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Wat a Waffle

Produced by Canadian company iBliss, Wat a Waffle features two waffle based juices, in the form of StrawBurry and BlurrBurry, which are based on Strawberry and Blueberry waffles respectively. iBliss are one of the largest e-liquid manufacturers in Canada, and Wat a Waffle is just one of the many e-liquid ranges they produce inside their 20,000 square foot FDA registered facility. I'll be looking at a couple more from these guys shortly in upcoming reviews, such as The Original Cannoli, Flavorswitch and Magic Island.

The two e-Liquids in the Wat a Waffle range come in some awesomely cool packaging, the 60ml glass dropper bottles housed in a cardboard presentation box that has been designed to resemble a waffle maker, which is a nice little touch. The Wat a Waffle juices are made to a max VG ratio, and are available in nicotine strengths of zero, 3mg and 6mg.

We all know packaging and presentation isn't everything however, the proof is in the pudding! Let's see if the Wat a Waffle juices have substance as well as style...


Life is filled with beautiful reasons to celebrate. Our first flavour Strawburry, will take your morning vapes to the next level! You will satisfy your craving for this dreamy breakfast as if it was right in front of you. With its golden buttermilk waffles, lightly crispy on the outside and golden and fluffy on the inside made to perfection. Topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberry ...richly blended with maple syrup!

Cracking the bottle of StrawBurry open gives you a really delicious and inviting smell of strawberry and maple syrup, setting the tone of what is to come. The inhale greeted me with deliciously sweet and syrupy strawberry flavouring, with a delicious hint of maple. A waffle texture was detected in the background, with a rich and creamy vanilla flavouring, and on the exhale my taste buds were left with a delicious coating of strawberry and cream which lingered around long after I’d finished exhaling. All of these flavours combine to provide one hell of a deliciously tasty vape!


Our second flavour is Blurrberry! Get ready for a sensation of thick Belgian Waffles with juicy blueberries, sweet vanilla ice cream, and topped with our sweet syrup. After taking your first pull, you will feel nothing but serendipity. Yum! Yum! Yum! If the flavour of the perfect combination of light, fluffy and crisp with bites of juicy blueberries throughout sounds appealing to you then we think you should try this soon!

BlurrBurry I found to have a slightly drier waffle base than StrawBurry, however the generous helpings of sweet syrup and blueberry go about very well at counteracting the dryness from the waffle. It has a very similar make up to StrawBurry- no bad thing considering as I absolutely loved that, however the blueberry seemed to give it more of a sweeter vibe and seemed to be much more pronounced than the other flavours present in this juice. Again, as with StrawBurry, the flavours all combine together perfectly to make for a hugely enjoyable waffle vape!


Both StrawBurry and BlurrBurry offer an overload of waffle flavoured goodness, these are two eliquids bursting with flavour that give your tastebuds a real waffle themed treat! There’s some exquisite mixing magic going on here, with the iBliss team coming up with two juices that keep your tastebuds guessing and nail down the taste of heaped breakfast waffles. The Wat a Waffle range offers two amazing breakfast waffle flavours, and I hope to see more from these guys in future!

Many thanks to www.tradevapesupplies.com for the Wat a Waffle juices to review, for wholesale enquiries contact Ash on info@tradevapesupplies.com