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Aspire Pegasus

Single 18650 battery temperature control mods with small form factor have been extremely popular recently, especially in the case of the Sigelei 75w and IPV D2, could the Pegasus help Aspire rise above the competition?

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There’s no menu system per se to speak of, as Aspire have made the Pegasus as user friendly as possible. Its as simple as screwing in your atomiser and off you go. The Aspire Pegasus automatically detects whether your coil is kanthal, Ni200 or Titanium and will automatically set the Aspire Pegasus to wattage or temperature control mode accordingly. Adjustments are made with the adjustment gear and just hit the power button to vape!

A maximum power output of 70w and minimum resistance of 0.2ohm means that the Aspire Pegasus can support the latest sub ohm tanks, and output enough power to give optimum performance for the vast majority of them. In Temperature Control mode, it reads resistance accurately and performs very well indeed, my only slight gripe being that I need to set my temperature limit at the 600F maximum to get a decent vape from a Titanium coil, which means that I don’t get particularly great battery life when using a Titanium coil. Ni200 works very well and I get a really nice vape at between 400-450f, in line with most other Temperature Control units I have used.

One of the main concerns with single 18650 battery units, especially those featuring Temperature Control, is poor battery life. I’m pleased to report that the Aspire Pegasus does not suffer from this, and it's just as efficient as the IPV D2, certainly you get better life out of it than you do with the Sigelei 75w TC. With a fully charged battery fresh off the charger at 4.2v, at 18w with the Vapor Giant Mini v2.5, I get a full day’s use out of it. Using the Snapdragon RDA with it at 30-35w will give me the vast majority of a day, and the Smok TFV4 Mini with the Clapton coil heads at 45-50w sees me needing a battery swap a day. That’s what I would expect from a single 18650 battery unit with a decent chipset.

I can’t fault the overall performance of the Aspire Pegasus, it ticks along nicely and is a powerful unit supporting resistance down to 0.2ohm and power output up to 70w, which is far more than the average user needs!


I must say I didn’t think the Aspire Pegasus would be a unit I would like and make a permanent part of my collection, but due to its excellent performance and beautiful looks it has completely confounded my expectations and has become a feature of my own personal collection. It’s a really handy unit to have for out and about use, and it hasn’t once let me down either.

The price is excellent and at under £50 from UK retailers I will definitely be adding another one to my collection, it is a superb addition to any vapers arsenal and a versatile user friendly reliable unit that packs pretty much everything you need into one small package!

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