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GeekVape L200 Classic Kit

They say that size isn't important but sometimes bigger is better, especially when it comes to the new Geekvape L200 Classic Kit

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This ‘beast’ is evident by the size of the box as it’s pretty large and weighty, it comes in the now traditional Geekvape three piece box with the outer sleeve displaying the colour choice on the front and the contents and specs on the rear, the main box contains the mod in the top layer and the tank with another box containing the accessories underneath that.

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit contents

It’s a pretty generous bundle which includes the L200 Classic mod, the Zeus Max 6ml tank, an M 0.14ohm coil (Pre-installed, 60-80W) an M 0.2ohm coil (spare, 70-85W), a USB-C charging cable, a spare bubble glass, a spare drip-tip, 2 x 18650 adaptors, spare tank seals, and the documents.

First Impressions and Overview

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit big beast

Well, it’s a beast! The L200 Classic is basically an L200 on steroids due to it being a dual 21700 battery version along with a larger Zeus Max tank, it is the second largest mod I’ve ever owned and only second to the four battery Steamcrave Titan which was a ridiculously large mod and tank! But unlike the Titan, the L200 Classic is very ergonomic with that Aegis styling.

If you are familiar with the L200 mod then you will feel right at home with the rest of it as it is very much the same; it has the same chipset, structure, screen size etc. Just think bigger in size, here it is next to its smaller bro:

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit vs L200

It’s thicker, taller, wider, and heavier which is only natural as it takes the larger 21700 batteries which are 3mm taller and 3mm wider so the mod has been stretched to accommodate this. The dimensions are 64.46mm x 33mm x 147.35mm and it weighs in at 404g fully loaded with batteries and 6ml in the tank.

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit grip

It’s hard to portray the size in photos and it’s only when you hold it that you realise how large it is, I’m no hand model and my below average hand size and sausage fingers wouldn’t give you much of a clue, but here’s an official Geekvape photo which hopefully helps:

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit handcheck

As you can see, it’s big but not ‘too’ big as Geekvape have evolved the Aegis series to be quite compact over the years. The photo also illustrates the best way to hold the L200 Classic, trust me it’s far more comfortable this way rather than gripping it in your fist.

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit all angles

I’m going to put the size aside for now and get back to the rest of the L200 Classic. I just LOVE how the Aegis Legend styling has evolved, Geekvape are the masters when it comes to the much copied tri-proof exoskeleton chassis and they have refined it into what we see today with the latest Aegis range. Everything about it oozes quality with exact fit tolerances, there are no gaps or wobbly bits, even the buttons are a perfect fit and resistance.

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit top and bottom

The 510 top-plate is all part of the evolution and is far better than the earlier versions for a proper seal and rigidity. It accepts tanks up to 30mm within the top-plate and up to 33mm if you don’t mind it protruding into the outer rubber which will appeal to a lot of users. The battery door is pretty secure and a bit tricky to open and close but that’s fine as you feel confident that it’s not going to ‘boing’ open if you drop it.

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit dual battery

I’m pretty chuffed that it takes the larger 21700 batteries, but if you don’t have any then it comes with the handy 18650 adaptors. Personally I would never bother using 18650s with the L200 Classic as the whole point of this larger kit is for the larger cells, would you buy oversize shoes and wear eight pairs of socks to fit into them?

21700? Watts the advantage?

Both the L200 and the L200 Classic have a maximum wattage of 200 watts and the supplied coils don’t exceed 85 watts so why bother with 21700 batteries? Well the main benefit is the much longer battery life, and if you use higher wattage tanks you won’t trash the batteries as much which should last you longer before they need replacing.

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit charging

You can charge the batteries in the mod via the hidden USB-C port above the Fire button, it is dust and water sealed but pops out easy enough. I couldn’t find the charging current but it appears to be at least 2 Amp, I think it’s 3 Amp as it charged pretty quick for me. It is a balanced charge which is ideal for unevenly charged cells as it will bring both in line. There’s one area that Geekvape haven’t evolved though and that’s the charging screen as it is a simple 5 bar double icon which doesn’t give you any times or percentage, I’m always disappointed when I see this.

Zeus Max Sub-Ohm Tank

As with the mod, the tank is pretty big and the whopping 6ml capacity is down to the larger size and the bubble glass which bulges out a far bit, Geekvape don’t include a straight glass option and the spare is the same size, but fortunately it does suit the kit.

Geekvape zeus max

It strips down quite well when you need to deep clean it, the threads are good quality and nothing felt too tight or awkward, even the glass slid off without too much effort.

Geekvape Zeus Max stripped down

The coils are a push fit once you unscrew the base, there’s no need for the Geekvape spanner tool as it protrudes plenty so you can grip it easily enough with your fingers.

Geekvape Zeus Max coil access

The coils are quite big, especially the triple bore 0.2ohm which also features more wicking ports as there’s more cotton for the e-liquid to reach, I was quite impressed by this as a lot of other brand triple bore coils neglect this. The single bore coil is a bit skinnier and I’m guessing it will increase the tanks capacity (or is it that the triple bore decreases capacity?)

Geekvape Zeus Max coils

I’ve always loved Geekvape’s ZEUS tanks as they are mostly top airflow which pretty much eliminates leaking issues. I still have my original RTA which was the first top-airflow RTA I tried and the novelty never wore off. The airflow control ring is on a stopper and feels buttery smooth to adjust, it also stays in place well.

