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Vapetasia Lemonade

Vapetasia are an eliquid manufacturer based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, and are responsible for their own Vapetasia eliquid line as well as the Vapetasia Lemonade brand.

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Vapetasia Lemonade

Vapetasia are an eliquid manufacturer based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, and are responsible for their own Vapetasia eliquid line as well as the Vapetasia Lemonade brand. On their website they state they use only the finest ingredients for their liquids, and all their juices are brewed and bottled within a sterile lab environment, coming in childproof bottles and a presentation box.

Vapetasia Lemonade features two lemonade based eliquids at the moment, Pink Lemonade and Blackberry Lemonade, with Vapetasia’s own take on a timeless beverage available in 30ml bottles and in nicotine strengths of zero, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. With the weather finally hotting up outside, we thought it would be a great time to have a look at these two summery liquids!

Pink Lemonade

We specialize in flavours that never get old; the classics! Pink Lemonade is tangy, tart and perfectly sweet. On inhale you're met with a delightful sweetness that foreshadows the invigorating exhale of a juicy lemon! So reach for Pink Lemonade after those long days, because your taste buds deserve it! You will instantly love Pink Lemonade's smooth inhale, and the robust citrus exhale.

Upon opening the bottle of pink lemonade I was greeted with the scent of grapefruit, and that familiar smell of zesty lemons. I first tried this on my Mutation X V5 XL RDA, with a 0.4ohm build at 45w, and my tastebuds were overwhelmed by a juicy sweet grapefruit inhale and a tangy, fizzy lemonade exhale. Trying this in the Kayfun 5 and Goon RDA bought the same results, this seemed to deliver a consistently delicious and sweet vape no matter what atty I tried this in.

Pink Lemonade may be sweet but it isn't overwhelmingly so. This has been blended perfectly to give a spot on representation of homemade pink lemonade, and the flavour balance is absolutely perfect. I've tried many pink lemonade eliquids and this definitely has to be the best one I've sampled yet!

Blackberry Lemonade

Just as the old adage says, darker berries result in a sweet-tart flavour profile. With this in mind we've made an invigorating blend of lemons and blackberries for a vibrantly tasty, tangy, yet smooth experience. Succulent blackberries create a more complex lemonade with the perfect sweetness that's sure to refresh your senses and revitalize the soul! Your all-time favourite drink, now in e-liquid form!

Opening the bottle of Blackberry Lemonade gave me the scent of blackberries and again, that zesty lemon smell. It's enough to get your tastebuds going straight away, a really pleasing smell. I reached for the Mutation X V5 XL again, put a few drops in, and was just blown away by this juice.

The blackberries were the first identifiable flavour, really juicy blackberries that were just like the actual fruit itself, with that zesty homemade lemonade base getting stronger as I exhaled. Again this is a sweet juice, but like Pink Lemonade I must stress it's isn't overwhelmingly so. It's another superbly blended juice that I found that I couldn't put down, it is so incredibly moreish!


Both Blackberry Lemonade and Pink Lemonade are two of the best eliquid takes on lemonade that I have tried to date. The sharp, lemony zest of lemonade is present in both liquids along with some fizz too, with both juices offering a real authentic taste of lemonade. The blackberry and grapefruit are blended in perfectly to this juices, making them sweet and tasty too. 

With a 70/30 blend these juices have plenty of smoothness and vapour, with no hint of anything artificial or chemical tasting. It's just pure, authentic lemonade that makes an ideal companion to a hot summery day!

You can find these eliquids on E-liquids UK - a new peach lemonde flavour is also available! POTV readers can also get a 10% discount on their purchases by using the code POTV.

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