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Artery Nugget

Artery Nugget. I can't say that's the most appealing name for a mod especially when you consider it’s target market is ex smokers, however name aside the Artery Nugget is one of the smallest mods on the market, and the latest in a wave of mini mods to hit the vaping market.

Packed into a tiny little box is a 1000 mAh internal battery, rechargeable via USB, that is capable of firing resistance down to 0.1ohm and outputting up to 50W of power. It also has temperature control, supporting Ni200 and Titanium coils, and a temperature control range of 200-600F. It's constructed of solid stainless steel, with silver, black, copper and gold finishes available. Firmware is also upgradable too through the USB port, allowing you to take advantage of future firmware updates!

So it's tiny, yet powerful and wallet friendly too! Is this a gold nugget? Let's find out!


  • Dimensions 55.5mm x 31mm x 22mm
  • One of the smallest mods available
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel 510 connector 
  • Silver, black, copper and gold finishes available
  • OLED screen 
  • 1000 mAh USB rechargeable internal battery
  • Passthrough capable
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Fires down to 0.1ohm
  • 5w to 50w output power adjustable in 1W increments
  • Temperature control support for Ni200 and Titanium coils, Stainless Steel available through firmware update
  • TC range 100C-315C, 200-600F
  • Voltage range 0.5-8V

What's in the Box?

  • Artery Nugget mod
  • USB cable
  • Instruction manual

Looks and build quality

There's small mods, and there's the Artery Nugget. Cube shaped and measuring in at a dinky 55.5mm X 31mm X 22mm, this thing really is a tiny little nugget, just about covering half my palm and I don't possess particularly large hands either! It does feel really comfortable in hand, the buttons are easy to operate however I did inadvertently press the plus or minus buttons a few times when in use. This is as stealthy as it gets when it comes to stealth mods, a real small little unit.

It is small, but it is very well made as well. It is manufactured from solid stainless steel with a sand blasted finish, and silver, black, copper and gold finishes are presently available. The Nugget logo is clearly printed on the side and the stainless steel buttons are tactile and responsive. It feels very robust and a really well made little unit.

There's a stainless steel threaded 510 connector at the top with a gold plated spring loaded 510 connector, coupled with the 22mm width you get a flush fit with 22mm diameter atties, the Serpent Mini in particular makes a great pairing with this unit. You'll find the USB port at the side of the unit that is used for charging and firmware updates, and at the base of the unit are five vent holes for the internal battery.

The OLED screen on the front of the Artery Nugget is a particular highlight, for such a small mod it features a large and clear screen. This tells you the current battery level, current output mode (power, voltage, Ni, Ti, SS), power setting, temperature limit (if in TC mode), voltage output and resistance. It's easily readable in any light conditions and large enough for anyone to see what is going on without any trouble.

Operating the Artery Nugget

First things first, 5 clicks of the power button will power the Artery Nugget on and off. When screwing an atomiser on and hitting the power button, the Artery Nugget will prompt you to enter whether this is a new coil or an existing build by pressing either the plus or minus buttons. 

Power is adjusted from 5 to 50w with the plus and minus buttons, however this can only be adjusted in increments of 1w and not in between. There doesn't seem to be a way to lock the power, and you can increase or decrease power by either holding down the plus or minus buttons or pressing them.

Accessing the menu system is done via holding down the plus and minus buttons together. Hit the power button to select an option and use plus and minus to scroll through the options. The following options will be bought up:

  • Work mode setting. This allows you to switch between power, voltage, Ni, Ti and SS mode (SS mode available with firmware update).
  • Temp System Setting allows you to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Temp power boost setting allows you to set the wattage preheat
  • Auto off setting allows you to set when the Artery Nugget will automatically power off, from 10 to 90 minutes in 10 minute increments
  • System software update is used when updating the firmware through your computer only
  • Soft Version will tell you the current software
  • Exit will take you back out of the menu


There's a large wattage range of 5-50w available on the Artery Nugget, and it's able to fire down to 0.1ohm which also makes it perfect for RDAs and sub ohm tanks. I haven't had an issue with power delivery on this mod, and resistance seems to be read pretty accurately too. One small issue I did note was that the unit did seem to get a little warm during use, but never got enough to worry about.

Temperature control at present only supports Ni200 and Titanium coils in temperature control, however a firmware update will allow for Stainless Steel 316L wire support. The TC range is 94-615c, or 200-600F. With Ni200 and Titanium coils I felt the Artery Nugget fared very well indeed, with pretty solid and consistent performance across the board.

Battery life is limited by the 1000 mAh battery, with a unit this small it's pretty difficult to fit a battery with a long capacity in. It's definitely not going to last you all day, unless you are a very moderate vaper, however I did get a solid couple of hours heavy usage out of it on average. It recharges quickly via the USB port as well, plus has passthrough capability so you can vape whilst this is on charge. 


Don't let its small stature fool you, the Artery Nugget is a tiny box with huge performance! It's not going to be the main mod of choice for many people, mainly due to its limitations with battery life, however it makes a solid addition to anyone's collection as a back up device or one for at home usage. It's the most powerful mini mod out there at the time of writing, and feature rich too!

The size of this little thing is so small, it's perfectly pocket friendly, and it's a robust little unit as well. It's packed with more features than many larger sized mods and at the budget price it is being sold for, it's a quality little purchase for just about anyone!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.