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VandyVape Swell

VandyVape have been chucking some pretty decent bits of kit out into the vaping world lately and the Swell is a fine example. They know what they are doing here, and it's great to see them in action again…and this time it’s washable!

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VandyVape Swell

Swell what’ya wanna know

VandyVape have been chucking some pretty decent bits of kit out into the vaping world lately, and this is one of them. It is another collaboration with TonyB, and it sure is a fine device. They know what they are doing here, and it's great to see them in action again…and this time it’s washable!

Out the Box

The Squonk comes in of twelve different colour options, all have a black outer and the panels variants are violet, rock black, swap green, wave blue, flame red, blue iguana, green anaconda, brown alligator snapper, red arowana and finally, obsidian Black. The mod retails at $89.99 or £65. 

The battery requirements are two 18650s.

The mod can reach up to 5-188W, and works on VW, bypass, voltage and temperature control. With the new, fast-acting IP67 VandyVape chip, it really is responsive and works a treat.

The included tank is the Swell 4.5ml which comes with two spare coils, the triple mesh and single coil option.

The kit includes a USB charger which is standard and, as always, at the bottom of the box is the user manuals along with a warranty card.

The Build

I still love this design and the lightness of it is fantastic, it is one of my favourite go to mods at the moment. The construction is PCB but has a rough finish which stops it from slipping out the hand. The magnetic panels are very strong. You do have to remove both to get the batteries out, I suppose this is where it gets its compactness from. The mod is measuring in at 82x55x25mm, so it isn’t much difference in size from the previous version. I like the feel of it in my hand, it doesn’t feel too big. However, this is in my hands which are a decent size.

The screen is a good size and is easy to read and can be adjusted to suit various brightnesses. I decided to test this mod in power mode as it really is the most used out there. When I speak with fellow vapours, hardly anyone is using TC mode anymore. I did find using this mod at a lower wattage brilliant. The chip is the new one from VV, and it sure is great. To have it coated to become fully IP67 is awesome, I love this idea a lot.

The buttons are very solid and there is no movement whatsoever. There is no rattle at all which I'm pleased about, I've said before that button rattle is a nightmare and a constant issue to me as a reviewer.

The tank is nice and works a treat. I have tried both coils and I’ve got to say it has better airflow on the single coil. I prefer it at a higher wattage as it will be better in the long run. I managed a good two weeks, but that went into reducing the wattage also. The airflow can be adjusted to have the top of the coil flow, bottom or fully opening. Again, I find fully open to be the best of all choices. It does give a slight whistle now and again, noisy beggar! The resin tip is great and finishes things off well.

It is also supported via an app which comes on both android and iOS, which is a good start. I've got to say it’s good that you can locate your mod, but come on, if that’s going to be the case then you seriously need to get a grip of that mod! The way you can alter the brightness and update the firmware is ideal. You can alter your overall wattage and setup to be more bespoke and on point. It's still not winning me over though.


  • Changeable panels
  • Unique design per product (resin)
  • Fast firing
  • Easy to use
  • Nice bright screen can be toned down or turned up
  • Super lightweight
  • Nice fit in the hand (my hand, that is)
  • App function for the techies


  • Have to remove both panels to swap batteries
  • Airflow is a little noisy
  • Pointless app function (just my opinion)


So on using this mod, I like it. It's light and compact, and I don't feel awkward carrying it around. I’ve got to say, having another addition to the range I have, it's just perfect and I’m glad I’ve had the chance to get this one reviewed.

This is one of the most compact dual battery devices I have, and I’ve enjoyed using it. The tank isn’t the best combo, but it's nice enough and it works a treat. The overall concept behind it is good and I ove the fact that you're able to give it a good old scrub to get it nice a clean again. I would be concerned in relation to the panels being washed, but hey ho!

Techies, I wouldn't bother with the app. It's nothing to shout about, but it is a first to my knowledge. I get it, but who is going to sit there and play with turning the wattage up etc. It is best off just adjusting it manually.

Would I buy this? Most certainly, only because it is light, compact and works a treat. I literally haven’t stopped using this for over three weeks, its convenient and looks awesome.

Equipment/Products Used

Mod – Vandy Vape x TonyB – Swell Mod - Violet
Tank – Vandy Vape – Swell Tank – Black
E-liquid – Juice Sauz – Chakra - Crown - 70/30 - 3mg Nic
Coils – VV – Single Coil – Mesh – 0.15Ω
Batteries – Sony VT5a and Golisi 30r

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