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ZOUR E-Liquids

ZOUR E-Liquids are a range of juice produced and sold by Apollo who are an American company based in California. At present there are five different flavours in this range and I received three of them to review, Zour Peach, Zour Blue Raspberry and Zour Watermelon Berry. These are max VG liquids and are only available in 60ml bottles at 3mg strength.

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ZOUR E-Liquids

ZOUR E-Liquids are a range of juice produced and sold by Apollo who are an American company based in California. At present the juice is available in 60ml bottles only and only comes in 3mg Nicotine strength. I’ve tried a few juices from Apollo before and have always found them to be made to a high standard using only quality ingredients.

The bottles which are made of squeezable plastic feature a child proof screw on top cap which reveals a small nozzle that comes in handy when filling up RDA wells since it is thin enough to fit between coils and wicking. Adorning the bottles are very colourful labels that have a 1950’s American poster style to them. All of the typical information is shown including warnings. In addition the bottles are packaged in cardboard boxes that feature the same eye-catching design.

This juice is mixed to 100% VG so you won’t get a lot of throat hit but you will get extremely good cloud production. At present there are five different flavours in this range and I received three of them to review. All three E-Liquids were vaped in my Kennedy Trickster 24mm RDA which is currently fitted with dual fused Clapton coils that have a Resistance of 0.3ohm and are wicked with cotton bacon. My device of choice was the Therion 166 and I vaped all the juices at 75-80 Watts.

ZOUR Peach Max VG

Peaches delight in this hard candy with a sweet and sour twist.

What you get with this particular E-Liquid a very pleasant peach flavour that is highly enjoyable and would make a good all day vape. The peach taste is really good but the overall mix is based around an American candy style flavour which imbues it with a sugary sweet quality and in all honesty I would have ideally preferred a natural juicy peach flavour but that’s just me being picky. You do get an ever so slight sour taste on the exhale which is not unpleasant and does add a little bit of interest to this relatively straightforward E-Liquid.

Despite the candy presence which I don’t typically care for I did actually find that I liked vaping this and the juice does have one seriously awesome benefit, namely the massive fog bank cloud production that I got when using it in my Kennedy! I found the throat hit to be very mild in 3mg strength which is a good thing really because it means you can keep vaping it!

ZOUR Blue Raspberry Max VG

Is it cotton candy? Is it something more? We only know that tart raspberries meet sweet candy in a perfect blend.

This flavour was very enjoyable and unlike the peach E-Liquid the candy flavour was nowhere near as dominating which made it a much mellower vape. The blue raspberry has that blue slush drink flavour which was something that I used to enjoy as a kid (gave me a nostalgia trip) but it tends to really come through mainly on the exhale. The raspberry does taste particularly nice with its very juicy quality and certainly does have a noticeable slight tartness to it.

Even though I enjoyed the peach E-Liquid I certainly preferred this one because all of the ingredients seemed better balanced. Being a Max VG juice it puts out tons of clouds and once again the throat hit was very mild in 3mg strength.

ZOUR Watermelon Berry Max VG

A perfect summertime treat, sweet watermelons and tart berries confuse and delight your taste buds at the same time.

If I had to choose a favourite out of all three of these juices it would be this one. Unlike the other two there is absolutely no hint of American candy and that is the likely reason that I prefer it. What you get on the inhale is a deliciously sweet watermelon that has a lovely mouth-watering quality and this is followed by a somewhat tart but still very tasty berry flavour on the exhale!

Both flavours tasted very natural and worked nicely in harmony with one another. Due to the watermelon it makes for a very refreshing vape that can be happily enjoyed all day long! Vapour production was awesome and I found the throat hit to be a little stronger with this one and it tended to be mild to medium in strength.


This is a good range of juice that is very enjoyable to vape and providing you love American candy you will likely get even more pleasure out of some of the mixes than I did. If like me you prefer less sugary flavours then the Watermelon Berry comes highly recommended. Whichever flavour you decide to pick up they all put out massive amounts of clouds and since they are Max VG they are all quite mild in terms of throat hit.

Considering that you can pick up a 60ml bottle of this E-Liquid for £19.99 I feel the price is very competitive and definitely well worth trying out! If you would like to purchase any of these juices you can get them from Grey Haze. Remember to use code POTV10 for 10% off your purchase. Many thanks to Grey Haze who sent these E-Liquids to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

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