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iJoy Maxo

iJoy have recently released the first widely available quad 18650 battery mod in the form of the iJoy Maxo, which can also be used with two 18650 batteries as well. The four 18650 battery configuration not only enables the iJoy Maxo to output a massive amount of power, but also promises to offer some of the longest battery life on the market. iJoy have had some very popular releases recently, such as the iJoy Limitless RDTA, iJoy Tornado and the iJoy Tornado Nano.

Powered by an Iwepal chipset, the iJoy Maxo is capable of a phenomenal 315W when four 18650 batteries are used, making it one of the most powerful units on the market today. The Iwepal board also supports Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium in temperature control, and is also firmware upgradeable too. The hexagonal shape of the iJoy Maxo is designed to be as ergonomic as possible, whilst still being able to accommodate four 18650 batteries through the hinged battery door. Sticker panels are also available that can customise the look of your iJoy Maxo device!


  • Takes either four 18650 batteries or two 18650 batteries
  • Wattage range- 5W-315W (restricted to 160W if two 18650 batteries are used)
  • Power efficiency- 95%
  • Resistance range- 0.06ohm-3ohm
  • Output Voltage- 1-9V
  • Output Current- 1-50A
  • Four modes- Soft, Normal, Hard and User
  • Dimensions- 41mm x 64mm x 89mm
  • Weight- 230g (without batteries)
  • Customizable sticker panels
  • Genuine Iwepal chipset
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Temperature Control support for Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium
  • Temperature Control Range- 150-315C/ 300 to 600F
  • Zinc Alloy construction
  • Stainless Steel Spring Loaded 510 connector
  • Stainless Steel fire button
  • Large OLED screen
  • Hinged battery door
  • Low battery voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low resistance protection

What’s in the Box?

The iJoy Maxo comes packaged in an unassuming black presentation box, which features the iJoy Maxo itself, a micro USB cable, a set of leather stickers to customise the look of your iJoy Maxo and a user manual.

Please note that the USB cable is only for upgrading the firmware on the iJoy Maxo, the batteries must be recharged externally.

Looks and Build Quality

Hexagonally shaped and measuring in at 41mm x 64mm x 89mm, weighing in at 230g without batteries, the iJoy Maxo is a big old beast of a unit. It is manufactured from Zinc Alloy with a matt black finish at the top and bottom of the unit, a wide range of different colours are also available, and the front panels can also be customised with different leather stickers, you get ten of these included within the retail box, which is great for giving your iJoy Maxo device a new look.

At the top of the iJoy Maxo there is a stainless steel spring loaded 510 connector, which will accept pretty much any atomiser going. There is a minute gap however between your atty and your mod, I’ve noticed this with just about any atty I have used such as the iJoy Tornado, iJoy Tornado Nano, SMOK TFV8 and Goon RDA for example, it’s barely noticeable but the tiny gap between atty and mod may annoy some OCD vapers!

There are twenty vent holes in total located at the side of the iJoy Maxo, and there are two panels that can be customised by using leather stickers. These are disposable, so if you peel one off and replace it with a new one, you won’t be able to reuse it. It’s a nice little touch that enables you to customise your device. The USB port is also located at the side, which means that when plugged in you can stand your iJoy Maxo up rather than rest it on the side. This USB port is only to be used for updating the firmware, the batteries must be charged externally.

On the front of the device is a large stainless steel power button, which is very responsive. There are up and down buttons located under the large OLED screen, which displays resistance, voltage, current mode, power/temperature limit and the current battery levels of battery set 1 and battery set 2. That’s a clever implementation that allows you to keep a detailed eye on the current battery status of both pairs of batteries, which means you can take quick action if you notice one draining quicker than the other. If you are only using two 18650 batteries, these must be placed in battery set 1.

The iJoy Maxo mainly gets its shape from the four 18650 battery compartment, as the device was designed around accommodating those four batteries whilst still retaining an ergonomic shape, the battery compartment can be accessed by popping open the hinged battery door at the base.

The correct configuration for the batteries is found on the battery door itself, and you can also use two 18650 batteries instead which will limit the output power to 160W. Do make sure that you use high amp batteries from a trusted supplier, with a minimum continuous amp rating of 20A, and don’t mix and match batteries either. You must charge your batteries externally, and not attempt to charge them via the USB port on the side of the device, which is only for firmware upgrades. My own recommendation to get the best out of the iJoy Maxo is to use LG HG2 batteries.