Filling the tank is via unscrewing the top-cap a half-turn, a small thing but it’s better than the third-turn ones as there’s less chance of it unscrewing by accident. It stays put pretty well though and you need to grip the glass to unscrew it, the fill ports are wide enough for most short-fill bottles and I experienced no airlocks while filling, mess and faff free all in all.

Geekvape Zeus Max filling access

Screen and Controls

The 1.08 inch screen is bright enough for indoor and dull days, but even at 100% brightness you have little chance to read it in bright sunlight, I’m fine with that though as you rarely need to look at it or change anything once you set it up, in fact I turn the display off as it also locks the adjustment buttons.

There is no menu, instead you simply click 3 x Fire to activate the mode selection and cycle through the options with the Up/Down buttons with long press Fire to confirm.

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit controls

That’s a skinny version of the controls, there are far more expansive operations within the manual, such as the TC/TCR functions and puff reset and more besides. The ‘BOOST’ mode is actually a nice little treat on this kit with the larger coils if you fancy a more intense hit now and then, but I wouldn’t use it all the time as it will shorten the coil lifespan.

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit lock function

Though it’s not a new feature, I still love Geekvape’s A-Lock function on the side, it completely locks the mods fire button and adjustment buttons. I couldn’t find an option to lock the adjustment buttons only though, but my workaround was to turn the screen off (Fire & Up/Down together) which stopped any accidental adjustment.

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit size

I’m not saying it’s big but…. Here it is next to my labrador.

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit big mod

I’m not saying it’s big but…. Here it is next to my Vespa


Up until now everything about the L200 Classic was just a bigger version of the L200, and thankfully that trend continued when it came to the actual vape; bigger and better sums it up nicely. It’s the first time I’ve tried the M 0.14ohm coil (pre-installed, 60-80W) and M 0.2ohm coil (spare, 70-85W). The single bore mesh 0.14ohm hit the spot at 70 watts for me in both flavour and vapour production, it struck me as the best DL I have experienced from Geekvape so far, that’s high praise considering how much I enjoyed the Aegis ETENO’s vape quality, this just felt ‘more’ and summed up the whole package nicely.

The 0.2ohm triple bore mesh coil was a much more flavourful vape but at the cost of vapour production if that matters to you, personally I prefer flavour over vapour so this coil would be my go to option, not that the vapour production is low, it still chucks out plenty, just not as much as the single bore 0.14ohm.

Boost mode was more useable than I expected, the novelty factor ended up becoming a treat factor as I enjoyed using it occasionally, that different and intense hit is quite striking and thankfully it didn’t overdo it to produce dry hits. I tried to limit the use of the boost function as I wanted the coil to last longer.

The airflow range was just right, from a very airy full DL draw down to a very restricted (RDL) draw, it was also a fair bit quieter than a lot of other tanks.

As for using the mod, the 21700 batteries added a whole added trust element to using this kit for a full day and night even with heavy usage. I tend to hammer a kit when I’m reviewing it and I go above ‘normal’ use, but this easily lasted me a full day and I charged it once a day out of habit but it would possibly last me a few more hours without.

The size only bothered my pocket, it’s a bit too big for trouser pockets but it was fine in my jacket. I soon got used to the larger size in my hand and I soon adopted the more comfortable way of holding it which quickly became intuitive.

I just liked everything about the L200 Classic as it gave me more of everything including the 6ml capacity, also I almost never needed to check the battery status. I can see this kit being my main choice for weekends away and festivals etc.

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit juiced up


Think ‘big’ and that’s pretty much what you will get in every way, big kit, big flavour, big performance, big capacity (e-liquid and battery), big protection, who says ‘size doesn’t matter’?

I’ve always been impressed with Geekvape’s coils but these M ones are the best yet and are what I class as a proper high wattage sub-ohm vape of old. This positions the L200 Classic right at the top of the Aegis range. There’s only ONE thing I didn’t like about this kit and that’s the Rainbow colour, I seriously hate Rainbow as I think it looks cheap and somewhat tacky, especially when I saw they had a Grey or Beige version, but obviously that’s a very subjective opinion, I didn’t let that spoil the enjoyment of using this kit though.

These days it’s getting harder to find a rubbish kit as most new releases are exceptional, occasionally something still stands out from the crowd and the L200 Classic does just that as it is pretty rare for a dual 21700 mainstream kit to hit the market, Geekvape nailed this one.


  • Dual 21700 (18650 adaptors included)
  • Bigger, Badda, Bolder, Better
  • Engineering excellence
  • Great flavour and high vapour production
  • All-day, all-night trustworthy
  • High capacity (6ml) Zeus Max tank
  • Leak resistant top-airflow
  • Tri-proofing
  • A-Lock


  • Not a single one

I do have a couple of small niggles which are nowhere near cons or deal-breakers, firstly the basic battery screen but the fast charging and battery life made up for that, secondly the lack of adjustment button locking but I have a workaround for that (screen off) and I didn’t actually encounter any accidental adjustments during normal usage/stowage. These two niggles will knock 0.5 off the score though.

Final Thoughts and Score

If you like big vape kits then the L200 Classic is a great choice, bigger is better in this case but the size of it should be considered as some will find it too big. I thought I would find it too big but it surprised me and I now have a new durable long-life choice ideal for camping and long days out.

You do need 21700 batteries to make the most out of this kit though.

Score: 9/10 – I’m not saying it is big butt………

Geekvape L200 Classic Kit colours

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