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UWell Whirl II Kit

UWell Whirl II kit 

Sourcemore has sent out the latest kit from UWell, the Whirl II kit, for us to take a look at which contains the Whirl II tank paired up with their brand new 21700 Conick box mod. Strangely although the Whirl II tank is available separately, it appears that the only way to purchase the Conick mod is in this kit.

The kit also includes two coils for the Whirl II, spare o-rings and glass, and an 18650 adapter which is hidden inside the mod, alongside the usual paperwork and a usb charge cable. The kit is available in four colours (red, blue, silver and black) with a matching colour tank. I was sent the black kit for review.

UWell Whirl II Kit contents and packaging

Conick Mod Specifications

  • 87 x 35 x 29.6 mm
  • 102 grams
  • Zinc and Aluminium alloy construction
  • Power, TCR and bypass modes
  • Power 5~100 watts 
  • Resistance range 0.1~3.0Ohms (1Ohm for TCR)

The Conick mod is a rather compact 21700 mod that fits comfortably in the hand. The front plate, top and bottom battery door are made of zinc alloy with a gunmetal finish, with the sides and back being a much lighter aluminium alloy finished in your chosen colour.

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The battery door and the inside of the battery tube are both clearly marked for polarity with a spring loaded battery contact on the door and a fixed contact in the base, there are also two spring loaded contacts for the negative pathway between the battery door and the mod so this should give reliable service, and I’ve had no issues with the door springing open unexpectedly. The battery tube appears to be plastic but, as always, check your battery wraps in any case for safety. This just about passed my oversized Vapcell 21700 battery check so most 21700 batteries should work here, and it’s equally at home with a 20700 with no noticeable battery rattle. 

The 510 plate is raised just a hair above the top of the mod, but I haven’t noticed any visible gapping if that’s the sort of thing that bothers you, and despite the diminutive size of the Conick mod, a 25mm atty fits on here with room to spare. I suspect you could get away with a 28mm atty at a push.

The screen is a decent size and displays all the information you need in a clear and concise fashion, and everything is controlled with the unique three button arrangement which surrounds an LED. Although the control scheme is a little out of the ordinary, it’s easy enough to master, and if that large LED isn’t your thing you can turn it off. The large power button dominates the front plate and appears to be hinged from the top so pressing towards the bottom edge of it works best. This works well for thumb and finger firing, but is a little squeaky at times. There’s a little rattle coming from somewhere as well but this doesn’t appear to be from any of the buttons so that’s got me a bit stumped.

The board is a new design and is dust proof, e-liquid proof, and moisture proof which I’ve seen on some other UWell mods in the past. It feels pretty snappy with good performance in wattage mode and a decent TCR experience. One gripe I would have here is that it ticks, seriously it sounds like a wrist watch! This happens whilst the screen is lit, a full one minute after you last pressed the power button, and there doesn’t appear to be any way to change this value either.

You can charge the battery via the usb port, and in my test it peaked at almost 1.9amps. The mod did get moderately warm during this test run and I wouldn’t want to charge an 18650 at that rate so I’d perhaps suggest only using this feature when an external charger isn’t available.

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Whirl II Tank Specifications

  • 25mm diameter
  • 3.5ml capacity

The Whirl II tank is a fairly standard stock coil tank with push fit coils for MTL (1.8Ohm) and restricted DL (0.6Ohm) vaping, one of each is included in the kit. It has a removable 510 drip tip and opens with a single turn of the cap. Filling is easy as well. Airflow is adjusted from the bottom with four air holes and hard stops at either end.

Despite being simple round wire coils, they are both punchy and flavourful. Unfortunately they’re both nichrome, so aren’t suitable if you’re nickel sensitive. 

UWell Whirl II Kit tank and coils


  • Compact 21700 mod
  • Can fit fairly large atomizers (28mm?)
  • Good performance from the Whirl II coils


  • Ticking noise from Conick mod
  • Only nichrome coils available


Another decent starter kit from UWell. The stand out item for me is the Conick mod, which doesn’t appear to be available outside of this kit, despite the odd ticking noise whilst the screen is lit. The Whirl II tank is also a solid performer so long as you can use nichrome coils.

Many thanks to Sourcemore for sending the UWell Whirl II kit in for review. They have also given me a coupon code for you to use as well: $38.99 Uwell Whirl II 2 Kit with code WH2K


UWell Whirl II Kit hand check

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 Antony Lord
Article by Antony Lord
I was a twenty a day smoker for 25 years and like most smokers I was always going to quit "next week". Having hit my mid forties and having the usual smokers cough and difficulty with anything more than moderate exercise it was obviously time to give up the cancer sticks. I tried vaping in 2013 but it wasn't until 2016 that I fully made the switch and gave up cigarettes completely.