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Ohm Go Kit by Apollo

So you’ve been off the stinkies for a little while with the help of a basic starter kit and you want a bit more performance, flavour and juice capacity, so what’s the next step? Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the Ohm Go kit from Apollo!

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So you’ve been off the stinkies for a little while with the help of a basic starter kit (like the Brez Deluxe) and you want a bit more performance, flavour and juice capacity, so what’s the next step? Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the Ohm Go kit from Apollo!

Contents and unboxing

  • 1 x OHM 1900 mAh Battery (Pass-Through Charging)
  • 1 x Portal (3ml) Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x 0.5Ω Coil (pre-installed)
  • 1 x 1.0Ω Coil 
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Ohm Go by Apollo boxed and contents

The Ohm go kit comes in a rather smart magnetic flip box with picture of the complete device on the front and a contents list on the back. There are very clear warnings about the dangers of nicotine on both sides but it is better that companies err on the side of caution! Flip the flap and lift the top to reveal the battery and the tank with the preinstalled 0.5 ohm coil along with a box containing a decent usb charging cable and the 1.0 coil which is sealed in an individual blister pack. Everything is very clearly laid out and user friendly which sets the scene nicely for the general user experience to come. 

The user manual is surprisingly thick for such a simple to use kit. Eight pages are dedicated to warnings, sub ohm safety and possible side effects, it is good to see that Apollo really do take safety very seriously as any good vape company should do. The instructions are very well written, absolutely perfect to guide a new user through set up and usage. Whilst us old hands take stuff like this for granted, we were all new users once and it can be a confusing world out there!

Ohm Go Kit by apollo unwrapped

Getting started

With a preinstalled coil, things couldn’t be easier to get started quickly. All you have to do is fill the Portal tank to just below the coil threads, prime the coil with a few extra drops of juice, screw the business end back on and stand it up for a few minutes to let things settle and you are ready to go. Then simply push the button and enjoy the vape! As is standard on most mods, five clicks turn it on or off if you need to power down, handy if you are out and about and don’t want it randomly firing when you are least expecting it to, not that I had any accidental firings as the button is almost flush with the body which adds to the sleek, streamlined look of things. 

Talking of sleek and streamlined, this is a very nice looking tube mod and tank. There are three colour variants, black, white or stainless. My review set was the white kit which looks very smart with its red pin stripping, rubberised finish and stylised branding. I absolutely love the transparent drip tip, again with red highlights. From top to bottom, this very much feels like a complete kit rather than a random battery, tank and drip tip. The usb charging port is located just round the side from the fire button and is also quite discreet. One of my pet hates is charging ports that are on the bottom of tube mods as you have to lay them down to charge which can cause all sorts of niggling issues. The base is very stable so no problems with it falling over and it is quite happy to stay upright when it is plugged in. Finally there are two small vent holes at the sides of the base for battery safety.

The fire button is lovely. As said already, it sits almost flush and it looks really good. It has quite a shiny, metal finish but seems very resilient. I’ve sat here for a good while trying to scratch it up a bit but try as I might, it still looks as good as new. Surrounding the button is a light which glows when activated and also shows charging status. The light also bleeds through the usb port as it is quite bright. This doesn’t bother me but might bug some people. When firing the battery, the button has a solid, firm feel and a satisfying click. Whilst this is a simple kit, nothing about it feels cheap.

Ohm Go Portal tank coils


Well I could easily waffle on about the looks and build quality for ages, but at the end of the day it means nothing if it doesn’t do the job. So lets get down to the business end of the review. 

I started with the 0.5Ω coil seeing as it was already fitted. I opened up the adjustable airflow all the way and was pleasantly surprised by the clouds it produced. Whilst I wasn’t going to fog out a room, it was certainly enough to make me happy. It wicked well and I could chain vape 70vg/30pg juice without getting any dreaded dry hits. Flavour was a little subdued though and it took a little while for the coil really break in before it started to come to life a bit more. On the flip side, it also took a while for the coil to lose performance and it didn’t seem to gunk up easily. One question we get asked a lot of the forum is how long a coil should last before changing and with this kit, the answer is a surprisingly long time! 

On to the 1.0Ω coil, and results were a bit more mixed here. It does state on the website that this coil isn’t really suited to high vg use but I couldn’t find any reference to this in the manual. In the interests of science, I tested this theory out and I can confirm that high vg juice is a no go, it just can’t handle it. Weirdly it seemed to flood, spit and gurgle which was the opposite of what I was expected. Once I switched to a more appropriate eliquid, things settled down. Flavour was much better this time round and the performance was more consistent. It was very airy even with the airflow almost completely closed. Personally I would prefer a tighter draw with a 1.0Ω coil but that is purely down to individual taste. 

The device auto tunes the power depending on which coil it senses and this worked well for both included options. It was a cool vape but as I prefer a lower temperature, this suited me just fine but some might like a little more heat. Battery life was also good. I charged it up in the morning and it was still going by the time I got back home from work. When it does need to be plugged in, it takes about an hour and a quarter to fully charge. 

One final noteworthy point is the design and quality of the portal tank. Everything fits together beautifully, the threads are spot on and best of all, it doesn’t leak! No matter what juice i filled it up with, everything stayed where is should and there was not even the slightest hint of a dribble. For a kit at this price point, I thought this was pretty impressive.


So now I’ve been using the Ohm Go kit for a few weeks. It is always quite nice to use a simple, straightforward kit, it can be very easy to get caught in the cycle of more gadgets and power but sometimes it is healthy to take things back to basics. Ultimately this kit does everything it needs it to and for many ex smokers, it will be more than enough to keep them off the cigarettes. Of course there are steps up the vaping ladder, but I know plenty of people who just want something that looks good and works without fuss and this ticks all the boxes. 

Many thanks to Apollo to sending this over for review. If you want to check it out, it is priced at £44.95 direct from Apollo and replacement coils come in packs of 5 for £15.95 

Ohm Go Kit from apollo closing shot

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