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Lost Vape Skar DNA75

Evolv DNA75 devices are hitting the market thick and fast, one of the latest devices to hit the market is the Skar DNA75 from Lost Vape, known for their top selling Efusion, Triade and Therion mods amongst others. Like many new DNA75 devices, the Skar offers the option to use the mod in both 18650 and 26650 battery configurations, and comes with the exciting Escribe software as well.

Alongside a genuine Evolv DNA75 chip, the Skar is manufactured from die cast zinc alloy, with custom side inlays offering finishes in leather, carbon fibre, abalone and wood, with a rounded magnetic battery door cover offering access to the battery compartment and an ergonomic feel in hand.

Previously, I had reviewed the Efusion from Lost Vape, which I was hugely impressed with, this device had actually become a staple of my vaping rotation and turned me into a big fan of their products. Does the Skar offer the same excellent quality as Lost Vape’s previous products? Let’s have a look…


  • Genuine Evolv DNA75 board
  • 90mm x 45mm x 30mm dimensions
  • Manufactured from Die Cast Zinc Alloy
  • Large OLED screen
  • Custom side inlays available in leather, carbon fibre, abalone and wood
  • Can be used with 18650 and 26650 batteries
  • Stainless steel 510 connector
  • Spring Loaded nickel plated brass centre pin
  • Magnetic battery door cover
  • Removable 18650 battery sled
  • 1 amp micro-USB on board balance charging
  • Pass through charging
  • Escribe software included
  • 200-600F temperature limiting range
  • 1-75W output power range
  • 8 power presets
  • 0.1-4ohm Kanthal/Nichrome resistance range
  • 0.05-0.35ohm Ni200 resistance range
  • 0.2-1.0ohm Stainless Steel resistance range
  • 0.1-0.6ohm Titanium resistance range
  • Custom TCR input

What’s in the box?

Packaged inside an attractive black presentation box, you’ll find the Lost Vape Skar inside, along with a USB cable, protective silicone sleeve, instruction manual and a warranty booklet.

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Looks and build quality

From experience, Lost Vape have produced some of the very best quality DNA mods for the price they charge, and the Lost Vape Skar is amongst the best of the bunch when it comes to build quality. The Skar is manufactured from die cast zinc alloy, giving it a very solid feel and a scratch resistant finish, the inlays on either side of the device can be customised with carbon fibre, leather, abalone and wood finishes. You get a carbon fibre finish with the device as standard. The polished stainless steel 510 connector on top of the Skar looks excellent, and a spring loaded nickel plated brass centre pin is present so that you get a flush fit with your atomiser.

A rounded magnetic battery door is present on the Lost Vape Skar, which means it sits comfortably in hand, and it sticks to the device perfectly. A removable battery sled is present inside, allowing you to use the Skar with an 18650 battery by default, this can be removed easily so that you can use 26650 batteries which provide extra battery lifespan.

You have a large OLED screen at the front of the device, which by default shows the wattage, battery level, resistance, temperature limit (if a TC coil is used), what coil type is in use and amp draw from your battery. Large power and plus and minus buttons are present, which are easy to use and operate, saying that I would recommend locking your wattage by holding down the plus and minus buttons as I did find that I knocked the plus and minus buttons easily which changed the wattage. A USB charging port allows you to charge your battery inside the mod, a 1 amp balance charger is present for safer charging, and this also allows you to connect the Skar to your computer to access the Escribe software.

The only downsides I found with it was that it was a little on the heavy side, however not uncomfortably so, and the green protective silicone sleeve I got definitely wasn’t to my tastes! Overall, it’s a fantastic looking piece of kit, it’s a very comfortable device to hold and operate that has some of the best build quality I’ve ever experienced for a sub £100 mod.



As with all Evolv DNA75 devices, Escribe is present with the Lost Vape Skar. Escribe allows you to customise the functions on your mod, alongside displaying performance stats and information, and preload these settings onto your device. You can even customise the warning message and start up screens amongst others!

As I’ve said before, you’ll really get the best from your DNA75 device by taking the time to use Escribe fully, especially if you are a temperature control fan. You don’t need to use Escribe if you don’t wish to, it can be used straight out of the box, those that don’t use temperature control may not see any advantages in using Escribe for example.

Performance and using the Lost Vape Skar

I mentioned in my Vapedroid C1D2 and SBody Elfin DNA75 reviews that I thought the DNA75 board was one of the best out there, and after having now used DNA75 devices extensively my opinion still hasn’t changed on this. For wattage users, 75W provides plenty of power, and you can fire resistances down to 0.1ohm in wattage mode. Battery life is very efficient with the Lost Vape Skar, I get a whole day out of an 18650 battery with my Rose3 at 35W and I get slightly longer from a 26650 battery.


If temperature control is your thing, then you will love the Lost Vape Skar and the DNA75 board present within. It will read resistance right down to 0.05ohm with an Ni200 coil, with extremely stable and accurate performance. Stainless Steel (minimum resistance 0.2ohm) and Titanium (0.1ohm minimum resistance) are also supported right out of the box, and to use other temperature control wire types such as NiFe for example, you just need to enter their TCR co-efficients through Escribe and load the settings onto your Lost Vape Skar device.

You’ll be prompted to enter whether you have attached a new coil to the device after screwing an atomiser onto the Lost Vape Skar, and you’ll need to press plus if it is a new coil or minus if it was the same as the last one. Resistance is read very accurately, and the DNA75 board uses the resistance to calculate the temperature of the coil, so you’ll want to make sure your atomiser and Lost Vape Skar device have cooled to room temperature before locking the resistance in, to ensure the resistance is read correctly.

The Lost Vape Skar is operated in the same way as other DNA75 devices, and it’s a very user friendly system-

  • 5 clicks of the power button lock and unlock the device
  • Holding down plus and minus will lock the current power setting
  • Holding plus or minus down with the power locked will allow you to change the temperature limit
  • Double pressing plus or minus allow access to 8 preset settings
  • Holding fire and plus locks in the resistance of your coil
  • Holding fire and minus will put the device in stealth mode

In temperature control, holding up and down for two seconds allows you to adjust the temperature limit, pressing up and down adjusts this. Scrolling all the way past the temperature limit in Fahrenheit will change it to Celsius and vice versa.



The Lost Vape Skar represents another top quality DNA75 device, available at a very affordable price point. The build quality of the Lost Vape Skar is second to none and you have the bonus of the outstanding Evolv DNA75 chip powering the device and offering you faultless performance.

I really did struggle to find anything negative about the Lost Vape Skar, in my opinion it is another excellent device from a top class manufacturer. If you are in the market for a DNA75 device then I would highly recommend the Lost Vape Skar, it mixes style and functionality with a very reasonable asking price!

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