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Wild Roots Shortfills

We take a look at the latest additions to the Wild Roots Shortfills range. Going green never tasted so good!

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Here at Potv, we are proud to do our bit for a greener, more sustainable future. Recently we took a stand against disposable vaping devices, banning any advertising, deals or promotion of them as the waste they create goes against everything we should be doing to look after the planet we call home. If we all make changes, we can make a difference. But I know we can all do more; we can try to create less waste and recycle as much as possible, we can try to walk or use public transport more instead of driving, we can cut down on the amount of meat and dairy products we eat, and thanks to Wild Roots E-liquids, we can vape in a more ethical way. But whilst a vegeburger is never going to taste as good as a proper dirty maccy Ds, thankfully Wild Roots also taste fantastic!

So what makes Wild Roots E-liquids the greener vaping alternative? Well for a start, their packaging is made from recycled products and the bottles themselves are recyclable (make sure you thoroughly wash them clean first though, of course). The e-liquids themselves are vegan, lactose and gluten free and are also 100% cruelty free. But the biggest difference is their commitment to a greener future by promising to plant a tree for every bottle of e-liquid sold. Only yesterday, world leaders made a commitment to reverse and repair the effects of deforestation by 2030, but Wild Roots were way ahead of them with their aim to plant one million trees as part of the Eden Reforestation Projects.

Each flavour comes in either 50mg or 100mg options, with space for your nic shots, and all are 70VG/30PG so should be suitable for most tanks and many pods.

Wild Roots Shortfills full range

Jewel Raspberry, Coconut and Cantaloupe

Jewel Raspberry, Coconut & Cantaloupe Shortfill E-liquid by Wild Roots transports you to a tropical isle, with a unique medley of paradise fruits. Sharp Raspberry notes characterise the inhale before being smoothed out by subtle Coconut and Cantaloupe Melon notes. A true triumph of tropical fruit bliss, perfect for all-day vaping”

I love raspberry and I love coconut, but they are not flavours I would have thought to put together. Thank goodness someone did though as this is a killer combination. It is creamy and smooth; you get a really thick mouthful of flavour. To balance out the smoothness is a sharp yet sweet tang of fresh juicy raspberry. The cantaloupe is subtle and just adds a sweetness, but it is happy to sit back and let the raspberry and coconut do the talking. I can safely say this instantly jumped right up my list of best every juice flavours, fruit blends don’t really get much better than this. I will be very sad when this one runs out, but I will definitely be stocking up on more as it is superb.

Wild Roots Shortfills Jewel Raspberry, Coconut and Cantaloupe

Autumn Grape, Guava and Jackfruit

Autumn Grape, Guava & Jackfruit Shortfill E-liquid by Wild Roots features a tropical medley of fruits that are akin to sunshine in a bottle. Ripe Grapes welcome you in, which are then met with an exotic blend of Guava and Jackfruit to create a distinct flavour profile made for all-day vaping.”

Grape can be a flavour that splits opinions, when done right it can be amazing, but many grape flavoured e-liquids miss the mark. I think this one will win a lot of fans. It is very much a purple grape style, deep and full bodied with an almost syrupy flavour. Guava gives things an interesting tropical twist which adds to the depth of flavour. I must admit my ignorance here as I don’t know what jackfruit tastes like. I bought a can of it to find out but ended up using it in a curry which probably wasn’t the best way to test it, although it was a good dinner. So I can’t comment on that element of the mix, but if it tastes anywhere near as good as this e-liquid, I really will try it again. It is a strong combination and should be a real crowd pleaser.

Wild Roots Shortfills Autumn Grape, Guava and Jackfruit

Honey Tangerine, Red Pomelo Grapefruit and Pomegranate

Honey Tangerine, Red Pomelo Grapefruit & Pomegranate Shortfill E-liquid by Wild Roots offers a Mediterranean fruit flavour profile bursting with summer spirit. Juicy Tangerine notes characterise this e-liquid’s inhale, before being combined with an exotic blast of Red Pomelo Grapefruit and Pomegranate. A tropical triumph that you won’t forget in a hurry.”

This was the first of the trio that I tried, and it really set the bar high for the rest of the range. I kind of just expected an all-round citrus flavour, but it goes way beyond that. The tangerine is so authentic, you cannot mistake it for any other type of orange as it is that accurate. Whilst tangerines are naturally sweet, the grapefruit cuts straight through with a delicious tangy bite. They are at completely opposite ends of the citrus spectrum but when they come together, magic happens. Pomegranate gives an extra sharpness and depth. This combination really blew me away, and if you are a citrus lover, you need to try this juice as it is top quality stuff. It is an instant classic.

Wild Roots Shortfills Honey Tangerine, Red Pomelo Grapefruit and Pomegranate

Final Thoughts

Who would have thought that going green would be so tasty! Not that it should be any surprise as every other flavour from Wild Roots has been top shelf stuff. It is fantastic quality with a conscience, so you get the best of both worlds. So often products that are marketed as environmentally friendly come with a premium price, but the final feather in the cap is that you can pick up 50ml for just £9.99 or you can go big with 100ml for £15.99. I would definitely recommend grabbing the 100ml bottles, trust me you will not want to run out of these fantastic e-liquids.

Wild Roots Shortfills green and gorgeous!


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