Orchid x Squid Industries Pod System Review by Adam Bolt

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Orchid x Squid Industries unboxing

Orchid x Squid Industries

In full bloom… 

When I first received this kit, I thought nothing was going to beat the LV Orion…I was wrong! This is something else! Squid Industries and Orchid have come together to bring this fine specimen of a pod mod which performs to the core… let’s take a look and see what this badass mutha trucker can do… 

Orchid x Squid Industries complete device

Out of the Box

The kit comes with twelve different colour options, all with a Black, Gold or silver outer. It retails at $55 or £44. This is a great price and a must buy for anyone who wants a pod system, as it is a "giant killer" and an awesome addition to the line-up of compact vaping devices.

The pods carry 3ml of juice which is ample. Unfortunately you only get one pod included in the kit. The mouthpiece is removable so you can have custom ones made to suit if you prefer something more personal.  A very nice detail is the matching metal top fill seal so no rubber gummy here.

A Micro USB for fast charging is included and it charges in no time. As you would expect, the box includes the user manuals and a warranty card.

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Orchid x Squid Industries fill port

The Build

This pod is built very well and feels high quality. There are no rattles which is a relief as you have to shake it to activate the system. The cartridge is very easy to open and fills quickly. I would advise that you leave it standing once filled for at least 10-15 minutes so that it can absorb as much liquid as possible.

The orchid has some good features for a pod system making it very versatile

  • Wattage mode
  • Temperature control
  • Voltage Control

The device is really small and takes very little time to charge, but I would suggest giving it a full cycle before it’s first use to maximise capacity and ensure good battery life. It has a built in overcharge feature too. It is always good to know manufacturers are taking the safety aspect seriously, especially on these compact mods. The vapour is very nice and has some good flavour. It pleasantly hits the throat using nic salts with 70/30 eliquid, I chose to stick with the salts as I wanted the coil to last. The airflow hole is small so not ideal for the direct to lung vape style but still it manages to produce satisfying clouds. I have used this device alongside my everyday mod and at times I decided to take just this because it didn’t weigh down my shorts. It is practically perfect! 

The flavour is great, and I’m really impressed with the performance of this little dinky pod. I still haven’t needed to buy a new pod as it is performing brilliantly. I decided to stick with about 15-17W which suited my taste perfectly. I did push it up to 25W but the vape became a bit too harsh on the throat with Nic Salts.

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The cartridges/pods are 0.8 Ohm which seems to hit the sweet spot. It is easily compact enough that you can carry two around if you like variety, as this would enable you to be able to change the setting to suit different juices and have a great performing all day system.

Orchid x Squid Industries close up


  • Great construction
  • Wattage control
  • Airflow control
  • Good flavour
  • Amazing vapour
  • Great coil longevity
  • Battery life lasts a solid day and an half – Max two days
  • Great build and design
  • No leakages
  • 70/30…no problem
  • Great price compared to others


  • Can flood if not used and left in temperature mode
  • Battery doesn’t completely flatten, maybe a good thing?
  • Not changeable coils, complete pod only to date

Orchid x Squid Industries vents and base


I must say it’s got to be the best pod I’ve used to date, and I’ve used several now, all highly recommended ones. This is one of the best, and I would buy this over the others but, of course, reviews are always subjective.

It’s been a cracking device so far and it is one I will carry on using as it is perfect for doing bits around the house and when on holiday. It just makes sense to own one of these. 


The question is would I buy it? Absolutely yes! I was never a big fan of pod systems because I wanted a big draw with more clouds but this feels like a proper vape. I would also recommend it to anyone who has just quit cigarettes and wants to get more used to vaping as some set ups can make you cough until you are more used to the feel and style of the inhale. It does get better and this system will help with that. It is quite expensive but I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed, it fits the bill every time. 

Equipment/Products Used

Mod – Orchid X Squid Industries – Orchid 30w – Gold/Nicki
E-liquid – DinnerLady – Purple Rain 70/30 - 3mg Nic & Lemon Sherbets – NicSalts – 20mg
Coil – .8 ohm Mesh Pro Coil
Batteries – Built in battery 950mAh

Orchid x Squid Industries pod and mod

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 Adam Bolt
Article by Adam Bolt
I started vaping back in 2014 using the old pen devices...really hard trying to stop smoking with them for me I was on 10 cigs a day from the age of 13 and now 29, I'm Cig free and have been for the last year... I started sub ohming back in 2016 but gave up due to various issues with the pen than last year I finally gave up the cigs and bought a new stick device SMOK V8. This was when my passion for vaping began... I did start to look at the different devices but was dubious due to the fact they were too big but the dreaded battery life hit me and I decide to look at buying a mod.
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