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Vapable Signature Range

Vapable Signature Range

Today for review we have the new Signature range from Vapable. Vapable started back in 2012 as a small e-liquid maker and have since grown into purveyors of all things for home DIY liquid, from concentrates to bottles and everything in-between.

They have now released four liquids in their new Signature range which are all available in 50ml or 100ml shortfills, and if you want to mix your own they are also available in One Shot and Short Shot.

All the bottles are clearly labelled with all the relevant warnings, ingredients, batch number, date and a little visual guide on how to add the nic shot. A piece of advice here, make sure you have a cap removal tool handy as I really struggled to get the spout off these bottles. Even with my trusty pliers, it was still quite a struggle as they were on tight. The bottles themselves are sturdy but still easy to squeeze, and the nozzle is standard for a shortfill and will fit into fill ports quite easily.

There’s no standard branding identity across the range so each bottle has it’s own unique look and style which I’ll come to with each bottle. As usual these are my thoughts based on my experience with the liquids, are subjective to my tastes and I have tried all these liquids in an RDA and with a stock coil.

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Vapable Signature Range review

Pink Pop

If Andy Warhol designed an e-liquid label, this is what I imagine it would look like. It’s bright and really pops out at you, there is definitely no mistaking what this one is called.

“With lashings of bright berries and tangy citrus fruits, Pink Pop is a zingy medley, fresh and perfect for any true fruit lover”

Bright and fresh, a lovely medley of mainly red berries on the inhale which swirls delightfully around what tastes mainly like redcurrant at the front and there’s a hint of the citrus to come. On the exhale the citrus comes bounding through with the sharp tang of lemon and lime coming to the front and a slight hint of orange or tangerine. This is fruity, fresh and zingy, and leaves your mouth watering. I’m really impressed with this one, it may be a bit much for an ADV, but as a treat and a palette freshener it’s perfect.

Vapable Signature Range Pink Pop



Invoking images of Greek mythology but with a modern twist like a Banksy, and the tagline “A Stone Cold Killer Juice” in letters resembling a ransom note made from newspaper cuttings makes the Medusa art an interesting design which I really like.

“A mythological blend of aniseed and bright red fruits with a devilish twist. The aniseed helps to bring those fruits forward without being too overpowering. Must be tried to be believed it is fruity, zingy and refreshing”

On the inhale there’s a blast of bright red berries (I’d struggle to pick them out individually) with a slither of aniseed sitting in the background waiting to pounce. On the exhale the aniseed really comes to the front and really threatens to overpower the berries. There’s a hint of cooling in there to tie it all in together which you can feel on the inhale and which leaves your mouth with a cool tinge. It’s ok but not a liquid I could vape all day.

Vapable Signature Range medusa

Monster Mash

The Monster Mash label looks like if Cthulhu went on a diving expedition and the anchor adds to the obvious water theme, but all I can hear in my head is the song by Bobby Pickett & The Crypt Kickers. Will it be a graveyard smash?

“A mysterious mouth-watering medley of sweet fruit flavours, complex and vibrant, hints of sweet berries and light sour citrus notes, bursting with juicy flavour”

A real tropical fruit symphony going on here. On the inhale the main flavour is a dance between juicy mango and mouth-watering pineapple. On the exhale they take a back seat as a bright lemon starts to cut through with a hint of sweet berries underneath. At times it almost takes on a fizzy candy lemon, but it really works. This one can be slightly harsh on the throat as it’s a real flavour punch, but to me it’s refreshing, slightly zingy and tastes like being sat on a beach vaping the love child of a Twister lolly and a can of Lilt, delightful.

Vapable Signature Range Monster Mash

The Sicilian

“A waffle you can’t refuse” indeed, with it’s sepia tones and picture of what I think is meant to be a gangster but looks a bit like a grumpy Sherlock Holmes, this one is a departure from the bright colours of the others in the range, but it works well and is probably my favourite of the designs.

The Sicilian is a bright and soft lemon ice cream, creamy and thick followed by the unmistakeable flavour of a sweet freshly baked waffle”


As soon as I opened this to add the nic shot I could smell it and I was entranced, it smelt so good. On the inhale there’s a thick creamy, delicate lemon which is so delightfully smooth and luxurious you can almost imagine you are eating it. On the exhale the sweetness of the waffle starts to develop and really compliments the lemon ice cream as the two combine and tickle the palette delightfully. The lemon is never harsh and the waffle never too sweet, it’s just a delicate dance of flavours and one which leaves a lovely creamy mouth feel. My favourite of the range.

Vapable Signature Range The Sicilian


Vapable have done a great job with the Signature range and it’s clear that they really know what they are doing. The balance of flavours is superb across the entire range and they get the blending of each flavour spot on. The branding gives each liquid it’s own identity, and the whole range has really impressed me. I’m off to gorge myself on lemon ice cream and waffle without the calories and guilt, what could be better!

FM Signing out.

Vapable Signature Range in lights


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