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NEBOX by KangerTech

The Nebox is the latest offering from Kanger and it’s a very unique device. Designed as an “all in one” solution this compact device has a built in tank with a 10ml capacity, can deliver up to 60 Watts of power and supports both wattage and temperature control. The Nebox comes with Kanger’s new stainless steel vertical coils but also has backward compatibility for the existing OCC coils. What’s more Kanger have also included an RBA deck so you can make your own coils if you wish.

While it certainly all sounds awesome the question is does this product deliver? Let’s find out!

KangerTech NEBOX features

  • Output: 60W.
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.15 ohm.
  • Requires a single 18650 battery (Sold Separately).
  • Wattge and Temperature Control Modes.
  • 510 Delrin drip tip.
  • Micro-USB charging port for Pass Through.
  • Available in several colours: Black, Blue, Red and White.
  • Dimensions: 86mm x 58mm x 22.8mm.
  • Built-In Sub-Ohm Tank.
  • Compact design.
  • Tank Capacity: 10ml.
  • RBA deck.
  • Backward compatibility for existing OCC coils.
  • All in one design.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Kanger Nebox.
  • 1x Ni200 SS0CC Coil (Pre-Installed).
  • 1x SSOCC Vertical Coil (0.5ohm)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Black battery stickers.
  • Coil Priming leaflet.
  • Authenticity Card.
  • RBA deck.
  • Spare screws for the RBA deck.
  • Premade coil for the RBA deck
  • Japanese Cotton.
  • Mini blue Philips head screwdriver.

You certainly get a great deal for your money with this product since there are loads of extras. Everything is presented very well and both the user manual and the coil priming leaflet are clearly written and helpful to newcomers.

KangerTech NEBOX styling and build quality

There can be no doubt that this is a striking product - the overall aesthetics are great! I received the black and white version for review and it looks seriously awesome. The small size makes it even better and while there is a nice weight to the device it isn’t overly heavy. It fits the hand extremely well and with its curved edges it is also very comfortable. The Nebox is 85mm in height, 58mm in length and 22.8mm in width making it smaller than most dual 18650 mods and not that much larger than the majority of single 18650 mods. When you take into account that it also has the tank built in it's fair to say Kanger have done a really good job with the form factor.

Premier Ecigs

As mentioned, the tank is built in and features a whopping 10ml capacity! With that kind of capacity you are certainly going to run out of battery power long before you run out of juice but at least it means you won’t be constantly filling it which is great if are going to be out all day because you won’t need to carry any juice bottles with you!

The buttons feel really nice and they are thankfully rattle free. The display isn’t huge but the information is clearly displayed and it is certainly bright. All the typical information is shown: battery life, wattage, and voltage. In addition it also displays the resistance of the coil and temperature (when it that mode).

Each side of the device features stylishly patterned venting holes that you can clearly see your battery though. Of course Kanger have realised that your bright green Sony VTC4 might clash with the devices paintjob and if you are seriously OCD then you can use the included black stickers to cover the part of the offending battery.

The included drip tip is made of Delrin so will remain much cooler when running at higher wattage. It fits really well and I did try some of my other drip tips which all fitted the device without issues. I did find the included drip tip a little short for my liking but after using the device for several days I found that I got used to it.

On the front of the device below the plus and minus buttons you will find the Micro USB port. Through use of the included cable you can connect to your PC and charge the battery. In addition the device also features Pass-Through so you can still vape while you charge it. Personally I didn’t charge the battery this way since I always use an external charger but it’s certainly nice to have options!


The tank as mentioned has a 10ml capacity but it is made of plastic and not glass so that could be considered a negative. The one danger in my opinion is accidentally using tank cracking juice and ruining the device, because if you break the tank you can’t simply replace it. Now I don’t use any juice like that so it isn’t a big deal for me but it might it may be an issue for you.

Another minor problem is that the tank can’t be removed so that will make it troublesome to clean. Initially I was rather disappointed by this fact but in practice it is not as much of an issue as it sounds. If you remove the drip tip and the cap from base of the tank you can run it under the tap but you do need to be careful since you don’t want any water getting into the electronics. If you are really wary then you could fill a syringe with water and do it that way.

When you take the large capacity into account I don’t honestly feel you will be constantly swapping juices around and if you just use the Nebox for your favourite juice then you won’t have to clean it as often. Filling the tank is easy and you simply unscrew the base with the attached coil and squeeze juice in to just below the air hole.

The battery compartment features a coin slot style lid that can be easily opened through the use of a five pence piece. In the interior of the compartment you can clearly see that the positive and negative contacts are clearly labelled. My only issue with the lid is the threading which is a little stiff but it has got slightly better over time.


