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First look at the Kanger Subvod Kit

The humble Ego battery has come a long way. Veteran vapers may remember the days of battling to quit smoking using the Ego/CE4 clearomiser combo, with it’s high resistance coils, silica wicks, extremely tight draw and short lifespan both from battery and clearomiser itself. Since the boom in sub ohm vaping and cloud chasing, even the Ego battery itself was given a makeover in order to offer a sub ohm experience in the form of the Ego One from Joyetech. Aspire have released their own versions too amongst others, with the CF batteries. These options offer an almost ‘plug and play’ sub ohm vaping experience, no need to fiddle around with wattage settings, simply charge up your battery, screw on your atomiser, and you can happily sub ohm vape away!

Kangertech’s entry into this end of the market may have been a long time coming, however this has given them time to sit back, see what’s working and what isn’t, and come up with their own sub ohm starter kit in the form of the Kangertech Subvod Kit. This kit is comprised of the Kanger Subvod battery, a fixed voltage ego style battery, and the new Kanger Nano-s atomiser. It’s aimed as a starter kit, but it’s also handy to take on the move or if you fancy a change of pace and just want something that you can charge up and use, that gives you a little more ‘ooomph’ than your usual starter kit, and doesn’t require any fiddling around with settings.

It’s not due for release in the UK until November, however Kangertech have kindly provided POTV with a Subvod Kit to have an in depth look at before it goes on general sale in the United Kingdom, and here’s what we think of it…

The Subvod Kit

Subvod is actually the name for the fixed voltage Ego style 1300 mAh battery contained within the kit, manufactured from aluminium alloy and stainless steel. Voltage output of the battery is fixed at 3.7V, so this outputs 3.7V regardless of whether the battery is fully charged or near empty. The Subvod battery is recharged via a micro USB cable, the micro USB charging slot is found at the bottom of the battery and a micro USB cable is included in the kit. A charging indicator light is also present here; red whilst the battery is charging, green when the battery is fully charged and ready for use.


The capacity of the battery is 1300 mAh - if you are a heavy vaper this will drain out pretty quickly during usage, moderate users may get a full day from it. It’s able to handle resistance down to 0.4ohm, and you don’t need to use the supplied Subtank Nano-s, you can use different atomisers too. The width of the Subvod is 18.5mm so if you are concerned about your atomiser overhanging the battery, you may want to bear this in mind. A spring loaded 510 connector is present too to help get a flush fit - the Subtank Nano-s sits completely flush with no visible gaps.

With the kit you have Kangertech’s brand new and upgraded Kanger Nano-s tank, featuring the brand new SSOCC 0.5ohm Sub Ohm coil, manufactured from aluminium alloy with Pyrex glass. This coil is a vertical stainless steel, rather than kanthal coil, wicked with Japanese Organic Cotton, and the coil is now cylindrical rather than square. Airflow has been upgraded, with four airflow options to cater to mouth to lung as well as lung hitters, and the Pyrex glass tank section has been toughened even further, and a spare is included in the package. It’s 1.9ml capacity, which is by no means ideal for all day use, but handy for occasional usage and is also within the TPD tank size limit, so a bit of future-proofing perhaps from Kangertech... Filling is as easy as it was before, by unscrewing the tank from the base and filling to the chimney. A replaceable Delrin drip tip is also found here. The Kanger Subtank Nano is a great tank and the Nano-s just adds a bit of polish to the performance!

The kit combined weighs a mere 98g in total, and 137mm in length, so it’s a real lightweight and pocket friendly kit to carry around with you. The finish is excellent and so far I’ve not experienced any of the paint finish coming off. All in, the retail package will contain a Subtank Nano-s, Subvod Battery, SSOCC 0.5ohm Sub Ohm coil, spare Pyrex glass, a micro USB charging cable and an instruction manual. 6 different colours have also been confirmed, the kit will be available in black, white, silver, blue, pink and purple.

