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Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit with iTank X Tank

The Vaporesso Gen Fit 40 kit with iTank X Tank is a very welcome addition to the MTL scene

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Supplied by Vaporesso direct for review
RRP $32.90

Another day, another GEN. This time we get a very welcome MTL kit with the all new GEN Fit 40, better still; it takes the widely available and superb GTX coils along with a new one to boot.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit boxed

At a Glance

Basically this is a mini mod and tank kit with adjustable wattage and a built-in battery, some of the highlights include:

  • 2000mAh 40W Mod
  • 3.5ml iTank X
  • Compatible with GTX coil
  • Type-c charging
  • SSS 2.0 leak-resistant tech
  • Top face 0.42 inch screen
  • 117.9mm x 32.25mm x 22.53mm


Vaporesso have gone with the new, rather classy, clean white box style. There’s an outer sleeve which has a photo of the chosen colour with the specs and contents on the back, once removed there’s a sturdy two piece box.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit unboxing

There’s a white card envelope containing the instructions on top, and underneath that is the full kit held in a blown-plastic layer, everything is secure and postman-proof.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit contents

You get all you need to get going other than e-liquid, the mod has a partial charge and is ready to go. The kit includes a charging cable, spare seals, instructions and warranty, along with a spare coil and a very welcome alternate straight glass.


Even before I started, I had the feeling that this kit was going to be good, especially that it supports the GTX coils in a compact proper mod and tank kit. Unlike the latest GENs, the Fit 40 hasn’t really gone for the whole light-weight thing as it feels solid and rugged.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit split

The mod is still fairly light considering it has a metal casing and an internal 2000mAh battery; 66 grams is about the average weight for metal body pods.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 body weight

The tank is quite heavy for its size, but even all together it still only weighs 105 grams, it’s one of those kits that feels solid rather than heavy, if that makes sense. It’s not one I would have in a shirt pocket but is light enough not to be a nuisance in trouser pockets.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit weight

The mod’s design is pretty plain with its oval metal casing, but the top face is rather interesting as it has the screen embedded within, before I turned it on I had no clue that the screen was there. The 510 connection is raised and measures 20mm diameter, this shape means only a 20mm tank will suit it though.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit up top

The one edge has the control buttons which blend into the case really well, the fit and resistance is near perfect with no rattle at all and requires a reasonably firm press to activate.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit base

The case itself is as dull as dishwater, but the branding adds a little style to it. The base is plastic and has battery ventilation holes, there’s not really much more to say. I would sum it up as simple but classy.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit montage

Adding the tank gives it a bit more style with the colour matching, subtle things like the black seals and black drip-tip give it a layered look, I did try a 20mm silver tank on it and it just looked wrong so Vaporesso did well to produce matching tanks.

iTank X Tank

When I first read that the kit included a whole new tank, I was half dreading that this meant new coils, so I was genuinely chuffed to see that it takes GTX coils, if it ain’t broke and all that.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit iTank X Tank

For those that are unfamiliar with GTX coils, then you’ve been missing out somewhat. Vaporesso brought them out a couple of years ago and they had a wow factor at the time for both flavour and coil lifespan. Two years on, I still don’t think they have been rivalled.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit iTank parts

Stripping the tank down completely for the first time was a bit tricky, the everyday parts were simple though, such as the top cap for filling and base for swapping coils. It was when I came to swap the glass it got fiddly as it was difficult to grip the top piece because the glass needs to slide upwards, I managed it with a little persuasion, and it should get easier now that e-liquid has lubricated it. The drip-tip is a standard 510 fitting but the top cap has a raised lip so you will need a skinny one if you wanted to use your own, the one that comes with it is okay but boring looking.

iTank X Tank leak proof

As much as I loved GTX coils when they first came out, I did have issues with them leaking in certain devices, Vaporesso revised them to include an extra base O-ring for newer products to help with this, but they have gone a step further with the iTank X Tank as it incorporates a little silicone cup to capture any e-liquid that still makes it through.

iTank X Tank design

It’s a quite interesting and innovative approach to what is a common problem for the majority of stock coil bottom airflow tanks, Vaporesso have made it part of the positive 510 pin and insulator which simply pulls out, more on this later but I can tell you now that this works a charm.

iTank X Tank glass

I mentioned earlier that the glass removal was fiddly, the easiest way to unscrew it is by using a couple of thick rubber bands (like the ones the post office use) to grip each part, the glass needs to pull upwards. Fitting the straight glass onto it proved a bit tricky too as it was a fraction narrower than the bubble glass, so I needed to lubricate the bottom seal with some e-liquid.

iTank X Tank coil change

The GTX coils are a simple press fit. While they are very easy to fit, they can be a bugger to remove as there’s not much sticking out to get a grip of, I just used a teaspoon which was effortless.

iTank X Tank filling

Filling the tank up was also easy. The top cap is a third-turn counter-clockwise with a satisfying, tactile feel to it. Both the top cap and airflow adjustment ring are textured for an easier grip. The two fill ports are holes rather than kidney shaped slots, but they were large enough for all the bottles I tried, the top cap goes back on securely and the rubber seal feels very secure, I had no issues with it coming undone.


Due to the compact size of this kit, the chipset is quite limited compared to a lot of the larger Vaporesso mods. That said, it still has more than enough for the majority of users for this kit, including my favourite Vaporesso feature ‘Smart VW’ which automatically sets the wattage for whichever coil you chose and I have found the default middle ground is the sweet spot for flavour vs coil lifespan.

