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Unreal3 by Dispergo Vaping

Dispergo Vaping prove that all good things come in threes with their latest instalment of their Unreal range of shortfills, Unreal3!

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Unreal3 by Dispergo Vaping

Unreal3 by Dispergo Vaping


I really wish the weather would make up its mind what it’s doing, one moment the sun is shining, the next the heavens open. It’s crazy! But one thing you can count on is Dispergo Vaping who are bringing the sunshine vibes with their new tropical range, Unreal3!


Unreal3 is the next instalment of their Unreal series of shortfills. The original range was the Unreal Raspberry, blue raspberry flavours with a fruity twist. This was followed up by Unreal2, no raspberries this time, just some beautifully blended fruit flavours that are sure to set your tastebuds tingling. Now we have the Unreal3 range, which is so good, they’ve had to come up with a brand-new word to describe them. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce “Propical”, when it features in the Oxford English Dictionary, remember where you heard it first! But if fancy new vocabulary isn’t your thing, in more conventional terms, Unreal3 are tropical flavours with a cool twist, the perfect summer selection.


As I’ve come to expect from Dispergo Vaping, the branding is clear and smart, you can tell they are part of the Unreal family with the bright, bold colours, but they also clearly stand out as their own subrange with the almost Miami vice styled font heading things up. As for the contents, you get 100ml of 70VG/30PG juice ready for you to add your preferred nicshots (which are included in the price).

Unreal3 by Dispergo Vaping Propical


Blue Hawaiian


Unreal 3’s Propical Blue Hawaiian is an unusual pairing of tangy blue raspberry and creamy coconut, finished with a drop of ice. It just works!”


We already know how good Dispergo Vaping are at blue raspberry seeing as they have used it for the base of a whole range, so it is nice to see it making a return here. The coconut is strong but creamy and works as a great counterbalance to the sharper raspberry, so you get lots of contrasting texture to the vape. Rounding things off is a cool freshness, not too overpowering but you definitely Know it is there. If you are off somewhere hot for your summer holidays and are planning on spending time sunning yourself on the beach, I can’t think of a better e-liquid to pack in your suitcase as this is the taste of summer in a bottle.

Unreal3 by Dispergo Vaping Blue Hawaiian


Grape & Pineapple


Unreal 3’s Propical Grape & Pineapple is a unique combination of rich, dark grape mixed with citrusy, sweet pineapple, finished with a touch of ice”


It is no secret that I love my tropical flavours so it will be no surprise that pineapple is un there with the best in my personal flavours topster. But mixing it with a dark grape has an interesting effect and highlights its tanginess. Combining the two really seems to bring out the best from both flavours and this is a very interesting combination, and one that I wouldn’t have thought of mixing together. They are both strong and either could easily take over in other mixes, but here they keep each other in check well. Add in the fresh cool hit, and this makes for a heavy but tasty blend.

Unreal3 by Dispergo Vaping Grape & Pineapple


Mango & Passionfruit


Unreal 3’s Propical Mango & Passionfruit is tropical blend of juicy, fresh mango and sweet, aromatic passionfruit, finished with a drop of ice”


Following on from my top flavours’ preference, both mango and passionfruit are also very much on that list, so I already knew I’d me more than happy with this one. It ticks all the boxes for me, sweet, tropical, exotic, and fruity. To be fair, you’d have to be a really bad mixer to mess these two flavours up when put together as they are just natural soulmates. But it is still a craft to get them perfectly balanced and that is something Dispergo Vaping always do extremely well. There really isn’t much to add here though, if you like tropical flavours with a refreshing hint of chill, you really can’t go wrong here, it’s an instant classic.

Unreal3 by Dispergo Vaping Mango & Passionfruit


Pineapple, Lemon & Lime


Unreal 3’s Propical Pineapple, Lemon & Lime is a citrus medley. Candied pineapple, fresh lemon and zesty lime, finished with a drop of ice”


Things don’t get much juicier than this combination. It certainly gets the old tastebuds tingling and just the smell made me dribble a little bit (I’m so ladylike sometimes!). It is the same effect that starburst chews have on me and the flavour reminds me of the sweet too. I’d actually forgotten about tropical starbursts and am quite gutted to see they have been discontinued, but at least I have this e-liquid to fill the void. This is definitely aimed at us candy lovers and it really does hit the spot nicely.

Unreal3 by Dispergo Vaping Pineapple, Lemon & Lime


Raspberry & Tangerine


Unreal 3’s Propical Raspberry & Tangerine flavour, is a perfectly balanced blend of tangy raspberries and sweet, juicy tangerines, finished with crushed ice”


Now we get to the final flavour in the range, and it is one of Dispergo Vaping’s famous curveballs. I found the raspberry was just a little too floral for my taste and if it was mixed with just about any other flavour, I probably would have been quite disappointed. But the tangerine is just such an interesting flavour that it overrides my slightly negative feeling towards the raspberry. You get a sweet but mellow citrus blast which gives things an intriguing complexity and it makes it a very unique flavour. I enjoy citrus flavours, but they can get a bit bland, and I find they are prime candidates for vaper’s tongue, but by using tangerine, it avoids any of these pitfalls. It may not make it to my all day vape list, but as a treat flavour, this really mixed things up and is a nice addition to my juice box supply.

Unreal3 by Dispergo Vaping Raspberry & Tangerine


Final Thoughts


I already loved the two previous Unreal ranges, and Unreal3 just adds to the legend with even more fruity delights which are very easy all day vapes. Across all three ranges, there isn’t a weak flavour among them. If you like fruit mixes and want to be transported away from the British summer and everything it throws at us, grab yourself a bottle of two, pour yourself a cocktail, close your eyes and you’ll feel like you are on a Caribbean beach paradise. You can’t ask for much more than that from your vape!


If you like the sound of these, you can pick them up from Dispergo Vaping for £15 a pop, or you can mix things up with their 2 for £25 deal. They are also covered by the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee so if for any reason you find they are not for you, you can swap them out for another e-liquid completely free of charge. Many thanks, as always, to Dispergo Vaping for sending the Unreal3 range in for review.

Unreal3 by Dispergo Vaping range

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