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The System by Baker White

Baker White Incorporated were established in 2013, with a vision to fulfil a need within the industry for clean and professional liquids, and they are an American supplier of nicotine and e-liquid to distributors and retailers across the globe. They are transparent about testing of their juices and include lab reports where available on their site, for everyone to inspect. To assist in this they first recruited a scientific advisor, a man with a PhD in Chemistry and years of lab experience. He created the original SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes), along with the formulas for the Baker White flagship brand. Next to be recruited was their Lab Technician and Flavour Specialist, a woman with years of experience crafting new and original recipes. She created the original 32 flavour line that the company was built upon.

All Baker White liquids are manufactured using US sourced high quality USP/EP (United States Pharmacopeia/European Pharmacopeia) within a certified ISO 6 pharmaceutical grade laboratory. Baker White are responsible for the manufacture of Baker White Original, Odin, Counter Culture, Tobacco 5, the Business and the line I will be looking at today, The System.

The System consists of three different flavours- Bus Stop Blues, Minimum Wage and Second Hand Sofa, which are three juices with fruit blends, with an 80 VG 20 PG mix, packed full of fruity flavours to appeal to the fruit lovers out there. Nicotine strengths are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg, and with that in mind let’s have a look at what these fruity blends have got to offer us…

Minimum Wage

Forget all the nonsense you dealt with today and escape to the tropics with this sun drenched fruit punch fusion…

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If you need a cheery blast of sunshine in your eliquid to cheer you up, then Minimum Wage is the one to do it for you. It’s a complex and exotic mixture of different tropical fruits, that blend together to make for a very summery and tropical fruit salad. I pick up exotic fruits such as a tangy pineapple, and hints of mango and guava rounding off the blend, this one is sure to put a smile on your face!

Bus Stop Blues

A fresh from the orchard apple and berry blend brings you back to carefree summer days, before you had all these people driving you crazy...

Apple has always been a favourite fruit of mine, I was obsessed with them as a child, but decent apple based vapes seem to be very few and far between. Bus Stop Blues is a great Apple based vape, with a delicious and sweet green apple inhale, and a delicious mix of berries on the exhale with almost a candied edge to it. The sweetness with Bus Stop Blues was just right, there is just the perfect amount of sweetness present within this vape to prevent it from becoming too overpowering, and the apples and berries blend together perfectly to give off a real summery vibe from this vape.

Second Hand Sofa

Kick back, relax, and take a break with delicate stone fruits, accents of wild berries, and a touch of juicy melon…

Second Hand Sofa was a crazy blend of different fruits, and this one really had me guessing. On the exhale I was picking up hints of peach and almost a touch of citrus, with a mixture of juicy blueberry and what to me felt like a luscious undertone of blackcurrant. This really did give me something different pretty much every time I vaped it, and I really enjoyed this heavenly fruity mixture. The melon on the exhale was a particular highlight, this really tantalized my tastebuds and got the juices flowing!



The dedication that Baker White show to not only providing a range of juices that are clean and as nasty free as possible, and their transparency when it comes to doing so, really does impress me. For those that are conscious about what goes into their juices, Baker White juices will really appeal to you, and The System is not only a safe range of juices to vape, but a really tasty line of juices as well.

Baker White have managed to achieve a line of juices here that offer delicious fruity blends, with enough sweetness to dazzle your tastebuds, but there is also no hint of anything artificial tasting either, the fruits taste realistic and are enough to trick your taste buds into thinking it’s the real thing! The 80VG mix ratio adds a great smoothness to the vape and plenty of vapour production, plus these juices work well whether vaped in RTA, RDA or sub ohm tank, they definitely aren't short on flavour, that’s for sure! The System is a range of juices I could definitely enjoy at any time of day, and I’ll definitely look forward to more of what these guys have got to offer in the future!

Baker White have huge sale on at present - Buy 3 bottles and get 2 free!  Shipping to the UK is not for the faint-hearted though but if you are in US then this is a superb deal.  You can check out The System on their site here

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Article by Dan Willis
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