. As with some of their more recent releases, there’s a large bright screen with two optional “themes” (horizontal and vertical), although for me the default vertical layout made more sense.

As you would expect from a Gene chip, response time is excellent with a host of safety features built in, and with a maximum output of 177W/8.4V, it should have you covered in most situations. Out of the box you only have access to wattage modes, an optional firmware with extra modes like temperature control is available for download at Two minor niggles I have are that although you can lock the buttons by pressing “fire + up”, this also locks out the fire button, and if you leave the mod sat for half an hour it goes into a deep sleep mode and will need two button presses to actually fire (one to wake it up, the second to fire).

If you purchase the full kit, you also get the new TPP tank. This actually owes more design cues from the Voopoo pod kits as it uses a plastic tank held into an airflow control with a standard 510 connector. In this international version, the tank has a whopping 5.5ml capacity. Sadly here in the UK, you’ll be limited to just 2ml, with a removable 810 drip tip (the kind with o-rings). As an added bonus, you can also use earlier PnP pods and coils in the airflow base if you have any of those around.

Voopoo Drag 3 Kit pod and coils

Two of the new mesh TPP coils are included which although they have a single bore, utilise three connectors (one positive, two negative?) which effectively gives you a dual coil setup with two heating areas. Performance on these has been great although I wouldn’t say it’s miles ahead of the competition, and sadly the actual coil material isn’t stated anywhere.


  • Great build quality and much more subtle branding
  • Responsive Gene chip
  • Optional firmware with TC available
  • Good performance from the TPP coils


  • Coil material not stated
  • Deep sleep mode can occasionally be frustrating


This new Drag 3 kit gives the kit a much more subtle, cleaner look distinguishing it from its predecessors, and I have to say it looks all the better for it. It’s also much more comfortable to use as well. Out of the box, you just have the basic wattage settings which is perfect for newer vapers, but of course there’s the option to add advanced features via a firmware update if you want which is always welcome. The TPP tank is a perfect companion to the kit, and the ability to use the airflow base with previous PnP tanks/coils is an added bonus. Of course with the 510 connector you’re not locked into the Voopoo tank/coil route as you can use any of your own atomisers as well. If you’re in the market for a dual battery mod, then you might want to add this to your short list.

Many thanks to Healthcabin for sending the Drag 3 kit out for review. As always, they’ve asked me to remind you that to see the best prices on their site, you need to be logged into your Healthcabin account.

Voopoo Drag 3 Kit handcheck

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I was a twenty a day smoker for 25 years and like most smokers I was always going to quit "next week". Having hit my mid forties and having the usual smokers cough and difficulty with anything more than moderate exercise it was obviously time to give up the cancer sticks. I bought my first e-cigarette in 2013 when they were expensive, difficult to find and quite frankly... crap. I used it for about a week then went back to the roll ups, mark up another failed quit attempt. The fact that I had just changed jobs and was under quite a lot of stress probably didn't help. Move on to 2016 and whilst I was browsing eBay I noticed that one of the suggested items that would occasionally pop up was for a cheap e-cigarette. It looked similar to the one I'd bought 3 years earlier but it was only £5 (about 8 times cheaper than before) so I decided to give it another go on a whim. Once the kit arrived I managed to gradually replace the cigarettes with my new kit over a two month period and got into watching YouTube reviews for newer kit. My cheap and cheerful kit was replaced by a more upmarket affair, and being a noob I made a mistake once it arrived... I put in the supplied direct lung coil, this was of course a complete revelation and I haven't touched a cigarette since. Oh and I no longer spend the first five minutes of every day having a coughing fit either.

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