The top mounted screen is small but surprisingly easy to read even for my older eyes. The orientation lends itself to a thumb firing position and the ‘Flip Screen’ option didn’t work on mine for some reason but it could be down to it being a SAMPLE.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit screen

  • 5 x Fire = Turns device On/Off
  • 3 x Fire = Locks adjustment buttons
  • Press & Hold Fire & Up buttons = Flips screen 180 degrees
  • Press & Hold Up & Down buttons = Enters menu (Up or Down to navigate and Fire to confirm):
    • SMART VW = Auto wattage (Y/N and Fire to confirm)
    • VW = Variable Wattage
    • VV = Variable Voltage
    • DEFAULT = Restore settings to default
    • EXIT = Self Destructs in 5 seconds…… RUN……..

That’s all there is to know, to be fair it’s all you need too. I slapped mine into SMART VW and that was it other than locking or powering off.


Vaporesso didn’t skimp on the recharging, it’s 2 Amp and the screen displays both percentage and estimated time. Even with the large 2000mAh battery, it was rare I was waiting beyond 50 minutes from low and on average it took 40mins.


If you’re familiar with GTX coils for MTL, then you will already know what to expect from this kit; and that’s great flavour and long-lasting coils. The novelty of these coils has long worn off for me, but I still LOVE using them and I can’t really see Vaporesso beating themselves with something new.

The included coils are GTX 1.2ohm Regular Coil (best 11W), GTX 0.6ohm Mesh Coil (best 24W), and both work well for MTL or RDL but I would say the 0.6ohm is mainly an RDL coil.


Using the 1.2ohm coil at 12 watts and the airflow partially open on the first hole, I found the draw to be a bit too loose. I found that I needed to close the airflow fully to get a satisfactory tight draw, it’s not the tightest MTL draw but not too loose either. It was similar to the GTX One so I’m happy with that.


When it comes to RDL (Restricted Direct Lung), the kit performed really well and I can see why Vaporesso included the 0.6ohm coil. With the airflow fully open, you get a cheek pulling RDL draw which is very satisfying in flavour, smoothness and warmth at 22 watts, but if you prefer a very loose RDL draw, then you’re out of luck as the airflow adjustment is quite limited.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit ready to vape

The only other tank I use the GTX coils in is the GTX One tank (they also fit some of Vaporesso’s pods), but somehow this felt different on the 1.2ohm coil and in a good way; the flavour seemed a little bit more saturated and I was able to vape a couple of watts lower as a result. I’m left totally baffled as to why though? It could be down to the tanks design and airflow route through the base cup. I’m guessing now; Vaporesso introduced Ft (nicknamed FIT) mode in some previous kits:

F(t) MODE is by adjusting temperature, heating speed and time, F(t) mode releases the flavors of e-liquid adequately, delivering the perfect balanced tasting experience consistently from the first puff throughout.

Is this the reason why? There’s no mention of Ft on the package/manual or website so I don’t think it is, but I’m probably overthinking it, not to worry as it just delivers an exceedingly good vape.

The leak resistance works really well, I’ve been inspecting the base regularly and I’ve yet to see a drop make it down to the airflow. I’m pretty impressed with this as it was one of the drawbacks of the GTX One.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit vs GTX One

Compared to the GTX One

Two years back, Vaporesso released the GTX One as a MTL platform for their new GTX coils and my initial thoughts on receiving the GEN Fit 40 was that it was a replacement for that, but there’s a few oddities. The GTX One looks more ‘GEN’ like than with its rubberised texture, in fact there’s nothing on the GEN Fit 40 that looks ‘GEN’ if that makes sense?

Essentially they are the same inside with the same menu and options and an inbuilt battery, the main difference is in the tanks as the new one is a bit more convenient and has the ‘SSS’ leak-resistance, the airflow is slightly looser, but the other notable difference is the smaller size of the GEN FIT and it’s slightly lighter.

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit with juice


In a nutshell; the GEN FIT 40 kit is a cracking bundle with the new iTank that offers leak-resistance, and the best part is that it supports the GTX coils. The vape quality is just excellent in flavour and smoothness.

It is good to see Vaporesso still catering to us ‘proper’ mod and tank users, we already know they produce superb DL cloud lobbing kits so a new MTL kit is very welcome. The GEN FIT 40 kit, correct me if I’m wrong, is the first MTL kit in the GEN series (though it doesn’t look like a GEN).

The plain looks and colour choices should appeal to most buyers and the simplicity makes it a very good choice for new vapers, and the GTX coils will provide a less stressful experience as you can rely on them to last longer than many others.


  • GTX Coil compatibility
  • Superb flavour
  • Compact
  • Ergonomic oval body shape
  • Leak resistance works well
  • Colour options and coordinated
  • 2000mAh battery
  • Fast 2 Amp charging with full charging info


  • Hard edge on the base

There’s a couple of subjective niggles such as the airflow isn’t as tight as I would have preferred and the drip-tip is bland, but these didn’t affect my enjoyment of this kit.

Final Thoughts and Score

Vaporesso know when they are onto a good thing with the GTX coil range so I was very happy to see this new kit supporting them for MTL users, a proper mod and tank kit is a welcome change from all the pod kits. None of the niggles prevented me from enjoying what is otherwise a superb MTL vape.

Score: 8.5/10 – FIT as a fiddle

Vaporesso GEN Fit 40 Kit colour options

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