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UD Balrog 70W TC

If you have ever read J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings or seen Peter Jackson’s trilogy of movies then you should be well aware of what a Balrog is. For the uninitiated Balrog means Demon of Shadow and Flame. However in UD’s case the Balrog is a 70W form friendly device that is intended as a starter kit for new vapers.

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In term of build quality and styling I really do like this device. The Balrog’s excellent form factor makes it comfortable to use but the overall package is slightly let down in a few areas. The condensation ring is a nice idea in principle since it will soak up any spilt E-Liquid but it does mean you will need to replace the cotton once in a while, hopefully UD start to sell replacements soon. The other issue is the fact that you will need 25A rated batteries to get the best battery life out of this device since typical 20A batteries drain extremely fast even at low Wattage.

I do feel that the included tank makes for an enjoyable vape but its construction feels very loose and flimsy. Ideally it isn’t great for new users since I remember how accident prone I was when I first switched to vaping. As an included extra it is certainly reasonable but don’t expect it to last forever.

Fortunately these aren’t major flaws and in all honesty you could probably live with them. The true strength of this device is its lovely form factor and it does seem to perform well when using the right kind of battery. At the end of the day no mod is perfect and if you like the Balrog’s design and can live with its shortcomings then is it a decent enough choice!

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