With four 18650 batteries inserted this actually becomes a really heavy and unwieldy device, that isn’t the most comfortable device to hold and operate, nor is it particularly pocket friendly either. I don’t have the largest hands around, and I wasn’t particularly happy about the feel of the mod in my hand when in use. Due to the huge size of the iJoy Maxo this was a device that I was more comfortable using at home, if I took it out I’d need to sling it into a bag as it definitely wasn’t suitable for my pocket! Unfortunately the form factor found here is unavoidable with a device that accommodates four 18650 batteries, I feel that iJoy have done the best they could here.

Operating the iJoy Maxo and Menu System

  • Three clicks of the power button will take you into the menu system
  • Plus and minus will scroll through the menu, fire button will select option
  • ‘N’ allows you to select Nickel temperature control mode
  • ‘T’ allows you to select Titanium temperature control mode
  • ‘S’ allows you to select Stainless Steel temperature control mode
  • ‘P’ allows you to select Power (wattage) mode
  • The next icon will allow you to rotate the screen 180 degrees
  • The last icon is ‘setup’ mode
  • Set up mode allows you to choose Normal (no power boost), Hard (30% increase in power over selected wattage for 0.5 seconds), Soft (20% decrease in power over selected wattage for 0.5 seconds) and User. User allows you to customise the first three seconds of the output power, by setting different wattages at 0.5 second increments.
  • Overheating protection is built in, screen will display ‘PCB TOO HOT’ if things are getting too toasty
  • Low voltage protection is built in, so when battery voltage drops below 3.2V the screen will display ‘LOW BATTERY’
  • Short circuit protection is built in, ‘SHORTED’ will display on screen if a short circuit occurs
  • ‘NO ATOMIZER’ will be displayed if you attempt to fire the iJoy Maxo with no atomizer connected
  • If resistance is under 0.06ohm ‘OHMS TOO LOW’ will be displayed and the iJoy Maxo will not fire
  • If resistance is above 3ohm ‘OHMS TOO HIGH’ will be displayed and the iJoy Maxo will not fire. 

The menu system is very easy to navigate and use, and on the whole the iJoy Maxo is a very user friendly device. It’s accessible to all and you won’t be finding yourself disappearing down a deep rabbit hole of confusing menus!


Many are going to purchase the iJoy Maxo on it’s output power capabilities, and with a maximum power output of 315W in wattage mode there are very few other units that can keep up with the iJoy Maxo! To vape at those sorts of extreme wattages you do need to know your Ohm’s Law, and big, thick coils are needed with an atomiser that has a whole lot of airflow. I tested the iJoy Maxo out at the maximum 315W and let me tell you, it’s an experience! A very hot vape, very little flavour and an eye opening level of vapour are experienced north of 250W. It’s not going to be for everyone, but the option is there and it’s fun to do from time to time! The different power boost settings are a nice touch as well, allowing you to really tailor your vape, and you can have some fun playing around with the user customisable preset power boost. Resistance is read accurately down to 0.06ohm too so alongside the 315W output, this is an extreme cloud chasers dream device.

Temperature control functionality is present as well, with temperature control supported for Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium. No TCR input is supported with the iJoy Maxo. You are limited to an 80W output in temperature control, to be fair I can’t see many people purchasing an iJoy Maxo for temperature control use, but it is there and it works well. You get stable performance when using Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel, which will please fans of temperature control. You can adjust the display to show celsius or fahrenheit, by simply scrolling right through either.

A major plus point with the iJoy Maxo is the battery life when using four 18650 batteries. You are looking at getting days rather than hours from this mod, even when vaping at high wattages. I could comfortably run the iJoy Tornado Nano at 50W during the daytime then get home and pump three figure wattage through it in my Goon RDA, and still have enough battery life left over for the next day! 


The iJoy Maxo is a big and hefty unit which isn’t going to win any awards for it’s form factor, there’s no way around that with what iJoy have aimed for here, form has been sacrificed in favour of maximum power. There’s not much else iJoy could have done with the design of the device especially when accommodating four 18650 batteries to drive one of the most powerful commercially available mods, but they have done very well here.

What iJoy have done is produced an extremely powerful unit, that is going to hold a lot of appeal for vapers that enjoy high wattage cloud chasing. 315W is going to be far too much wattage for many and won’t be to everyone's tastes, but there is a big market there for vapers that do enjoy vaping at extreme wattages and pushing the limits, and the iJoy Maxo is the perfect device for them. For those that don’t require such insane power, a device using four 18650 batteries provides excellent battery life, so if you favour performance over form then the iJoy Maxo is well worth a look! Thanks to Gearbest for sending us this item to review, you can check it out on their website here iJoy Maxo.