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Moon Mountain E-Juices

Moon Mountain are an American E-liquid manufacturer based in Brandon, Florida. Over time they have expanded and now have a UK branch.

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Moon Mountain E-Juices

Here on the Moon, things are not just run of mill or normal. It takes a special kind of Lunacy to do what we do. We do it because you demand it. We do it because we love it. We do it because vaping is our passion! All Moon Mountain™ E-Liquids are handcrafted in small batches from the finest, purest, USA-made ingredients obtainable. Browse our amazing one of a kind e-liquids now to experience what Moon Mountain can offer your taste buds, its pure Lunacy!

Moon Mountain are an American E-liquid manufacturer based in Brandon, Florida. Over time they have expanded and now have a UK branch.

Our mixing infuses the following ingredients:

Propylene glycol, palm based vegetable glycerine, natural and artificial flavours, and nicotine (upon request). We DO NOT use any PGA (Pure Grain Alcohol), food colouring or distilled water in our products!

The Maximum Velocity Range

The Maximum Velocity line is THE premium dripping liquid; meticulously crafted to ensure intense robust flavours, ample amounts of vapour all while withstanding the high heat of low resistance atomizers. Maximum Velocity is sold in 15ml, 30ml, and 100ml glass bottles.

There are at present nine different juices in this range but we only received three to review at this moment in time. All juice comes in 15ml glass dropper bottles with child proof caps. All warning information is clearly marked. 15ml and 30ml bottles are currently stocked in the UK but the 100ml bottles are only available in America.

All juice in the Maximum Velocity range is 100% VG. It is available in the following nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

All juice was vaped in a Vector RDA with a dual Clapton coil build which had a final resistance of 0.54ohm. I wicked the coils with cotton bacon and my device of choice was my trusty iPV 4S.

Cosmic Custard

Our famous vanilla custard, smooth and delicious!

This juice is just a very typical American custard. It is quite flavoursome with just enough sweetness that prevents it from being sickly. The vanilla in the mix is really nice and I found it very pleasant to vape. Being just a custard there is nothing here to dislike assuming you enjoy custard vapes. Vapour production was excellent and the throat hit in 3mg strength was very mild.

Star Drops

Summer sweet strawberries delicately churned in rich vanilla-cream yogurt.

The first flavour you get on the initial inhale is a very natural tasting strawberry. It has that hint of a sprinkling of sugar and in the background you can pick out vanilla notes. The juice has a very creamy quality no doubt due to the yogurt but I can’t say I really identify it as being yoghurt. Regardless this is a nice vape and will appeal to anyone that likes strawberry and cream vapes.

Once again the throat hit was very mild and there was an excellent amount of vapour produced.

Pluto’s Paradise

Start with fresh pineapple wedges and heaps of coconut shavings. Spritz with a savoury mandarin-lime citrus hybrid and finish with a ripened plantain; irresistible!

I find this juice to be a very unusual combination. On the inhale you get pineapple and lime with a good hint of coconut. The mandarin I initially thought was more of a background note but the juice tends to vary in flavour and sometimes you get that with a mix of plantain. Plantain is a member of the banana family that is starchy and low in sugar and often used in savoury dishes. Mainly due to its unique taste I found this one the best out of the three even though they were all very pleasant to vape.

This juice is a very enjoyable vape with a good combination of tasty flavours. Throat hit was mild and the juice had great vapour production.


Despite only getting the chance to try only three juices from this range I must admit I really did enjoy all of them. If the others are as least as good as these three then they are well worth checking out. Prices are reasonable for American juices costing £7.99 for 15ml and £14.99 for 30ml.

Many thanks to Moon Mountain Vapor UK who sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for review.


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