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Smok Morph 2 Kit

Smok are back with a beast of a setup. Si checks out the Smok Morph 2 and TFV18 Tank kit!

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Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit review

2021 has mainly been about MTL or DL pods so I thought I would test one of Smok’s latest cloud lobbers, the Morph 2 with TFV18 Tank. This promised to be a fog-fest as the preinstalled coil was ‘BEST AT 100-110 Watts’.

SMOK Morph 2 Starter Kit Details

  • Power/TC/TI/NI/SS mode
  • Adaptive power function
  • 0.96inch display screen
  • Type-C 2.0A charging
  • Equipped with the IQ-S chip, 0.001s firing time
  • Powered by dual 18650 batteries
  • Avoid leakage resulted from accidentally opening top cap
  • Comes with Morph 2 Mod and 7.5ml TFV18 Tank
  • 5 braces on the base to transfer the power to the coil
  • Straight wide-bore resin drip tip for comfortable vaping experience
  • Compatible with TFV18 Coils, TFV16 Coils and Mini V2 Coils
  • Top filling system
  • Multiple protections: 8S Cut off/Atomizer Detection/Over-heating/Short Circuit/Low-battery Warning/Reverse Polarity/Over-discharge Protection

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit with box


The Morph 2 kit comes in quite a large box (oooh-err mrs); a two piece solid cardboard construction which will easily withstand the rigours the carriers put it through (parcel football).

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit boxed

The first layer contains the Morph 2 mod which is held in place with a blown plastic tray, underneath is the rest of the kit:

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit inside the box

One of the best things of ordering from SourceMore is you get the choice of the regular version (7.5ml) or the TPD (2ml), quite why anyone would actually choose the TPD one is beyond me as Smok are tight-arse with TPD kits and you rarely get a spare glass section.

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit contents

As you can see from the photo, the bundle is as you would expect from a kit. Smok gives you two different coil options which is ideal, a TFV18 Meshed 0.33ohm (Preinstalled) which is better for clouds, and a TFV18 Dual Meshed 0.15ohm Coil which gives more flavour.

First Impressions

Laying out the kit to photograph made me realise how damn big the tank and coils were, 7.5ml capacity is very welcome considering both coils are best at over 100 watts so it promises to be one thirsty bugger!

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit with morph

Morph 2 Mod

Without batteries the mod feels quite light but sturdy, for a box mod it feels incredibly comfortable, and the leather covering feels really good. Popping a couple of 18650 batteries in (not supplied) is simple enough.

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit batteries

There’s a spring loaded catch on the base to open the door, the orientation markings are perfect with clear internal marking and, at long last, WHITE markings on the door. Closing the door is a little fiddly as you have to make sure the catch goes fully back in place, but once closed it is very secure which should prevent accidentally opening the door.

The styling is typical Smok, I say that in a good way as I like their eye catching designs. The only thing I was unsure of was the massive MORPH 2 printed on the back, I can’t decide if I like it or not as it kinda suits it. Had it been a more subtle colour, it would have been better in my opinion.

I really like the metal coating, it’s a very dark gunmetal which has been fingerprint resistant and feels smooth, it also matches the tank nicely.

Every single edge has been smoothed to perfection, there are no hard edges anywhere on the mod. I’m not going to bore you describing what it looks like as the photos can do all the talking, I will just mention the bits I like.

Undoubtedly the main thing I love was how good it feels in the hand, even with the huge TFV18 tank on top, the weight is just right and the fire button is positioned in the right place. In true Smok style, there’s something interesting on every face, the screen and control panel protruding is nice and it is one of the better Smok screen layouts that I have seen.

TFV18 Tank(er)

I’ve had some pretty large Smok tanks in the past and the actual size isn’t as large as the Cloud Beast King, but the capacity and the size of the coils make this a true beast of a tank.

Smok TFV18 Tank disassembled

It strips down like every other Smok tank with a screw in coil, the only negative part is the drip-tip which is proprietary and fits over the mating part so you cannot use your own. It wouldn’t be so bad but the included one is blander than a bland thing.

Unless you suffer from TPD-it is then you get the bubble glass which has eaten all the pies as it is one of the fattest bubble glass I have seen. This does look a bit daft when empty but when fitted and filled, it actually suits the kit and is worth it for the 7.5ml capacity.

Smok TFV18 coils

The coils are huge and look very efficient for fast wicking due to the large wicking ports. A couple of years ago Smok had a terrible reputation for coil life, but since the Baby V2, they are far better and their mesh coils in particular are amongst the very best out there. The shape of them is interesting, kind of square, which makes it easy to grip and screw in (I’m also guessing this increases juice capacity).

Smok TFV18 refilling

Filling her up is achieved via a swivel locking top cap. This is my favourite feature of Smok tanks as it’s far more convenient than having to remove the top cap, and it stays securely closed in your pocket or bag.

Airflow wise, there are three large slots in the base which are adjustable by swivelling the adjustment ring and you get a serious amount of airflow from it, I can’t think of another sub-ohm tank with this much airflow.

Smok TFV18 is huge!