The Specs


  • 18.5mm diameter
  • 42mm length (excluding drip tip and 510 threading)
  • 41g weight
  • Aluminium alloy and Pyrex glass construction
  • 1.9ml capacity
  • Enhanced pyrex glass tank section
  • Replaceable drip tip
  • 4 different airflow options to cater for mouth to lung and lung hitters
  • Enhanced airflow valve
  • Takes Kangertech’s new Stainless Steel OCC coil heads


  • 18.5mm diameter
  • 90mm length
  • 57g weight
  • Aluminium alloy and stainless steel construction
  • 3.7v fixed output voltage
  • 1300 mAh capacity
  • Minimum resistance 0.4ohm
  • MicroUSB charging
  • Spring loaded 510 connector
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • 10 second cut off
  • LED charging indicator
  • Pass through vaping supported


5 clicks will switch on the Subvod battery, and a simple click of the power button fires it. 10 second cut off is built in for your safety, so depressing the power button for this amount of time will cause the power button to flash and cut off. All the usual safety features are found here - so short circuit, overcharge, low resistance and over use protection are all built into the battery. The button will also flash if the battery has drained and needs charging, so you have a visual reminder there, and charging is done through the microUSB slot at the bottom of the battery.

The Subvod battery itself is operated with one click - the output is fixed at 3.7v so you won’t be adjusting any power settings, simply click and go. Battery capacity is 1300mAh, this has lasted me the majority of the day when used in conjunction with the Subtank Nano-s and 0.5ohm SSOCC coil, but with occasional use rather than heavy usage. It recharges pretty quickly through the microUSB port, which is handy when you need to recharge on the move. Unlike other basic sub ohm kits, the Subvod kit hasn’t got hot or even warm really during heavy use! As mentioned above, the Subvod can handle resistance down to 0.4ohm, and you have a spring loaded 510 connector, so you can use other atomisers with this battery.

Kangertech’s new Subtank Nano-s comes with the kit, which is an upgraded version of the best selling Subtank Nano. It’s now available in 6 different colours, as per the different colours available for the Kanger Subvod kits. Capacity remains the same at 1.9ml, which drains very quickly with heavy usage, however it’s just as easy to refill as it was previously- simply unscrew from the base of the tank and fill. A delrin drip tip is also included in the package which is removeable and replaceable. 4 airflow options are present, ranging from one small airflow hole with the airflow at its lowest setting, to wide open and airy at its widest. Having it set to the smallest setting allows you to mouth to lung vape, whereas wide open suits the lung hitters and produces some really quite impressive clouds with the new Stainless Steel OCC heads. The airflow control ring is as smooth as ever, and your selected setting audibly clicks into place. The improvements make for an upgraded experience over the original Subtank Nano.

Finally, you have got the new Stainless Steel OCC 0.5ohm coil head included within the package, Kanger having moved away from Kanthal with these coils and onto Stainless Steel, which worked very well with the Uwell Crown, and the coil is positioned vertically and wrapped in Japanese Cotton wick, within a cylindrical instead of square shaped coil head. The result in my opinion is a much cleaner and more flavourful vape, and even bigger clouds over the original OCC coil heads, and I believe these are a giant leap ahead for Kanger over the old OCC coil heads. These are now rated for use up to 60w, and wick high VG juice very well indeed.


I also tested out the performance of the new SSOCC coil heads on the IPV D2, in order to see how it handles different wattages. I actually found these coil heads to perform amazingly well at 40-45W, with real crisp flavour and thick dense clouds. 50w muted the flavour a little, but threw out some massive clouds! 60w bought dry hits in unfortunately, and the coil seemed to struggle to keep up. Overall, I’m massively impressed with these new coils from Kanger, and I believe these are their best work yet in the flavour and cloud department.


If you are looking for a starter kit, a basic device for on the move or you simply just want something whereby you merely press a button and get results, then I can’t recommend the Subvod Kit enough. It does an excellent faultless job for what it is, and I believe it's the best option of its kind available as of yet.

The new Kanger Subtank Nano-s is a particular highlight, with the new SSOCC coils. The little tweaks Kanger have made to this tank have made it a little package with a very big punch, and the flavour from the new coil heads in particular can now compete with anything around. Kanger haven’t reinvented the wheel with the Subvod kit, but they have released a great little package that offers instant results with a simple press of a button. Current forecasted RRP in the UK is set to be under £30 and at that price, the Subvod is going to do very well indeed!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.
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