The airflow is sadly non-adjustable and this might bother some people but before you are too disappointed let me just say that it is exactly like a Subtank Mini. So if you enjoy that kind of draw then you will certainly love this!

It is primarily designed for lung hits but you can kind of get away with a mouth to lung vape albeit a loose and airy one. If you position you fingers over the air slots in the tank base you can make it slightly more restrictive. In my opinion it would have been better if Kanger had added adjustable airflow to make this device more appealing to a wider variety of users.

New coils

Kanger have designed new coils for this device and they are quite different since they are no longer box shaped like the older OCC coils. The good news is that you can use your existing coils in the Nebox and apparently the new coils are also compatible with the older Kanger Subtanks.

The new coils for regular wattage are now stainless steel. The new SSOCC temperature control coil is still made from Nickel but the coil housing is made from stainless steel.

Operating procedure

  • The manual does a thorough job explaining everything so I’ll only cover the basics here.
  • Click the fire button five times to switch on/off.
  • The device will ask you to confirm when you have fitted a new coil. Press the plus button if it is a new coil.
  • Three clicks of the fire button allows you to change mode. Choose from Ni200, Titanium and Wattage.
  • Hold all three buttons down to lock/unlock the device. The display will flash to confirm this.
  • Wattage can be adjusted for temperature controlled vaping but you do need to swap into that mode first. The best option is to simply set the desired wattage before switching to temperature control.
  • The device allows you to set up to six pre-set modes. The do come with default values that can be changed.
  • To flip the display, first switch off the device then hold the plus and minus buttons down for two seconds.

KangerTech NEBOX performance

I must point that I did not use the 0.5ohm SSOCC coil because Grey Haze who kindly sent us this product asked that we put it into a competition when we were finished with it and I was reluctant to use all the new coils since the winner might not appreciate used Manabush flavoured coils.

Instead Grey Haze included some of the older OCC coils and I made use of one of those for regular wattage mode. After having primed the coil and filled the tank with delicious Powwow Sauce I took my first vape. Flavour was good and very much like a typical Subtank Mini vape. The device put out a decent amount of vapour and despite the fixed airflow I must admit I actually liked the draw. The good news is that the older coils work without any problems so if you have a whole bunch of those at least you can use them.


I then moved on to try the SOCC temperature control coil and I only had to prime it since the tank wasn’t going to run out of juice any time soon. I set the device to 45W with a temperature of 240°C and this resulted in a lovely vape that was warm and highly flavoursome. In many ways it was one of the best temperature controlled vapes I have had in a while and I felt that these new coils from Kanger certainly make a difference. At this wattage there was plenty of vapour and it was quite dense. You can certainly start to fog up your room if you take a few draws in rapid succession. I did play with various wattages with this coil but in my opinion 45W certainly seems to be the sweet spot!

Temperature control seemed to work fine and I didn’t encounter any problems or weird issues. At the end of the day this device delivered a great vape and if you can live with the fixed airflow then you will definitely enjoy it!

I did have a play with the RBA deck and built a 0.5ohm coil using 26AWG (0.4mm) Kanthal. The deck is pretty much identical to the one in the Subtank (it might be the same but it is a while since I last used one). The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t over stuff it with cotton or you will get dry hits. As for the vape it was pretty decent, certainly nothing like the excellent Ni200 coil but it is a welcome extra.

Battery life is quite typical of a single 18650 device just keep in mind that using temperature control will drain the battery faster, as will Sub-Ohm coils. The juice drains at a typical Sub-Ohm tank rate but trust me when I say your battery will run out before you have to refill. If you are out all day with this device remember to at least carry a spare battery.


As an all in one solution the Nebox really does achieve its goal. The real advantages are the fact that it is easy to use, looks very stylish and is both lightweight and compact. When you take into account that it holds 10ml of juice, offers a seriously nice vape and features temperature control the £49.99 asking price is very reasonable and you do get a lot for your money.


There are downsides as I have already mentioned but in my opinion the positive points greatly outweigh any negatives. While Kanger have marketed this as a starter kit I don’t feel I would recommend it as one. The device caters more to people who know what juice they like and what kind of vape they want and for those people a smart little mod that can be filled with 10ml of juice and carried around in the pocket is certainly very desirable. Having said that if you really do want one and you are relatively new to vaping the device isn’t overly complicated so you could learn as you go but the possibility exists that it might not be the right kind of vape for you and this is not like just buying a tank that doesn’t suit you.

As a secondary device I have no hesitation in recommending the Nebox because it really is an awesome piece of kit that is innovative and very different to many other devices currently available.

Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent us the Nebox to review. You can check it out on their site here -

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