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The Original Cannoli Eliquid

Produced by Canadian company iBliss, The Original Cannoli features three Cannoli themed juices, in the form of The Original, Very Berry and Bannoli. iBliss are one of the largest e-liquid manufacturers in Canada, and The Original Cannoli is just one of the many e-liquid ranges they produce inside their 20,000 square foot FDA registered facility. I'll be looking at a couple more from these guys shortly in upcoming reviews, such as Wat a Waffle, Flavorswitch and Magic Island.

The three juices that comprise The Original Cannoli range are produced in an ISO class 7 facility, using the finest ingredients available, and are mixed to a Max VG ratio with nicotine strengths available in 3mg and 6mg. Packaging is very smart, with the cardboard boxes styled in the fashion of cardboard presentation boxes you may find at your local bakery, and sleek white dropper bottles. For those that aren’t aware, a Cannoli is an Italian pastry from the Sicily region, and in it’s basic form it is a pastry tube filled with cream, similar to Eclairs found over here. Like Eclairs, these can be topped or filled with different toppings and fillings.

The Original

A vanilla cream filling with a light Italian pastry crust...

Pure Eliquids

If you love cream in your eliquids, then The Original Cannoli is going to be right up your street! On the inhale waves of thick and delicious cream hit my tastebuds, with a crisp pastry flavour in the background that gives you the feel of an eclair. It’s a very thick and creamy vape, delivered very smoothly to your palate, but it doesn’t feel too heavy or overpowering. The Original Cannoli is a moreish and easy going vape I reached for time and time again, and never once did I feel like I was getting tired of the flavour, unlike certain other Cannoli E-Liquids I have tried!

Very Berry

Ripe raspberry, tart blueberry and sweet strawberry blended with cream filling in a light flaky crust…

Very Berry Cannoli takes the excellent flavour of The Original Cannoli, uses it as a base, then throws in some raspberry, blueberry and strawberry on top to make for an incredibly tasty pastry vape. The raspberry and strawberry come in on the inhale, almost syrupy in their complexion, with the blueberry coming in on the exhale. The beautifully creamy Cannoli flavour is ever present in the background, with a tasty helping of sweetener to finish it off. The berries combine to coat your tongue with flavour and leave you with a deliciously sweet aftertaste!


The Electronic Cigarette Company

The delectable natural sweetness of banana in every creamy inhale and a flaky crust taste on the exhale.

Like Very Berry, the flavour from The Original Cannoli is used as a base, and on top you have a very sweet banana flavour. The fresh banana flavour on the inhale is a delicious change of pace to the mixed berries, and it combines perfectly with the Cannoli base. Again just like the other two flavours in The Original Cannoli range, it’s one juice I absolutely couldn’t get enough of, and I feel that it is a top quality pastry vape. Truly delicious stuff!


I’ve tried a few Cannoli themed juices now, as the popularity of these has increased Stateside and this side of the pond, and without a doubt I have got to say that The Original Cannoli range has far and away been my favourite that I have tried so far. These juices are a treat for dessert fans, with plenty of cream, a delicious pastry crust flavouring in the background and with Bannoli and Very Berry, plenty of delicious fruit flavouring to top off that oh so tasty Cannoli base. These are smooth and easy going enough to be all day vapes, and the Max VG blend provides plenty of vapour to go with the delicious flavours!

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