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Vapeme E-liquid by Monday Vapes

We have been trying out a brand spanking new juice range from Monday Vapes. Vapeme E-liquid, it is simple, delicious and easy on the pocket!

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Today we have a POTV E-liquid review of the VAPEME e-liquid range from Monday Vapes. I admit that I hadn’t heard of VAPEME or Monday Vapes, but having had a look at their website they are a company based in London and they sell a range of devices and e-liquids including some exclusive ranges. They focus on selling premium e-liquids made in the UK and only sell what they vape.

The VAPEME e-liquid is described as “a new range of 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid which focuses on simple but delicious flavours ideal for the cost-conscious vapers. All VAPEME E-Liquids are manufactured in the UK. The VG/PG ratio is 70VG and 30PG, that means this blend is compatible with almost all vape devices including Sub-Ohm tanks, high wattage kits, mods, and even starter kits.”

There are 12 flavours in the range:

Blackcurrant & Menthol, Mango, Strawberry & Menthol, Blueberry, Bluetastic, Cherry, Menthol, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Lemon & Lime, Grape, Spearmint.

For the purpose of this review, I used all the liquids I was sent in a SMOK Baby V2 tank with an S2 coil and a Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus kit with a 0.4Ohm coil so I could review at lower and higher wattage and in different devices. The views are all my own experiences and, as we all know, taste is subjective but this will hopefully give you a flavour of what the range is like (pun intended).

For this review I was sent Strawberry & Menthol, Blackcurrant & Menthol, Lemon & Lime, Cherry and Grape. All come in 100ml bottles with room for two nic-shots to make 120ml of e-liquid, and they all come in the flip top style bottles so it’s easy to add the shots with no struggling to removing caps and struggling with lid removal tools or pliers, a big plus in my book. The labels are clear with all the relevant warnings, their address and batch numbers, along with expiry dates. A great start with the packaging and presentation, it’s all simple and clear but the proof is in the pudding as they say, well, fruits in this case.

Strawberry & Menthol

A balanced vape of sweet ripe strawberries and ice cool menthol

I love a good strawberry & menthol liquid so I was looking forward to this one. On the inhale, there’s definitely a cooling kick but very little strawberry to note. The strawberry starts to develop on the exhale but it’s not a juicy, ripe strawberry and there is no juiciness or depth to it at all. The balance between the cooling and the strawberry is too heavily focussed on the chill, and the strawberry that sits underneath offers no complexity or depth.

Vapeme E-liquid by Monday Vapes Strawberry & Menthol


A combination of sweet and dark tones, makes it a perfect all day vape!

The first thing I noticed was the sweetness, it is very sweet indeed. On the inhale, there isn’t much to it initially, just a background note of what is to come. As you exhale you are hit with the sweetness but without the juiciness of an actual grape. It then starts to get better in the mouth. It’s then that the dark tones come through and you are left with a tangy black grape taste which seems to develop and linger with a hint of juiciness. This one is just too sweet for me, and the sweetness detracts from the pleasant dark grape which is underneath.

Vapeme E-liquid by Monday Vapes Grape

Lemon & Lime

A refreshing combination of sharp lemon and lime flavours, an ideal choice for vapers who prefer sweet and sour blends

On the inhale it is predominantly lemon with the lime barely detectable. The lemon flavour tastes very much of a lemon flavouring rather than anything like an actual lemon. On the exhale the lime comes through a bit more and the flavour become more balanced, but it’s still overwhelmingly lemon here. You are left with a slight citrus mouth feel with a hint of tang and zest to it but no more. It’s more sour than I was expecting and there is some depth to it but there’s no real juiciness and the lime doesn’t get a chance to shine at all.

Vapeme E-liquid by Monday Vapes Lemon & Lime

Blackcurrant & Menthol

A delicious combination of fresh blackcurrant and cooling menthol

On the inhale there is a nice cooling sensation which blends well with a nice juicy blackcurrant, they’ve got the balance between fruit and menthol much better with this one. On the exhale the blackcurrant comes out a bit more and you are left with a lingering hint of juicy blackcurrant in the mouth. It’s a nice blend and it works together really well but it needs more. The best way I can describe it is drinking a blackcurrant cordial drink which you’ve made a little too weak. The flavours are there, it just needs some strength to bring out the depth and really bring this to life

Vapeme E-liquid by Monday Vapes Blackcurrant & Menthol


A fantastic pick for cherry lovers

Now, cherry is a tricky beast. I’ve tried many cherry flavours and it’s a difficult one to master so I was intrigued what they could do with this one. On the inhale, there is a nice light cherry flavour with almost a fizz to it. On the exhale this becomes more prominent and more complex as it seems to merge and swirl with other cherry flavours, and a darker cherry taste seems to come through. It’s not the juiciest of cherry liquids and there isn’t a huge depth to it but it’s definitely got something. It’s like drinking cherryade and it leaves an aftertaste of exactly that in the mouth, so if you like cherryade (which I do), then you might like this one.

Vapeme E-liquid by Monday Vapes Cherry

A big thank you to Monday Vapes for sending these for review. All the e-liquids in this range are available from www.mondayvapes.co.uk and are priced at £9.95 for 100ml in 120ml bottles. They are also available from Monday Vapes on Amazon.

Vapeme E-liquid by Monday Vapes at home

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