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IJOY Captain PD270

IJOY have been making quite a name for themselves within the industry over the past year, releasing extremely popular high quality and affordable hardware such as the IJOY Limitless RDTA, IJOY Tornado RDTA, IJOY Tornado Nano and the IJOY Asolo to name but a few. One thing is for sure is that these guys are constantly busy, and always looking to innovate and stay ahead in the vaping market. 

One of IJOY's latest releases is the much hyped IJOY Captain PD270, which most notably utilizes a dual 20700 battery configuration for maximum performance, and it is also compatible with 18650 batteries thanks to an adaptor included with the device. 20700 batteries are fairly new to the industry, and have been talked about frequently within vaping circles due to the increased level of performance over the tried and tested 18650 batteries we are used to, and the IJOY Captain PD270 is one of the first commercially available devices that uses these batteries. 

The IJOY Captain PD270 also boasts a maximum power output of up to 234W, and has temperature control support for Ni200, Titanium and SS, with a custom TCR input also available. You get a bright and clear screen, with a firmware upgradable chip built into the IJOY Captain PD270. IJOY have also designed a new sub ohm tank to go hand in hand with the Captain PD270, called the Captain Sub Ohm tank. We will be taking a look at this shortly so keep your eyes peeled for a review!


  • 89mm x 48mm x 32mm dimensions
  • Dual 20700 battery mod
  • Takes 18650 batteries with the use of an included adaptor
  • Up to 234W of power
  • Temperature control support for Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel
  • Custom TCR input
  • Resistance range of 0.05-3.0ohm
  • Unique custom user mode
  • Compact and portable design
  • USB charging
  • Firmware upgradable chip
  • Large and clear screen

What's in the box?

20700 batteries are in fairly short supply at present in the UK, however this will change as more 20700 devices emerge over the coming months, but thankfully you actually get a pair of IJOY's 3000 mAh 40A 20700 batteries included with the IJOY Captain PD270 mod. Also included in the box is a silicon 18650 battery adaptor, a USB charging cable, warranty card and user manual.

Design and build quality

Measuring in at 89mm x 48mm x 32mm, the IJOY Captain PD270 is by no means a small device, but it isn't obscenely large either. It just about fits in the palm of my hand perfectly, and it surprisingly feels quite lightweight as well, even with two 20700 batteries inserted. I feel like it is designed for large, power hungry sub ohm tanks, with the width of the device being 32mm even 24mm cloud chasing RDA's look tiny on top!

The top of the IJOY Captain PD270 features a spring loaded 510 connector, so that there is no gap between the device and your atomiser of choice, and it can accommodate 30mm width atomisers without any overhang present. At the side of the mod is one of the largest power buttons I have ever encounted, and it is extremely responsive too, so do take care to lock or turn off the IJOY Captain PD270 when you are carrying it around to avoid any misfires! At the base of the IJOY Captain PD270 is a hinged battery door cover, which pops open in order to insert your batteries in a series configuration. Once shut, it holds firm too. 

One of the real highlights of the IJOY Captain PD270 is the large screen found on the front of the device. This is very clear and easy to read in all types of light conditions, showing you the current power output setting, battery level (with an individual battery bar for each battery), resistance, amperage draw, power mode, voltage, puff counter and even a puff timer. There's a whole wealth of information displayed here! Underneath the screen you'll also find the plus and minus buttons, and a USB port that can be used for charging your batteries and upgrading the IWEPAL chip used with the IJOY Captain PD270.

You can purchase an IJOY Captain PD270 with your choice of up to 54 different colour combinations, so there is bound to be a finish that suits your preferences! My IJOY Captain PD270 came with a straightforward carbon fibre panel design, which I really like the look of. The finish stands up very well to day to day use, with hardly any scratches picked up so far, and I feel that it is a strikingly good looking device. The IJOY Captain Sub Ohm Tank pairs off really well with the IJOY Captain PD270, making for a great looking combo!

Using the IJOY Captain PD270

The IJOY Captain PD270 is fitted with the IJOY IWEPAL chip, which promises to offer top notch performance and it can even be updated with future firmware upgrades from the IJOY website. It is a pretty easy device to use, and here's how it all works:

  • Open the battery door to insert your 20700 batteries, if you wish to use 18650 batteries then you will need to fit the adaptor first.
  • 5 clicks of the power button will turn the device on, the Captain PD270 logo, software version number and IJOY logo will be displayed on the OLED screen
  • 5 clicks of the power button will also turn the device off, and 'POWER OFF' will be displayed on screen
  • Hold the power button down in order to vape, a 10 second cut off is built in to prevent overfiring
  • Whilst the device is on, press the fire button three times in quick succession to enter the menu
  • Pressing the plus and minus buttons whilst in the menu will allow you to select the different functions, press the fire button to confirm your selection
  • 'P' is for Power (Variable Wattage mode). You can also customise the power delivery presets, Normal Mode wil maintain the current power, Hard Mode will increase the power by 30% for three seconds, Soft Mode will decrease the power by 20% for three seconds and User Mode allows you to customise the power output for the first three seconds of each puff with each setting column representing half a second
  • 'T' is for Temperature Control mode, by selecting this you will be able to choose between Ni (Ni200), Ti (Titanium), SS (Stainless Steel) or M1/M2 TCR presets
  • 'TCR' is for entering a custom temperature coefficient, you can save two of these in the M1 and M2 slots
  • 'SET' allows you to set a standby time
  • 'RESET PUFF' will reset the puff counter
  • Holding down the plus and minus buttons together will allow you to lock in the resistance, this needs to be done at room temperature with a temperature control coil in order to calibrate an accurate baseline resistance


One aspect of 20700 batteries that I have been really intrigued by is the reported longer lifespan of these batteries thanks to the increased mAh capacity. With a dual 18650 battery, I have become accustomed to getting around a full day's usage at 40-50W before needing to swap my batteries out for fresh ones. With the 20700 batteries in the IJOY Captain PD270, I have been getting just over two days use out of a single charge when I have been vaping in the 40-50W region, which is a big increase! I haven't really felt the need to use the 18650 adaptor in the device for day to day use, as even when I am vaping at close to 100W I can still get pretty much a full day out of two 20700 batteries, which I find remarkable.

The IJOY Captain PD270 is capable of putting out some serious power, with it able to fire resistances down to 0.05ohm and output up to 234W, with resistance read accurately. Power delivery is very consistent, and there is virtually no delay when pressing the fire button to your device actually firing. It's handy to be able to customise your vape further as well with the different power boost settings at your disposal, and you can really fine tune it with the custom user input setting too!

Temperature control coils are well catered for here too, with support for Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils. A custom TCR input is also to be found on the IJOY Captain PD270 so for example if you like to use NiFe wire in temperature control, you can enter the coefficient for it through the TCR setting and save it in one of two available slots. Temperature control mode has been very accurate whilst I have tested it, and offers a very consistent vape.


The IJOY Captain PD270 is a mod that really does have it all, great looks and form factor, plenty of power available, a great temperature control mode and battery life that will last you ages. It's got rock solid build quality, and has been able to stand up easily to whatever I can throw at it on a daily basis, and it just keeps on performing pretty much perfectly regardless.

I've really fallen for the outstanding battery life offered by the IJOY Captain PD270, which has been my favourite aspect of this device. It's perfect for me to take out and about and not have to worry about carrying around spare batteries, or whether my mod is going to last me the day. It hasn't yet failed on me once, and has become a consistent and reliable mod that I can depend on!

We are giving away one of these great mods in our competition here - comp closes 6th August 2017.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.