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Eleaf iStick Basic

The iStick Basic from Eleaf is intended as a streamlined starter kit for new vapers. It uses Direct Current Output which means there are absolutely no settings to adjust. Essentially the more charge in the battery, the higher the power output.

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Eleaf iStick Basic

The iStick Basic from Eleaf is intended as a streamlined starter kit for new vapers. It uses Direct Current Output which means there are absolutely no settings to adjust. Essentially the more charge in the battery, the higher the power output.

The device comes with the new GS 3 Air Tank which holds 2ml of E-Liquid and has an adjustable airflow ring. For someone new to vaping this kit might be of interest so let’s dive into the review and have a look!

iStick Basic features

  • 2300mAh Battery Capacity
  • Direct Current Power Output
  • Innovative magnetic tank connector
  • Six metallic colours to choose from
  • Tank capacity: 2ml
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.75ohm
  • Resistance range: 0.4 -5.0ohm
  • Dimensions: 39.5mm x 23mm x 81mm
  • Colours: Black, Silver, Grey, Blue, Red and Hot Pink

What’s in the box?

  • 1× iStick Basic body
  • 1× GS Air 2 atomizer (14mm)
  • 2× GS Air atomizer head (0.75ohm)
  • 1× 510 connector
  • 1× eGo connector
  • 1× Micro USB charging cable
  • 1× User manual

iStick Basic styling and build quality

In terms of styling the iStick Basic is reasonably attractive. It has nicely rounded edges and for the most part feels comfortable in the hand since the form factor is pretty good. For an all-in-one device it is kept to a sensible size and it is actually rather lightweight.

The device itself has two cut-out windows so you can see the choice level in the tank but the edges are quite rough and they can scrape your hand a little when gripping the mod. Ideally they should have been chamfered but you can’t expect everything.

The iStick Basic has an internal 2300mAh battery which should be enough to last modest vapers a decent amount of time. The battery can be charged via the included Micro USB cable and the port itself is located near the top of the device. The device has a single LED light on its side which illuminates when switching the device on and off and also when pressing the fire button.

What is especially unique about this device is that the tank simply slots into the device itself and is held in position with a magnet. The tank is completely isolated from the internal electronic components so there is no serious risk of damage from leaking. Another advantage is that because the tank is a separate component it means you can clean it easily. The coils can be easily swapped out and refilling is simple.

There is no actual venting air holes on the device but considering the large window slots I am sure this helps to keep the battery cool. I certainly didn’t run into any issues with the device overheating.

The overall machining while fairly nice does feel a little bit creaky and cheap in a few areas which you kind of expect from a low priced starter kit. The main fire button does rattle quite a lot but I never felt it was going to come loose. In its defence the button is quite responsive.

Apparently you can fit other tanks to this device providing they are 14mm in diameter.

Ease of use

The iStick Basic is literally true to its name because there is absolutely no complexity here at all. The device does not have Variable Wattage or Temperature Control, nor does it have an actual display and merely has a LED light which informs you that you are using it and a single fire button. It really is a case of five clicks of the fire button to switch the device on and off.

Fitting the tank is not a problem at all and you simply slide it in before tightening it up. It is held in position with a magnet but the only real issue I found with this is that the tank can always be rotated when fitted and I would preferred it to lock into place but since it doesn’t affect performance in any way or ever fall out I didn’t find it that big a deal. 


I filled up the tank with some Drip Beats Roll E-Liquid and screwed it into the device. In terms of the vape I got I would say that it was acceptable. Flavour was certainly reasonable enough but nothing to write home about. Although it might be okay if you are a first time vaper and planning on using high nicotine tobacco E-Liquid or a strong menthol flavour.

The draw was pretty good and it felt nice and restrictive so you can happily vape mouth to lung. The airflow can be adjusted but you do have to remove the tank first. You can heavily close down the airflow to the point where is becomes incredibly restrictive, in fact it becomes a lot like a Silk Cut experience (inhaling like mad to get something out of it) which I am sure many ex-smokers will remember. 

Fully opening the tank’s airflow allows you to get away with a restrictive lung inhale and while it might be okay as an introduction to that style of vaping it is still quite a tight draw. Vapour production is quite reasonable and should be perfectly adequate for a new vaper.

The tank has a capacity of 2ml which while TPD compliant is not exactly great but on the plus side of things you don’t really drain it that fast because you are limited to the set Wattage of the device. Refilling is easy because you simply remove the tank and unscrew its base. There is more than enough room for most juice bottle nozzles or dropper caps.

The battery lasts about three to four hours but you will get more out of it if you are an infrequent vaper. It takes roughly two to three hours to charge via USB but it does support pass-through so you can vape while charging if you get desperate.


As a product aimed at new vapers the iStick Basic is certainly a decent one despite being limited in what it offers. All of the usual bells and whistles that you get with most mods are completely absent but on the positive side of things this makes the device very simple to understand and use. 

Purely as an all-in-one kit the iStick Basic will get the job done and the vape it offers caters heavily to mouth to lung which is ideal for anyone who has just quit smoking.

While the device is reasonably stylish and has a decent form factor it does feel quite cheap in a number of areas, the rattling fire button and the way the tank rotates even when fitted are the main culprits. Flavour is merely acceptable and there are certainly other starter kits out there that offer nicer flavour than this one. Whether these things matter or not will be down to the individual.

At the end of the day this device is worth considering if you making the switch to vaping but do make sure that you look at all options available since while this device is very serviceable it does lack a lot of features that may be of importance to you later. The iStick Basic is marketed as a starter kit and aimed at new vapers in terms of simplicity, a seasoned vaper like myself may deem it to be lacking in some departments but for an ecig newbie this may come as a welcomed break for those possibly feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the many options in the market today.

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