Just a quick visual guide to the size; it’s taller than my smallest kit, the Eleaf Pico Baby (drip tip excluded), and next to the original Nord gives you an idea of the scale. I have seen taller tanks, but few are as fat due to the bubble-gut glass. Here’s a rundown of the dimensions:

  • 26mm base and top cap
  • 31.9mm bubble-glass diameter
  • 62.5mm height (excluding 510 pin)
  • 16mm diameter drip-tip (12.5mm tall)


Smok appear to have calmed down a bit with the Morph 2’s controls. Though it offers TC (Temperature Control), there’s little else to tinker with; no pre-heats, no puff timeout, no fire button lock, etc.

The screen is one of the best I have seen from Smok, no nonsense, well laid out and clear. The size is just right and is not as much of a battery drain as some of Smok’s big bright screens, and no SMOK logo is welcome. I especially like the dual battery percentage.

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit controls

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the limited functionality. If you don’t intend to venture into TC mode and use stock mesh coils, then POWER (Wattage) mode is all you need and mesh doesn’t really require a pre-heat, but if you intend to venture into TC with an RTA or RDA, then the limitations will be an issue. The ability to adjust the Ohms (a way of locking ohms) is nice but NOT something a novice user should dabble with.

Simply put, using the Morph 2 with the kit tank, new users will only ever need the default POWER settings.

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit juiced up and ready to go

So with all that out of the way and the tank fuelled up (don’t forget to prime the coil by letting it saturate for 10 minutes once filled), it was time to take this fog machine outdoors for a toot.

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit screen side

I began with the pre-installed TFV18 Meshed 0.33ohm which was rated as ‘BEST AT 100-110 Watts’ but it’s best to break in a new coil at lower wattage. I started at 70 watts and worked my way up to the 110 watts after 10 or so puffs. The vape you get from this coil is a proper cloud lobbing DL airy draw. The flavour is decent but not outstanding, but this coil does favour clouds over flavour, I soon got bored of fogging the street up so it was time to swap over to my favoured coil.

The V18 Dual Mesh 0.15 Ohm which is rated between 80 to 140 Watts (140!!!) and ‘BEST AT 100-110 Watts’, again I started low and built up to 110 watts. This was more like it, the flavour came through much better and it was a warmer vape. It was just more satisfying overall. Vapour production was still very high, in fact I didn’t really notice it being any less than the 0.33 Ohm coil.

I very rarely vape above 100 watts so I tried to find a lower wattage happy medium, but even at 90 watts it was far too tame so I actually ended up going the other way and 120 Watts was bloody lovely!

The airflow control is excellent and comes through pretty smooth. By its nature it will be noisy but not that nasty turbulent noise you get from some tanks. Fully open, I really doubt anyone could want more. I ended up closing it off to around 2/3rds open which suited my tastes as I got a warmer vape.

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit logo

The coil kept up with chain vaping nicely and the power delivery was pretty instant. I can honestly say I have no complaints at all with the vape from this kit, nothing was irritating and I even got used to the lardy-ass bubble tank. The weight with batteries and a full tank still felt pretty light for a dual battery kit, and the ergonomics made it feel well balanced and very comfortable to use.

I was quite surprised at the battery life, it easily lasted me a full day even at 120 watts. The balanced battery display appeared to even out, it is supposed to have balanced 2 Amp fast charging but I only charge my batteries in a dedicated charger so I can’t comment on that.

I know I shouldn’t take the mick over language barriers but I couldn’t help chuckling at this:

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit anti leak

Erm……… okay then!


Smok appear to be evolving into a serious player in the vape market. The Morph 2 kit is simply a great kit for those who enjoy high wattage DL vaping and for cloud fans, the quality and performance is really good. The screen is one of Smok’s best with a precise, clear and well laid out display. The size is just right and it is not the usual fingerprint magnet of past mods.

The lardy-glass might put some folks off, but not me as it suits the setup and I really appreciate 7.5ml capacity for high wattage vaping without having to refill every 10 minutes. I also think it helps with juice circulation (I’ve had issues with 2ml TPD glass tanks restricting juice flow).

Smok’s reputation is getting better and better, I love their designs and it’s nice to see they have calmed down on the silliness and concentrated on quality and coil development.

Simply put, the Morph 2 kit has been one of the best high power cloud lobbing vapes I have had for a while, I have no real complaints at all, a couple of subjective niggles at worst.

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit the cats whiskers!


  • Superb ergonomic design
  • Mod is very easy to use
  • A very good functional screen
  • Comfy as quadruple ply bog roll
  • TFV18 is an ideal high power tank
  • 7.5ml capacity
  • Well balanced weight
  • 2 Amp balanced fast charging
  • Ones Treasure – Another Ones Trash


  • Proprietary drip-tip

I’m not going to class the large MORPH 2 logo or the Bubble-Glass as cons as they are subjective.

Final Thoughts

As a Smok fan, I have kept an eye on their previous releases and tried many, some are silly or duffers but recently they are winning me back, and the Morph 2 is winner in my book. Smok-Knockers will be hard pressed to slag this one off.

If you like the looks and enjoy high powered cloud lobbers with plenty of flavour, then the Morph 2 is well worth a punt.


  • Flavour: 9/10 (0.15 Ohm coil)
  • Vapour Production: 9.5/10 (both coils)
  • Build Quality: 9/10
  • Ergonomics: 9/10
  • Value For Money: 9/10 (especially with coupon code above)

Overall Score: 9/10 – Smok did good!

Smok MORPH 2 & TFV18 Tank Kit colours



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