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Introduction to ELiquidFrance

Eliquid France are a manufacturer of high quality e-liquids based in Western France. All of their juice complies with regulations set out by the European Parliament.

The ingredients used in their juices all come from high quality sources and audited suppliers.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, we used to find the best suppliers for all components of our brand Eliquid France to ensure high quality and user safety.

Our e-liquids have safety data sheet (MSDS)

Premier Ecigs

We manufacture our e-liquid on our production site in western France.

For the manufacture of our e-liquid we use:

  • Propylene glycol (PG) USP grade (from France
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG) USP grade (from France food-grade aromas (from France).
  • High quality Food flavourings.
  • USP grade nicotine (liquid and pure form, origin Germany).
  • PET bottles of (high quality plastic) a capacity of 5ml, 10ml or 30ml. They have a child safety, safety ring, a pipette and a touch triangle visually impaired.
  • Our E-liquid’s contain no paraben diacetyl, ambrox, benzyl alcohol, or allergen.

In their main range there are 51 different flavours available within four different categories: Tobacco, Fruity, Gourmet and Premium. The mix ratio of the main range is 70PG/30VG.

The Premium range and the new Kiss range were the juices submitted to Planet of the Vapes for review.

The mix ratio of the Premium/Kiss ranges is 50PG/50VG. The following nicotine strengths are available: 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.


The juice comes supplied in a 20ml glass bottle with pipette and has a child proof cap. All relevant warnings and the typical information you can expect is clearly stated on the label.

All juice was vaped in a Mini Freakshow RDA with a 0.8 Ohm coil wicked with cotton bacon and a Snapdragon RDA with a 1.0 Ohm coil that was also wicked with cotton bacon. My devices of choice were the iPV4 S and the iPV3 Li.

Premium Range


Tobacco, coffee, cookie, vanilla.

The main flavour that hits you first when vaping this particular juice is a mild Continental Coffee with a hint of tobacco. Vanilla and cookie notes are noticeable in the background creating a pleasant overall flavour. Sometimes the cookie and vanilla are more noticeable and often switch places with the coffee and tobacco.

I find this a very nice flavour and the mix is quite unique. Throat hit is mild to medium and vapour production is good but quite typical of this mix ratio.



Tobacco, Coconut, Cookie, Vanilla.

I find this e-liquid to be extremely smooth and it really is a very mellow vape. The main flavour notes that you get on the inhale is the vanilla and coconut. The cookie is more of a background note but it is still noticeable adding something extra to the juice. Beneath it all is a very pleasant tobacco tying the entire mix together.

I really do like this one a lot and find it very different to a lot of e-liquid I typically use. Despite being a smooth vape in terms of flavour it does edge toward having a medium throat hit. Vapour production is good but very typical of this mix ratio.


Pomegranate, Liquorice, Melon and Grenadine.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting that much from this juice because the flavours used sounded like they would be a strange concoction. However when it came to vaping it I found it to be much nicer than I thought it would be.


The main flavour notes I get are melon and pomegranate with a hint of liquorice. The melon flavour is quite delicious and the pomegranate adds a nice sweetness to the juice. The grenadine is more of a background note but it is noticeable, in fact it does become more distinct if you take a longer draw when vaping. I am not a massive fan of liquorice but in this juice it has been used with restraint and adds some nice variation to the flavour.

Throat hit seems mild with this one and once again vapour production is good but typical of the mix ratio.

Jet Fresh

Lime, Caramel, Liquorice, Aniseed, Menthol, Pear.

You would be right in thinking that this juice has a peculiar combination of flavours since when I first read the description I thought it probably wouldn’t work.

Nevertheless this juice is certainly interesting considering the variety of flavours it contains. The first flavour you get is lime but having the caramel in there takes the edge off it and makes for a very smooth vape. Blended in with that is the liquorice and aniseed rounded off with a hint of menthol. The pear tends to be noticeable in the aftertaste.


To me this juice shouldn’t really work but strangely enough it does. I think the range of flavours makes it a good juice to use when you are uncertain about what you want to vape.

I found myself actually enjoying this juice, maybe it’s the eccentricity that appeals.

Throat hit is mild to medium and vapour production was good but normal for this mix ratio.


Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Banana, Mango.

Vaping anything with banana in is something I tend to dread. I do like bananas to eat but when it comes to juices I find they often taste really unpleasant like those banana foam sweets you can buy from a sweet shop.

Pure Eliquids

Thankfully this juice is not like that. The banana taste is quite natural and tends to be a background note to compliment the juice as a whole. The main flavours that meet you on the inhale are passion fruit and pineapple with a generous dose of mango.

