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Omusa by Manabush

From the rolling plains and the buffalo choked trails of Derbyshire, Martyn, Chief of the Manabush tribe brings you yet another exciting flavour to enjoy.

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Omusa by Manabush

From the rolling plains and the buffalo choked trails of Derbyshire, Martyn, Chief of the Manabush tribe brings you yet another exciting flavour to enjoy.

Martyn of course needs no real introduction other than the fact that he is the talented goth and sushi eating creator of Manabush. He has brought you many e-liquid delights such as Chiricahua Sun, Coyote Coconut and of course Powwow Sauce.

It doesn't seem that long ago since we got Waxahacie which was a excellent ginger and tobacco vape, with many secret ingredients known only to Chief Martyn and his council of witch doctors. Now he has another fabulous juice for us called Omusa. While the title is certainly not the challenging mouthful some of the other flavours tend to be, it means frankly nothing to the uneducated. After a short search on line it simply means "girl" in Native American. So Martyn what new form of devilry is this, are you playing at peddling us all a girly vape?

Jokingly aside I believe it is a reference to female vaper and forum moderator, Gonloopy, who originally designed the flavour for a competition that Martyn was running.

Omusa has that distinct Manabush flavour that you have all come to know and love and is certainly quite different to a lot of the other flavours in the range, which is no doubt due to Gonloopy's original recipe but at the same time it still tastes like one of Martyn's. Who actually made this juice because I am really confused now?

Omusa is a lovely vape. I personally feel it has the strongest throat hit out of all the Manabush range, it's certainly strong enough to make Hiawatha weep tears of joy, but at the same time it is also very smooth. I believe it is the rum in the mix that is responsible for that. It isn't that cheap kind of rum either that you find in the bargain section of the local supermarket. It tastes like really expensive rum that Martyn no doubt had to trade many rifles for with the Apache, but as to which particular brand it is similar to I couldn't possibly tell you.

Mixed in with the excellent rum is vanilla, toffee and the base tobacco flavour Manabush is known for. It is truly a delicious combination and I must admit I really couldn't stop vaping this juice. It must be the special Manabush magic at work because once you open this juice it rapidly disappears. All the flavours in the mix work so well together and it is beautifully blended. I found it equally enjoyable in both tank and dripper and the juice has good vapour production for a 50/50 mix.

I am really in love with the much stronger throat hit and I do find the flavour combination very special indeed. For me Omusa is certainly one of my all time favourites right up there with Chiricahua Sun and Waxahachie whether it will suplant my number one favourite Coyote Coconut long term I can't say until I vape far more of it.

Sadly all I got for review was this measly 10ml bottle and I need much more of this wonderous stuff to truly make my mind up, it is lovely but does it get even better when you've vaped 100ml? What's that I hear? Oh yes it is the song of Manabush ringing in my ears convincing me to log in and order some more. Powerful tribal magic is at work when it comes to this particular vendor.

If I haven't already convinced you as to the worth of this juice then maybe you require more feedback as to the loveliness of Omusa...

MrTeaTime on Omusa

MrTeaTime, long standing Planet of the Vapes forum contributor and eliquid connoisseur, had this to say about Manabush's new flavour:

Right, I used two set ups for this, the best (for me) was the TaifunGT. It was a bit wonky in the Kanger Subtank and I found the rum way too overpowering and a little on the sickly side, although I dropped a few mililitres in the Delta II and it was a little better, although I still found the rum a little overpowering.

Now, dripping this in the MX4 was stunning, I got a lot more of the toffee/caramel. My set up was using the Clapton coils from Big Cartel at 0.3 ohms and 80 watts. The rum seems to be lower down in the mix, and isn't quite as as high. Throat hit was really good, although at 12mg it should be! A really rich satisfying vape using the dripper, and definitely one for the evening sat in the garden. It pairs really well with lager!

Now, for me and I know how subjective taste can be, if I was using this all day I would have to say at around 1.3 ohms in the Taifun at 18 watts is where I found a really good balance between the rum/toffee and I got loads more of the vanilla. It seems to be a very grown up vanilla, not a candy one, and it seems to compliment the rum. The toffee rounds this off, and I didn't get any of the caramel that seemed to come through with the subtank at 0.5 ohms.

As with all the set ups, there is that signature biscuit element to this which is just pure Manabush. A thumbs up as a dripping juice, definitely an evening one as the flavours are quite intense, but if it's for an all day vape, use lower ohms and less watts and it's a winner.

dw1986 offers another opinion

dw1986 who you will know as my fellow reviewer also offered up his thoughts on Omusa since Martyn kindly sent him some to try too.

Omusa encapsulates the greatness and complexity that Manabush liquids are renowned and revered for. Varying the wattage gives you an authentic rum at the forefront blended with vanilla and toffee one minute, the next the vanilla and toffee take centre stage with the rum in the background, the world class Manabush tobacco base at all times carrying the delightfulness of the blend. Complete genius in a bottle!


If you enjoy the current Manabush range then certainly you need some Omusa in your life. A very special e-liquid that is truly worth every penny. Even if you haven't tried Manabush before, Omusa serves as a highly interesting flavour to introduce you to it.

I think many a vaper is really going to enjoy this and while vaping it might even help to conjure up images of the great plains especially if you have a highly active imagination. However it likely won't turn you Native American like Kevin Costner. In fact Martyn has never seen Dances with Wolves and let us be honest it would be somewhat cruel to inflict Costner on him but just for giggles we might have to start the DVD fund in the forum. Oh and if there are any mechanical mod making experts out there Martyn really wants a peace pipe and no I am not kidding, he has the totem pole already and now he wants the pipe. So somebody please make this and help keep the Manabush Chief happy.

Please note that although Martyn respects the old ways of the Native American Indians, Manabush is in fact a progressive tribe and only accepts cold hard cash or electronic payment. Manabush does not support the old barter system so if you try to trade your cows or timber for juice you will no doubt come to a sticky end at the hands of Martyn's vicious squaw huntresses and while they may appear lovely, do not be deceived for they are truly merciless. Weirdly enough they dress like goths too and the tattoo's, heavy eye makeup, skimpy pvc outfits and studs and chains ensemble is not really how I would imagine squaws, but like I said they are a very progressive tribe.

Many thanks to Martyn for sending MrTeaTime, dw1986 and myself samples of this juice to try and we all wish you every success in the future and let us hope some kind soul makes you that peace pipe so you can vape your juice like the Native Americans intended, assuming they ever vaped.

Omusa is priced at £4.99 for 10ml and is available in 18mg, 12mg, 6mg and 3mg nicotine strength. Larger quantities are available in 30ml and 100ml bottles respectively and are priced accordingly.

Remember of course that there is a discount code for POTV readers. Enter the code POTV12 at the checkout for 12.5% off when ordering direct from the Manabush website.

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