Hippovape B'adapt Pro SBS Mod Review by Antony Lord

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Hippovape B'adapt Pro

Hippovape B’adapt Pro SBS mod 

A little while ago I took a look at the Vapefly Brunhilde SBS mod and finally got the longstanding following SBS (Side By Side) mods seem to attract. With this in mind, I spotted another interesting entry from the less well known manufacturer Hippovape in the shape of the B’adapt Pro which Sourcemore were kind enough to send over for review.


  • 80.5 x 52 x 28 mm
  • 92.1 grams
  • Single 21700 battery
  • Output 0~100 watts / 0.5~8.0 volts
  • Range 0.1~3.0ohms
  • Watts/Volts/TC/Bypass modes
  • USB-C charging
  • Two 22mm beauty adapters

Hippovape B’adapt Pro SBS mod all round

The B’adapt Pro is constructed from a mix of plastics and metal (stainless steel?) and is actually heavier than I expected considering that the main body is plastic. This is available in “tawny clear”, “amber clear” (“ultem colour”), “reddish brown” and finally “dark wood” which is what I was sent for review, this has a faux dark wood grain finish that looks reasonably convincing with a slightly media blasted texture which makes it quite pleasant to hold.

On the front, there’s a very bright screen. Some may be disappointed that this isn’t in colour, but the layout is well thought out with all the information you need at a glance. Above this are the up/down buttons on a rocker switch which have nice tactile feedback, I do wish these had been concealed on the bottom as this would have given the B’adapt Pro a much cleaner look, and I have found myself on occasion trying to use this as the power button!

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The power button is on one side just under the 510 plate with the opposite side being blank. This is well positioned for thumb firing in either hand and whilst it felt more natural to use in my right hand, I had no issues using it in southpaw mode. There is actually a subtle curve around the control panel which runs down the sides, this has a slightly more pronounced lip towards the bottom plate, particularly on the “blank” side, and if you catch it in the wrong light it can look for all the world like there’s a crack in the plastic. I believe this is an artifact from the manufacturing process, it’s not detrimental to the overall finish but I must admit I’ve found myself looking at this more than once wondering if I’d already managed to break the plastic body!

Hippovape B’adapt Pro SBS mod battery

Around the back you have a partly exposed battery tube, the main body curves in to meet this quite neatly with no harsh or sharp edges. This is a screw top style battery tube and will accept 21700/20700 and 18650 batteries. Sadly it did fail my “too fat” battery test, so if you're in the habit of using extra thick wraps on your 21700 batteries then you may struggle. It should also be noted that there are no battery orientation markings present so I had to resort to the manual, it’s negative up for reference!

Hippovape B’adapt Pro SBS mod base

On the base you’ll find a USB-C connector for charging, in my test this only hit 1 amp so not the world’s fastest, but it is handy in a pinch should you be away from a dedicated charger.

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Hippovape B’adapt Pro SBS mod 510 connection and tank

One area that’s all important on a SBS mod is the size and position of the 510 plate. With a quite shallow drop of just 26.5mm, this is more suited to short stubby atomisers and I found it to be a perfect match up for my Eclipse RTA. There is room here for a 25mm atomiser but it’s tight, you’ll literally be butting up against the battery tube, and you can pretty much forget using any sort of bubble tank which meant I had to switch to the straight glass on my Eclipse.

Hippovape B’adapt Pro SBS mod tank cage

Also included in the box are two beauty adapters to use with 22mm atomisers, these fit onto the main body on a rail system with two magnets at the base to help hold them in place. Whilst these are a very welcome addition and work well once in place, they do feel a little flimsy when it comes time to remove them so handle them with care.

The board in use here seems pretty decent with wattage, voltage, temperature control and bypass modes, with an easy to use menu system. One disappointment was the lack of a stealth mode, and it also has the annoying habit of changing your wattage every time you change the battery or swap atomisers based on your ohm load, something that has caught me out more than once!



  • Looks great and is generally well finished
  • Fairly lightweight
  • 21700 battery


  • Resets the wattage when changing batteries/atomisers
  • May not fit 21700 batteries with thicker wraps
  • No battery markings


This is my second side by side mod and apart from a few minor quibbles like the wattage changing every time I swap out the battery, I’ve been very happy with it. In fact coupled with my Eclipse RTA, nothing else has got a look in for the last week. Sourcemore also gave me the code BP100 to use which brings the Hippovape B’adapt Pro down to just $31.99 which makes it a bit of a steal as well.

Many thanks to Sourcemore for sending the Hippovape B’adapt Pro out for review.

Hippovape B’adapt Pro SBS mod boxed


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 Antony Lord
Article by Antony Lord
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