As a fruity vape it really is an interesting mix and quite enjoyable. I actually like the combination of flavours that vie for attention. I could happily vape this juice all day long.

With this particular juice I found the throat hit to be mild and vapour production was good.

Classic Kiss Range

Classic Kiss

Rum, Cookies, Banana, Caramel, Vanilla.

Like you would expect with this juice the first flavour that you notice is rum but it really is very nice but it does have a bit of kick to it. The caramel and vanilla are quite distinct and they work well to mellow the rum. In the background you get a hint of banana but the combination as a whole ties very well together. I don’t find I notice the cookie flavour but it is no doubt in their balancing the overall flavour.

We Vape

A very tasty e-liquid with pleasing ingredients. Definitely do try this one. I was actually was expecting the throat hit to be strong due to the rum but on the whole it is mainly a medium hit. If you take longer draws the throat hit does tend to increase a little.

Vapour production was good but quite typical of this mix ratio.


Apple, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Caramel.

When I first put this juice in my dripper the apple smelt really strong and I was expecting it to be quite harsh and possibly artificial. I was in fact quite wrong.

The apple taste is rather nice but I find it a little subdued and not overly sweet or crisp. The best way to describe it is more like the taste of cooking apples. The vanilla is quite noticeable and tasty. The cinnamon is subtle but definitely present and the caramel works to give the juice its overall smoothness while remaining quite indistinct.


I think personally I would like the apple to be a little sweeter but that is only my subjective opinion.

Throat hit is mild to medium in strength.  Vapour production is good but quite normal for a 50/50 mix.


Grenadine, Violet, Anise, Icy Mint.

I find I am still undecided about whether I personally like this juice or not. The violet makes it a little too perfume like for my tastes but at the same time I do like the grenadine, anise and mint combination. The violet taste does diminish somewhat for me if I take quite hard and lengthy draws on it.

For what its worth like the others this one is a nice smooth vape but I find my taste buds having a kind of love/hate relationship with it. I think it is blended very well and the ingredients are very natural in terms of taste but in the back of my mind I can’t seem to decide if I’m really enjoying it that much. For me this is a strange one really but I do find it does grow on me a little the more I vape it. This one is probably an acquired taste but well worth trying if the flavours interest you.


Throat hit is mild to medium and vapour production was typical of the mix ratio.


Regular Tobacco, Speculoos, Vanilla, Banana.

Before I go any further I am sure some of you are going to ask what exactly Seculoos are. Well since I have Dutch family members I can tell you that they are a spiced short crust biscuit. They do tend to vary between countries with France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands each having their own particular recipe.

The main flavours that you can expect with this juice is a mild to medium tobacco expertly blended with Speculoos. Add in a touch of vanilla and a hint of banana and you have a very unique and interesting juice. This one is well worth trying if you are looking for something very different.

Throat hit is medium and vapour production is good but typical for a 50/50 mix.



Red Fruit, Love Apple, Grenadine, Liquorice, Icy Mint.

It is quite hard to describe exactly what you get with this juice since it is blended extremely well and no particular flavour dominates. To me I get a fruity and minty mix with a slight hint of liquorice with the grenadine being noticeable mainly in the exhale and the aftertaste.

The flavours used are quite delicious and I find this to be a really good juice. In many ways vaping it is about like eating some sort of fruity Murray Mint. In my opinion this juice has a very smooth balance of flavours that should appeal to a lot of people.

Throat hit is mild but the mint does mean it borders on a medium hit at times. Vapour production is good but quite normal for this mix ratio.


In summing up I really do like these juices and I’m sure someone is bound to question why I only found myself indifferent to one of them. Nevertheless in all honesty I do like them because the flavour combinations are interesting and for me they are just the thing to offer some variety in between my typical all day vapes.

The Electronic Cigarette Company

I know some people might be put off by some of the combinations of flavours in the juices but do keep in mind that they are ingredients that work together as a whole and typically they don’t feature anything that dominates or unbalances them. So my advice would be to try them for yourself and see if you get on with them because in the time I have been vaping I have often turned my nose up at some flavour combinations only to eventually try them and end up really liking them.

The Eliquid France Premium and Classic Kiss ranges can be purchased from several UK vendors and a quick Google search will inform you as to your nearest stockist. Typically a 20ml bottle is priced about £7 which is very reasonable.

For anyone interested in seeing just how many juices ELiquid France make then do check out their website:

Many thanks to Ariane from ELiquidFrance who kindly submitted this juice to Planet of the Vapes for review.

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or vendor and have an item that you would like reviewed by our team please contact us here.

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