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Swoke E-Juice

"Born to be premium, born to be fun. Our juices are made with passion and love, for your pleasure and ours, with the aim of promoting a safer and healthier vape." Swoke e-juice is made in France and is completely free of artificial additives.

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Swoke E-Juice

Born to be premium, born to be fun. Our juices are made with passion and love, for your pleasure and ours, with the aim of promoting a safer and healthier vape.

Swoke e-juice is made in France and is completely free of artificial additives. The juice comes in 20ml glass dropper bottles and is marked with clear warning labels. Swoke juice is available in the following nicotine strengths, 6mg, 3mg and zero nicotine. The juice received for review was all zero nicotine.

  • 100% natural flavourings.

  • All juice is 50PG/50VG.

  • Swoke juice uses absolutely no additives such as water, dyes, sugars, animal fats etc.

  • Natural nicotine. Swoke uses USP grade natural nicotine, known as L-Nicotine, which is directly extracted from real American tobacco leafs.

All juice was tested in a Mini Freakshow RDA and vaped on my Sigelei 100w+ at wattages between 30-50 Watts. I did initially try one of the juices in a Sub Ohm tank but that didn't do the liquid justice. (More about that below)


With its lime flavour the Smiley knows how to make your mood better! A fresh blend of powerful flavours: lime, French melon, fresh mint and more…

The first time I tried it I didn't care for this juice at all. I found the lime taste almost completely absent. In fact all I got from it was quite a harsh lemon menthol vape that give it a almost medicinal quality and I would describe the taste as being almost exactly like lemon Strepsil throat lozenges.

I of course had made the mistake of using this juice in a Sub-Ohm tank which clearly didn't suit it so I retried it in a RDA just to be certain. Using this juice with a RDA it becomes much better balanced and I found I could definitely taste lime but it isn't as prominent as I would like which is of course subjective. The melon is also noticeable but there is still a slight hint of that medicinal type taste and I think it's mainly down to the mint being a little too strong.

To be fair it is not a bad vape but it hasn't really hooked me. Considering how subjective juice is I think there might be many people who really do like the taste of Smiley. I would certainly vape this if I was running out of juice, rest assured on that point.

I find that this juice does offer a reasonable throat hit on account of the lemon and the mint so despite this being zero nicotine you could trick yourself into thinking it was possibly 3mg.

Vapour production is excellent and ideal for people who want to blow big clouds.


A proposal that's hard to refuse! Bisou combines the tenderness and excitement of a passionate kiss. A genuine flash of love for you to vape...

Bisou is a mixture of natural flavourings including berries, black currants, and green mint along with other surprises...

This one is actually fairly pleasant you get berries on the inhale, the blackcurrant is there but it tastes either heavily blended or just kind of subtle to me. As you exhale you do get the hint of mint and to be honest that works and adds something a bit different to this juice.

I find this one quite enjoyable and it would make a decent all day vape. Throat hit is almost non existent but the mint does create a very slight tingling in the back of the throat. Once again vapour production is excellent.


While on vacation, you might forget your swimsuit but not the taste of Bikini: a burst of fruit flavours that make every day feel like summer. A fresh mix of tropical fruity flavours: passion fruit, coconut, mango and many other surprises.

The rather titillatingly named Bikini is actually the best out of the three in my opinion. I feel that is is a far more interesting juice than the other two. On the initial vape you get a very smooth coconut blended with passion fruit. Somewhere in the mix you can pick out the notes of mango and possibly pineapple. I can't be sure for certain because there seems to be other fruity flavours in the undertones of the juice.

Whatever the other flavours are the combination on the whole works extremely well and I really do like this one. Despite it being zero nicotine it has a almost mild throat hit sensation.

Vapour production like the other two juices is excellent.


A interesting range of juices with some very different flavours to those you might typically purchase. Considering I normally wouldn't choose to use zero nicotine e-juice these liquids were much better than I expected them to be. Swoke juice is well worth checking out if the flavours on offer interest you.



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