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iStick TC60W by Eleaf

The iStick TC60W is a variable wattage device which also includes temperature control functionality. It features compatibility for both Nickel (Ni) and Titanium (Ti) coils. The TC60W comes with many safety features including short circuit, low voltage and temperature protection. Unlike the 30W and 50W iStick the TC60W requires a single 18650 replaceable battery. Charging can be either done externally or via the on board USB port.

iStick TC60W features

  • Wattage output – 1–60W.
  • Removable 18650 battery (Not included)
  • Temperature control while utilising either Nickel or Titanium atomizer heads.
  • Clear OLED screen displaying remaining battery power, atomizer resistance, and temperature/wattage settings. 
  • Stainless Steel threads and spring loaded firing pin.
  • Safety features: 5 click on/off function, atomizer short protection, low voltage protection, temperature protection and temperature alert.
  • Temperature ranges – 100–315°C, 200–600°F.
  • Resistance range (Temperature Mode) – 0.05–1.0ohm.
  • Resistance range (VW Mode) – 0.15–3.5ohm.
  • Colours – Black (with black covers), Silver (with black covers).
  • Dimensions – 38mm x 28mm x 90mm.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x iStick TC60W.
  • 1 x Micro USB cable.
  • 1 x User Manual.

Everything comes nicely presented in the typical white Eleaf packaging. The manual is decent and covers everything you will need to know but the text is very small which makes it somewhat hard to read.

Styling and build quality

In terms of looks this is a very smart device with an excellent small form factor. The TC60W fits the hand extremely well and it has nice rounded edges which makes it feel very comfortable to hold! The finish (black version sent for review) is great with no signs of scratching or discolouration in the short time I have spent using it. The 510 pin is spring loaded and has stainless steel threading which means it should be very durable and last you a considerable amount of time. I fitted several atomizers to this device and while the majority fitted flush some of them did result in a slight gap but it wasn’t particularly noticeable and I am sure most people won’t be that bothered.


Unlike many other mods the 510 pin is centrally located on this device and that helps to keep the TC60W well balanced when you have a heavy tank fitted.

The OLED display is nice and bright and is quite easy to read except voltage and coil resistance which do appear a little small. The display features all the typical information you would expect such as wattage, voltage and coil resistance. In addition battery life is displayed and also temperature when using that mode. The device also displays a Ni or Ti icon when using temperature control so you know exactly which coil material setting is selected but once again this is quite small to see.

The buttons on this device are a little different to what you may typically be used to. There is a fire button and a large adjustment button that you use to adjust the power depending on whether you press it at the top or the bottom. Finally there is a third button that is used to swap between Variable Wattage and Temperature Control. This button is also used to swap between Nickel and Titanium coil support. The buttons have a good feel to them and are thankfully rattle free.

The battery compartment lid is nice and there is a small recess located on it to help with removal. The lid fits well and is held on securely by four magnets. The TC60W requires a single 18650 replaceable battery and the correct orientation for the battery is clearly marked. In addition there is a ribbon to assist with battery removal. There are two slots on the side of the device to provide adequate venting.

Sadly the Micro USB port may annoy some people because it is unfortunately located on the base of the device. In terms of weight the TC60W is a really light device so it will be ideal to carry around with you!


Ease of use

For all intents and purposes this operates exactly like a typical iStick with just a few small changes.

  • Five clicks switches the device on and off.
  • With the device switched off press the top and bottom of the adjustment bar to flip the display orientation.
  • Hold the mode button down once to swap from Variable Wattage mode to Temperature Control. Hold it down again to select Ni200 mode. Hold it again to switch to Titanium mode. Hold it down one final time to swap back to Variable Wattage.
  • The adjustment button allows you to adjust the wattage in 0.1 increments when using Variable Wattage. When using Temperature Control it allows you to adjust the wattage in 5° increments.
  • When using Temperature Control holding the adjustment button down will cycle through between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • To adjust the wattage when using Temperature Control you have to hold down the mode button and also the top or bottom of the adjustment button depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the wattage. In actual practice I find it a little awkward because the buttons are very close together and my hands aren’t particularly small. It is also quite easy to accidentally switch from Ni200 to Titanium mode so please be aware of that.


For regular wattage vaping this device works exactly like you would expect and offers up to 60W of power. I used the TC60W with my GP Heron 1.5 which currently has a 1.2ohm coil in it and I was vaping away for several hours at 12.8W. I did not encounter any problems at all so providing you don’t need lots of power then this is a great little device! It goes without saying that if you are running this device at 50-60W then the battery will drain much faster.

To test the Temperature Control functionality I used my Sense Herakles tank which is currently fitted with a Ni200 coil. I had filled the tank up with Manabush Powwow Sauce and vaped the tank at 55W with a temperature of 260°C. I got a very warm and flavoursome vape and despite the fact that adjusting the wattage while in temperature mode is slightly awkward I personally didn’t feel the need to change the settings. Temperature Protection seemed to kick in when it needed to and in the short time I used the device I didn’t notice any problems.



In my opinion the iStick TC60W is a really decent device. The form factor is great and the product feels very well put together! For quite a few 60W is more than sufficient and due to the fact it uses replaceable batteries means that you won’t have to wait for it to charge if you have spare batteries.

Temperature Control is a nice feature to include but I did find that adjusting the settings on this device could be a little awkward and in many ways I wish Eleaf had gone for the typical plus and minus buttons instead of one adjustment bar. To be fair you will probably get used to it in time so it certainly isn’t a deal breaker or anything.

Eleaf’s products are competitively priced so for the money this a very worthwhile device if it appeals to you!

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