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Following on from the Aspire NX30, the NX75 is the latest box mod device from industry powerhouses Aspire. It boasts a rock solid build quality, and takes a single 18650 battery utilizing a unique sliding magnetic door system. As per the name, it outputs up to a maximum of 75W, offers different customisation options such as the intriguing Customizable Firing Button Profiles, and temperature control coil support is also found on this device.

Aspire are more well known for their tanks, such as the Nautilus, Triton, Atlantis and Cleito tanks manufactured by them, however they have put out a couple of mods in the past. The last mod from Aspire that I encountered was the Pegasus way back in 2015, and I was left quite impressed by that, so let's see how the NX75 fares...


  • Dimensions- 22.5mm x 36.8mm x 75mm
  • Wattage range- 1-75W
  • Output voltage range- 0-8.5V
  • Resistance range- 0.1-3.5ohm
  • Temperature control range- 100-315C/200-600F
  • Ni200, Titanium, SS and TCR supported in Temperature Control
  • Customizable Firing Button Profiles (CFBP) for adjustable power curve
  • Firmware upgradeable chip via micro USB
  • Takes a single 18650 battery
  • Unique sliding magnetic battery compartment
  • Constructed from Zinc Alloy (stainless steel and aluminium alloy also available)
  • Four colour options
  • Child lock
  • Variable Voltage option
  • Screen customization options
  • Stealth mode
  • Screen auto rotation
  • Overheating protection
  • Low battery protection
  • Reverse battery polarity protection
  • Low resistance/atomiser short protection
  • Overcharge protection

What’s in the Box?

Inside the retail box you get the Aspire NX75, a USB cable, instruction manual and a warranty card.

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Design and Build Quality

Straight away, with the NX75 in hand, I already felt like this was a very well made device indeed. It sports a sturdy zinc alloy construction, with a stainless steel spring loaded 510 connector, and a choice of four different colour finishes are available too, with red, black, stainless steel and white all available to purchase.

At the side of the mod, you have a good sized power button, as well as smaller operation buttons present. There are two buttons below the power button, one marked W and the other marked T, which allow you to quickly switch between Wattage and Temperature Control functions, with plus and minus buttons below the OLED screen. The W and T buttons are a nice touch by Aspire, removing the need to navigate through a menu system to switch between the two functions, however I’d highly recommend making use of the locking feature to prevent the buttons being pressed accidentally, as it’s quite easy to knock the buttons on this device and inadvertently change your settings.  

The OLED screen is very bright and clear, easy to read under any light conditions, plus you can also customise the name on the screen should you wish to do so. On the side of the device is a USB port that can also be used for updating the firmware, Aspire do have future firmware updates planned for the NX75. Underneath the device you’ll find eight battery venting holes for safety. At the side of the device is a very cool feature for inserting your batteries, the battery compartment slides out and you simply pop an 18650 battery into the compartment and slide it back in, strong magnets help to hold the compartment in place. I feared that this may risk shredding my battery wraps but I’ve had no such issues thus far, I’d still highly recommend that you do make sure you take care when inserting a new battery.

It is a lightweight and comfortable device to use, easily pocketable, with excellent small form factor making it a great stealthy option, and tanks such as the Aspire Cleito pair really well with it. The NX75 can also be purchased as part of the Aspire EVO75 kit, which also includes the new Aspire Atlantis Evo sub ohm tank.

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Using the Aspire NX75

One of the key selling points around the Aspire NX75 is not only the budget price it is available for, but the amount of options you have at your disposal. It can be operated simply, however there are also a wealth of customization options at your disposal too. The operating functions of the Aspire NX75 are as follows:

  • Five clicks of the power button will lock or unlock the NX75
  • Whilst the device is locked, a further three clicks of the fire button will turn the NX75 completely off.
  • Whilst inserting a battery, if you also hold the fire button down you can change the display language
  • The W button allows you to switch between Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage and Bypass modes, as well as the three different Customisable Firing Button Profiles, which allow you to set different firing profiles to suit your tastes
  • When the firing button is held down when using a Customisable Firing Button Profile, the screen displays the power curve you have preset, a different wattage can be selected for each second if you wish. Holding the W button down will take you into the interface, a further press of W or T will select the time, and pressing Plus or Minus allows you to set the desired wattage. Press the firing button to save the setting.
  • The T button allows you to switch between the different temperature control coil settings, simply select the correct coil that corresponds to the one in your atomiser. SS316 wire is only compatible with Stainless Steel in TC mode.
  • Three clicks of the power button will put the device in stealth mode, clicking the power button three times again will take it out of stealth mode
  • Holding W and Minus will activate the child lock feature. This allows you to set a three number passcode to lock and unlock the NX75
  • Holding W and Plus will lock and unlock the buttons
  • Holding down T and Minus will activate the change logo feature
  • Holding down T and Plus will allow you to enter TCR settings for temperature control wires.


I couldn’t help but be impressed with the performance of the Aspire NX75. Performance is read accurately in both TC and wattage modes, resistance is read down to 0.1ohm and with 75W to play with in wattage mode, it packs plenty of punch as well, delivering what I expected it to deliver. The Customisable Firing Button Profiles aren’t something we haven’t seen before on other devices, however they do provide a different option, and it’s something that you can tinker around with to offer a different vaping experience.

In temperature control mode, you have support for Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils, however only SS316 wire is supported under the Stainless Steel preset. A TCR input setting is also included, which allows you to input the TCR value of coils outside of these three settings, configuring them for usage in TC mode. You do need to ensure the NX75 is at room temperature when you attach an atomiser with a TC build, then hit the T button, it will then ask you if it is a new coil or not. Your NX75 will then be ready to be used in TC mode. You’ll find it offers a smooth experience in TC on the whole, with accurate performance and power delivery.

Battery life was what I would expect from a single 18650 battery mod. I got a full days usage out of it on average using an LG HG2 battery with a 0.7ohm build in the Rose3 set to between 35W and 38W. You can charge the device using the USB port, however it’s not recommended to try and vape with it whilst charging, the unique battery compartment does make it easy to switch in a fresh battery however.

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There’s not really anything that the Aspire NX75 device lacks for a single 18650 device, I really did find it very difficult to find any fault with it whatsoever. It’s a device can be picked up and used by beginners, as you don’t need to delve into the customisation options if you don’t want to, however if you do then there is a wealth of different options for you to experiment with.

All in all, I found it to be a great little bit of kit, packed with features and really well made to boot. With it being available at sub £50 I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the NX75 for those in the market for a small and stealthy 18650 mod, it packs all you need and more into one small package!

Many thanks to Smoke Purer for sending the Aspire NX75 in to review, this can be purchased from - POTV readers can get 10% off using the code POTV at checkout.

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