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Introduction to the Coolfire IV

The Innokin CoolFire series began with the original CoolFire, aimed at beginners, which came with a fixed 8.5w power output and came bundled along with an iClear clearomiser, variable power output was then introduced with the CoolFire II, sporting a bizarre grenade styled design, making it wholly unsuitable for carrying through airports! Strangely, no Coolfire III was ever released.

Fast forward to 2015 and Innokin have introduced the latest itineration in the CoolFire range, the Innokin CoolFire IV. Available in a range of different colour options, a sleek and small design, cheap price, variable wattage up to 40W, an inbuilt 2000 mAh battery and the ability to fire resistance down to 0.3ohm, Innokin look to be attempting to grab the attention of those looking to purchase their first box mod, or perhaps those that are looking for a cheap mod for general out and about use. Lets see how the CoolFire performs!


  • Variable wattage from 6-40W
  • Variable voltage from 3-7.5V
  • Minimum atomiser resistance 0.3ohm
  • Fixed 2000 mAh battery with a maximum output of 12A
  • Micro USB DC 5V/1A charging, vape whilst charging ability
  • On/off switch
  • 15 second cut off
  • 3 clicks of the power button to lock or unlock the device
  • OLED display, orientation which can be flipped
  • Lanyard hole
  • VRMS power regulation
  • Heat dissipation vents
  • 510 threaded with spring loaded 510 connection
  • Low voltage warning
  • Short circuit/atomiser protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Overheating protection

What's in the box?

Packaging is very much in the trademark Innokin style, a plastic clam shell presentation box with the contents housed in a foam insert. Inside you will find:

1x Innokin CoolFire IV
1x Micro USB charging cable
1x eGo/510 adaptor
1x instruction manual

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On first impressions, I’m pretty impressed with the looks of the CoolFire IV. Paired with one of Innokin’s new iSub tank range and you have a pretty cool looking set up. The CoolFire IV sits in your hand really nicely, it has to be one of the most comfortable mods that I have ever held in my hand, and it’s very light too making it an easy unit to carry around with you. It’s also very small too, a lot smaller than I expected it to be, measuring in at only 86mm tall. You can choose from a range of different colour options, and the brushed paint finish is superb on each option giving the CoolFire IV a real premium feel about it.

At the side of the CoolFire IV there are plenty of heat dissipating holes for safety. Underneath the CoolFire IV you have the on/off switch, to the side is the small OLED screen along with the fire button, micro USB slot and plus and minus button, the stainless steel spring loaded 510 connector is found at the top of the CoolFire IV. One grumble I have is that although pretty clear, the OLED screen is a little small, I would have preferred to see this a bit bigger!

Innokin have even included a lanyard hole on the corner of the CoolFire IV, so you can hang the mod round your neck should you wish! Vape bling???


The CoolFire IV is a really easy and user friendly mod to use. You do not need to scroll through tons of different menu options to adjust your settings, everything is done through button combination presses. Out of the box, the CoolFire IV is set to variable voltage by default, should you wish to switch this to variable wattage, and most users will want to do this, simply press the fire button and plus button simultaneously. Changing it back to variable voltage is done by pressing the fire and minus button simultaneously. You adjust the power by first holding down either the plus or minus button, a la the MVP 3.0 Pro, until the power display flashes, you then adjust the power accordingly.

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As mentioned above the OLED display is a little on the small side and may be difficult for some users, especially those with sight problems, to read. The usual information is displayed, battery life, resistance, voltage output, atomiser resistance and wattage output, and a vape timer becomes displayed whilst the fire button is pressed and you are vaping on the CoolFire IV. There is an inbuilt 15 second cut off along with the usual safety features such as short circuit protection, low resistance protection, overdischarge protection and low voltage protection. The display itself can be flipped to right or left by holding down the plus and minus buttons for three seconds, pressing the plus and minus buttons quickly will bring up a puff counter. Battery life is not only displayed on the screen but also on the fire button itself in the form of a coloured LED indicator- green means you are pretty much fully charged and good to go, yellow is a warning to get ready to charge the CoolFire IV, red means charge imminently!

Power output is available in 6-40w and can be adjusted in 0.5w increments, or if you have the power output set to volts you have 3-7.5v available adjustable in increments of 0.1v. You can fire resistance down to 0.3ohm, although the instruction manual states that 0.2ohm resistance can still be fired- I tested this with the 0.2ohm coil in the Sense Herakles and it fired it! The Innokin CoolFire IV uses VRMS DC current to output power accurately, the power deviation is a miniscule 0.1w meaning no power is wasted.

The CoolFire IV uses an inbuilt 2000 mAh battery, which will just about last a full day when vaping heavily on low resistance coils at over 30w. You can get more life out of it using less power, for example I used the Kanger Subtank with a 0.5ohm coil at 28w and I got nearly two days battery life, using the iSub G tank with the same coil at the same power got the same results, and the Aspire Triton with the 1.8ohm coil and 13w got me almost three days use! Micro USB charging is included so you can charge on the move if you need it. Be warned, when the LED power indicator on the fire button is red, get charging the CoolFire IV straight away, as once it has changed to red power dies off almost immediately!

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I’ll be the first to confess that I wasn’t massively excited about getting the Innokin CoolFire IV, however the more I have used it, the more it has grown on me and the more I have found myself reaching for the CoolFire IV when out and about over a lot of my higher powered box mods. Ergonomically it is excellent, and slots into my hand perfectly, its small and compact and just feels really comfortable in hand. Looks wise, it’s a great looker, the brushed paint finish is superb and gives the CoolFire IV a real premium feel.

The inbuilt 2000 mAh battery isn’t the greatest and I just about manage a full day’s use out of it, but for taking out and about to work and such like it is fine. Performance wise I can have no complaints with it, it performs perfectly and most popular sub ohm tanks can be paired with the CoolFire IV and used as it can fire resistance down to 0.3ohm, and at the price it will make a great little addition to most vapers arsenal.  A really good buy as it can be purchased for around £35 which is good value for a mod of this power range and build quality.

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 Dan Willis
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