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Sigelei Spark 90W TC

The Sigelei Spark 90W TC is a compact and form friendly device. It requires a single 18650 battery and has Variable Wattage and Temperature Control functionality.

Sigelei Spark 90W TC features

  • Dimensions: 83 (H) x 36.9 (W) x 23mm (D).
  • Variable Wattage Range: 10-90W.
  • 1.0-7.5V Output Range.
  • Temperature Control Joules Range: 10-75J.
  • Temperature Control Output: 212-572°F, 100-300°C.
  • Temperature Control Supports Ni200 and Titanium.
  • OLED Screen.
  • Dual Magnetized Battery Door.
  • Stainless Steel 510 Connector Threading.
  • Zinc Alloy Construction.
  • Requires 1x 18650 Battery (Not Included). 25A Rated Battery Recommended.
  • Atomizer Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0hms.
  • Input High Voltage/Low Voltage/Short Circuit/Low Resistance/Reverse Polarity/Overheating Protection.
  • Spring-Loaded 510 Pin.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Sigelei Spark 90W TC.
  • 1x Silicone Sleeve.
  • 1x User Manual.
  • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable.
  • User Manual and Warranty Card.

Sigelei Spark 90W TC styling and build quality

The Sigelei Spark is certainly a very attractive device since it is nicely streamlined and compact. All of the edges are nicely rounded which means it is very comfortable to hold!

In terms of weight I would say it is very typical of a single 18650 device. The finish is certainly decent but to be honest it does not feel anywhere near as robust as older SIgelei device and you really do get the feeling that the manufacturer has gone for cheaper materials. In some ways I can live with this since the vape market is constantly evolving so it is unlikely you will still be using the same device this time next year. The price tag is slightly more competitive than typical Sigelei devices so by reducing manufacturing costs the end result is certainly something of a better deal for consumers but in some ways I miss the “built like a brick” Sigelei mods of old.

Regardless of my personal feelings the Spark is well put together the only thing that bothered me was the somewhat rattling fire button although it becomes a non-issue if you use the included silicone sleeve.

The 510 connector has Stainless Steel threading so it should last a considerable amount of time. The spring-loaded pin itself is made from copper to ensure you get excellent conductivity and all of my atomizers sat flush on this device. The LCD screen is both bright and clear and displays Resistance, Wattage and Voltage. In addition temperature is also displayed when it that in that mode as well as battery life. The Spark uses a YIHI SX 130D-T chip so will be very familiar to anyone who has used older Sigelei products or Pioneer4You devices. In some ways the screen layout does feel a little old hat compared to some of the newer devices on the market but it certainly does the job.

The battery compartment is nicely done and the interior has the correct battery orientation clearly marked along with a written warning. There is no ribbon to assist with battery removal but I didn’t find that one was really necessary. The contacts in the compartment are made from copper so you will get superb conductivity. The battery compartment lid has two fairly strong magnets which make for a secure fit.

The Sigelei Spark really does have an abundance of venting since the battery compartment lid features numerous slots and there are also seventeen holes in the base of the device. The Micro USB port is also located on the base but sadly it is only for charging and does not allow you to upgrade the device’s firmware.

The Temperature Control Mode only supports Nickel and Titanium and unlike the Sigelei 213 there is no support for Stainless Steel coils.

Ease of use

  • Five clicks of the fire button switches the device on.
  • With the device switching on click the fire button five times to access the menu.
  • Navigate the menu options by pressing the fire button. To confirm menu options use the plus or minus button.
  • Use the menu to swap between Variable Wattage and Temperature Control Mode.
  • Temperature Control Mode on this device only supports Ni200 and Titanium.
  • To set the Resistance when using Temperature Control hold down the plus and minus buttons simultaneously.
  • To switch the device off navigate through the menu to “System Off” and press either the plus or minus button.

Sigelei Spark 90W TC performance

In my opinion the Sigelei Spark 90W TC works extremely well whether you choose to vape in Variable Wattage Mode or Temperature Control. I used my GP Heron 1.5, my Hellfire Raptor RDA and also the Lemo 3 which I received for review. I got a consistently good vape when using Variable Wattage mode on this device. The only thing I noticed is that when you are using an atomizer at say 60W is that the quality of vape does get noticeably weaker when hitting 15% battery charge and below but this is quite normal for a lot of devices.

To test Temperature Control I used my Freemax Scylla and I got a very enjoyable vape with the temperature set to my preference of 240°C. There were no weird heat spikes or extreme Resistance fluctuation and I would compare the vape to the one I would get from my Sigelei 150W TC or my iPV4s.

Battery life was fairly typical of a single 18650 battery device but I do think that the maximum 90 Watt output is kind of pushing the limits to an extent and to be completely realistic you will not get a great deal of vape time if you are vaping constantly at full power.

If you are something of a modest user than the battery will last you a decent amount of time. When I was using the Lemo 3 heavily vaping at 55W I got at least three hours of use out of the Spark which I didn’t feel was too bad at all.


I have found some of the recent Sigelei devices I have reviewed have been rather hit and miss thankfully the Spark 90W is something of a return to form. It is both stylish and comfortable to use and works without issues. My only wish is that the materials used were a little more robust than they are but I can accept that considering the much lower price tag of the device but I do feel the price should be even lower if this product is to compete well with similar products on the market.

One real concern for potential buyers is the lack of Stainless Steel support so make sure that is not a feature that you require. Another potential problem is the lack of firmware upgradeability.

Nevertheless despite these minor negative points if you are looking for something compact and reliable the Sigelei Spark 90W TC might suit you very well!

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